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Black & Yellow

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Forward-thinking feminists Alana J. Webster and Jacklyn Chung-Young don’t hold back when discussing societal issues facing women and people of color in the new weekly podcast, Black & Yellow. Armed with research and wit, the ladies delve into the com...Show More


1:02:04 | Jul 30th

Wearing a face mask. It’s a new reality of life. We all have to do it. So, why isn’t EVERYONE doing it? In this episode, we dive into which gender is more likely to wear masks (or PPE for that matter)...Show More

1:07:28 | Jul 23rd

The Hong Kong-Mainland China conflict intensified by the day, but Hong Kong is no stranger to protest. Anti-government protests have been rocking Hong Kong for months, and we are talking all about it ...Show More
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1:17:53 | Jul 16th

I’m sure you’ve seen the Karen memes, and know a Becky or two. She’s the racist white lady who weaponizes her skin color, and loves her privilege. But what separates the two? In this episode, Alana & ...Show More

1:19:31 | Jul 9th

Colorism has a hairy cousin called Texturism. It wreaks havoc in the Black community, and within the Natural Hair Community. It’s been around for decades, brainwashing Black women into thinking their ...Show More

48:35 | Jul 2nd

Grief. We all experience it, but no one talks about it. At a time that feels ripe with tension and emotions running, a conversation about grief is more crucial than ever. And we have the perfect perso...Show More
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