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Infinite Dial Canada 2019 released in full

03:18 | May 22nd

36% of Canadian adults listen to a podcast every month
Awards nights - podcasting's winners in Britain and Australia

02:48 | May 20th

We list the winners from the British Podcast Awards and the Australian Podcast Awards
Rob Greenlee moves to Libsyn

02:23 | May 17th

He'll work alongside another man called Rob
Three companies get IAB Certified; Arabic podcasts on the rise

02:48 | May 13th

The three include ART19, Voxnest, and the first non-US company to get certification
Growth in podcast listening in Canada

03:11 | May 10th

36% of Canadians are now monthly podcast listeners
How people find new podcasts

02:20 | May 5th

This is actually a test of how shownotes display
How people discover new podcasts

02:20 | May 3rd

Social media is important, but not the most important
Auxbus launches; NPR press the wrong button

03:31 | May 1st

Auxbus is a new podcast host for brands; NPR needs to check their dodgy code
Overcast launches clip-sharing to social media

04:31 | Apr 29th

Now you can share clips of your favourite podcast with others
Acast buys Pippa; three more publishers come off Luminary

04:34 | Apr 25th

The move doubles the amount of shows Acast has in its network
Podcast downloads by country; and the Peabody Awards

04:01 | Apr 24th

The US is the most popular place for podcasts, with Canada at #2
Wondery does a deal with Universal Music

03:59 | Apr 18th

The deal reportedly means that Wondery can use UMG's music catalog in its podcasts
The Daily, The Weekly, the Apple Watch, and more Google Podcasts features

03:31 | Apr 16th

Michael Barbaro and Lisa Tobin from The Daily are the subject of a long piece in The Hollywood Reporter.
Is this one word we should all stop using?

02:14 | Apr 15th

One of the pieces of data from the Edison Research Podcast Consumer study says this word is a no-no.
Podcast Consumer 2019 released; Luminary sneek peek

04:11 | Apr 12th

70% of podcast consumers are doing nothing else when listening to podcasts, according to the data
Apple Podcasts now available on the web

03:32 | Apr 11th

The pages are responsive, and work on desktop *and* on Android phones.
The top personal care podcast advertisers

01:56 | Apr 10th

Which personal care brand ran the most podcast ads? There's a new study showing the results.
She Podcasts gets conference funding; Apple Podcasts to get a desktop app?

02:37 | Apr 9th

Will we have an Apple Podcasts app on desktop? iTunes is apparently to be broken up.
Understanding podcast metrics using pizza

02:42 | Apr 5th

A little story from Dan Misener designed to help us understand IAB compliance and podcast metrics.
Spotify: now #1 for podcasts in Spain, Indonesia and India

03:38 | Apr 4th

Spotify is continuing to grow: it’s now the #1 podcast player in India, Spain and Indonesia, report Voxnest.
Beer brands advertising in podcasts

03:20 | Apr 3rd

Do the big breweries have a thirst for podcasts? Or has the fizz gone out of the relationship?
Google Podcasts are working on an analytics dashboard

02:25 | Apr 2nd

Google Podcasts is building a way for content owners to claim their podcasts in the Google Podcasts catalogue
BBC says podcast listening will quadruple by 2021

03:20 | Apr 1st

The BBC reckons podcast listening will quadruple in the next three years
The total number of available podcasts is now 700,000

02:31 | Mar 29th

The total amount of available podcasts has now grown to over seven hundred thousand.
Laughable, a top-rated comedy podcast app, comes to Android

02:04 | Mar 28th

A comedy podcast app, Laughable, available on iOS for two years, has just launched on Android.
Blubrry and Audioburst announce partnership; Spotify buys Parcast; BBC explains

02:48 | Mar 27th

Podcast host Blubrry and voice search company Audioburst have announced a partnership.
BBC pulls podcasts from Google Assistant and Google Podcasts

02:10 | Mar 25th

The BBC have blocked access to its podcasts by Google products worldwide.
If a podcast is too long, a fifth of listeners never return

