Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About Comics

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COMIC BOOKS! The mythic stories! The dazzling colors! The memorable, often iconic, characters! Join brothers Kevin and Will Hines — two comedians from the UCB Theatre — as they discuss the comics they have loved their whole lives! Season one dove dee...Show More

38:13 | Feb 12th

Lots more of the Hulk flying-not-flying, Rick being a scientific genius, a new set of rules for Banner turning into the Hulk, lotsa gamma rays, a few rampages, a few torn-up houses and a space gladiat...Show More

59:27 | Feb 5th

Truly one of the most bonkers stories Will and Kevin have ever read. Hulk flies, but doesn't, gets mind controlled, gets trapped in space for the third time in three issues, rampages several times, an...Show More
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53:14 | Jan 29th

We follow up last issue's sci-fi commnuist spy plot with... TOAD MEN! An alien race arrives with insane magnetic power to take over the Earth, that is... until the Hulk.... beats them up! -- SHOW INFO...Show More

1:02:34 | Jan 22nd

Kevin and Will go over The Incredible Hulk issue #1. We've got G-bomb tests, cranky generals, rebellious teenagers, dangerous commies, a human gargoyle and.... The Hulk! 22 pages, five chapters, all c...Show More

45:55 | Jan 15th

Your introduction to all things Hulk! Kevin and Will give an overview of how the Hulk comic book was created, canceled, brought back, and then seen to become one of Marvel Comics most popular characte...Show More
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