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Podcast Like It's 1999

Podcast Like It's 1999


In a lot of ways 1999 was the year that changed movies. From “The Matrix” and “The Blair Witch Project” to “American Beauty” and “The Sixth Sense”, the last year of the millennium was transformative for Hollywood. Through "Podcast Like It's 1999" wri...Show More


1:25:07 | Feb 6th, 2019

This week on Podcast Like It's 1999, Phil and Kenny have the unique pleasure of talking with America's greatest living podcaster, Griffin Newman (Black Check with Griffin and David, he also stars on T...Show More
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1:34:28 | Jul 3rd

This week we put on our archeologists hats and make sudden life choices as we welcome TV critic Danette Chavez(AV Club) to talk about some ANCIENT HISTORY, the 3rd episode of the 2nd Season of FELICIT...Show More

1:14:09 | Jul 1st

It's the Summer. The weather is warm and it's time to ... stay inside and listen to a podcast within the safety of your own home. But don't worry we have you covered cause this week we talk about a ho...Show More

58:19 | Jun 26th

Snip Snip. This week on Felicity Fridays we have Carina MacKenzie (Creator/Showrunner- Roswell, NM) on the podcast to talk about that dreaded haircut. That's right this week we are talking about THE L...Show More
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