Black & Yellow


Forward-thinking feminists Alana J. Webster and Jacklyn Chung-Young don’t hold back when discussing societal issues facing women and people of color in the new weekly podcast, Black & Yellow. Armed with research and wit, the ladies delve into the com...Show More

1:19:43 | Feb 13th

Tall women dating short men. Doesn’t bother Alana, but Jackie disagrees. This conversation was lively & passionate off mic, and so they decided to record it and turn it into an episode. Who’s side are...Show More

49:27 | Feb 6th

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51:08 | Feb 4th

Resolutions are great, but you’ve got to have a plan to execute them. In this episode, Alana & Jacklyn discuss their favorite ways to tackle their goals in the new year.Find us on Instagram: @blackand...Show More

1:06:00 | Jan 30th

We're back from our unforeseen hiatus with a special message and a steady slate of new episodes to come. Thanks for sticking with us, we're excited for Black & Yellow in 2020.With a new year comes new...Show More

37:14 | Nov 8th, 2019

Blackface: Birth Of A StereotypeEvery Halloween season, it seems like some white person somewhere turns up on social media in Blackface. What gives? In this episode, Alana and Jacklyn dive into Americ...Show More
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