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Journalism, Subscriptions, and Podcasting with Li Jin and Nathan Baschez

59:01 | Jul 19th

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Li Jin (@ljin18), formerly of a16z and founder of a new firm called Atelier, and Nathan Baschez (@nbashaw), writer of Divinations and co-founder of the Everything bundle, join Erik on this episode.The...Show More


mm recommended:Jul 21st

Interesting episode about outlook on writers doing their own thing via Substack and bundling vs being a journalist at an established media outlet. The last bit about the convo touches on podcasting and tech vs media. I want to hear more from Li Jin!

I thought this episode was:

💬 A great conversation
💡 Educational
🤔 Thought-provoking

mmJul 21st

@jspinelle interested to hear what you think of this tech-centric take of journalism

mmJul 21st

@danny relevant

jspinelleJul 21st

@mm Adding to my queue - will report back!

dannyJul 22nd

@jspinelle @mm I thought she made a great point about the difference between substack being able to bring you new audience and patreon only being a tool for your payments. I think we've had a version of that convo before.

jspinelleAug 3rd

@danny @mm I finally listened to this episode - sorry it took me so long! I like the idea of reporters bundling their services but agree with the notion that it can quickly devolve into rebuilding a news organization if it gets too big. I wonder something like this could work at the local level. Som...Show More

dannyAug 3rd

@jspinelle @mm it's a good point. Li has a whole thesis on it called the passion economy. It's been a week so I've forgotten if she mentioned it in the pod, but it's the idea of starting a "side hustle" and being supported by superfans. PS: I know it's love some more tailored local content on cool ...Show More

mmAug 3rd

@jspinelle @danny Li and Nathan both have newsletters and are part of the same bundle. I get the substack email of the bundle and it's tough to read from a reader's perspective compared to newsletter digest from Quartz or NYT, because it's just a mash-up of everyone's articles and styles. The loca...Show More

jspinelleAug 4th

@danny @mm Thanks for sharing! I have too many thoughts to type here. Maybe we need a future of news discussion group 😀


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