03:00 | Mar 22nd

Two-thirds of podcast listeners do come back to a podcast when they've more time to listen. But one in five don't.
Google Podcasts will soon have a website (and it'll run on iOS too)

03:16 | Mar 21st

Google is prepping a web version of Google Podcasts that works on desktop and on iOS devices: and the player is already live.
Australia leads the world in smart speaker adoption

03:02 | Mar 20th

Australians love their smart speakers: 29.3% of all Australians have access to one, which is the highest percentage in the world - beating even the US.
Apple - what they should do next

02:45 | Mar 19th

Three simple steps to stop the decline of Apple Podcasts and help podcasters.
Strategies to grow your Patreon support

02:10 | Mar 18th

Patreon's CEO, Jack Conte, has posted a video on strategies to grow your Patreon support.
Patreon says Sword and Scale's Mike Boudet can stay

02:03 | Mar 15th

Patreon have decided that the $75,000-a-month earning Mike Boudet can stay on their platform
Gimlet staff want a union; Spotify files complaint against Apple

03:04 | Mar 14th

Gimlet staff are launching a union with the Writer's Guild of America East, and have asked the company for recognition.
Ron Burgundy podcast fails to hit the mark for iHeartRadio

03:40 | Mar 13th

Ron Burgundy failed to have an effect on iHeartRadio podcast downloads in February, despite massive promotion
Sword and Scale abruptly ends

03:04 | Mar 11th

Mike Boudet's online behaviour apparently responsible for Wondery dropping the show.
Research: podcasting significantly growing in US

02:26 | Mar 7th

One third of US adults (90 million people) listened to a podcast over the last month.
Google Podcasts unveils episode search, driven by automated transcripts

01:55 | Mar 6th

Google Podcasts will have search results for episodes by the end of the week.
Spotify is already beating Apple in many countries

01:44 | Mar 5th

Spotify is now more popular than Apple for podcast listening in many countries, say Voxnest
Apple's accessibility; and Gimlet's not changing anything

02:03 | Mar 4th

Apple received a class action last year because its website was 'inaccessible to visually impaired users'
Apple threat: no episode numbers in your podcast titles, or else

02:01 | Feb 28th

Apple has sent an email to podcasters reminding them to ensure decent-looking metadata.
Pandora launches 'Stories'; ART19's raid on Stitcher

02:55 | Feb 27th

Pandora is launching Pandora Stories, that combines music and the spoken word in a 'new format'
Spotify - growing the pie for podcasting?

02:27 | Feb 25th

Is Spotify bring more new audiences to podcasting? Panoply know the answer.
Tenderfoot TV's new investigative podcast

02:15 | Feb 22nd

To Live And Die In LA is set to launch next Thursday, Feb 28
Podcast company one of world's most innovative businesses

02:27 | Feb 21st

A podcast company have been recognised by Fast Company as being one of the world's most innovative.
Podcast Live launches in UK; and mobile data costs around the world

02:00 | Feb 20th

Podcast Live is a new company in the UK, hoping to take the UK’s leading factual podcasters into venues across the country to host interactive versions of their shows in front of a live audience.
The #2 radio advertiser is also the #2 podcast advertiser

01:45 | Feb 19th

The #2 radio advertiser in 2017 is now also the #2 podcast advertiser, according to data from Magellan’s podcast ad report for January.
D'oh! Podcasting on The Simpsons

02:14 | Feb 18th

The Simpsons featured podcasting, and Marc Maron, on their show over the weekend. Krusty the Clown was interviewed in Marc Maron’s garage.
The Quicky - a new daily news podcast for Australia

02:27 | Feb 15th

The Quicky launches on Monday: a new daily news podcast for Australia, that “will get you up to speed on the top stories in under 10 minutes”.
Pandora's public podcast plans; Anchor's actual acquisition amount?

02:41 | Feb 14th

Pandora earns three times more ad revenue than the entire podcasting industry.
Root of Evil podcast launches

02:15 | Feb 13th

The new Turner Podcast Network show Root of Evil has its first episode today: it’s a companion podcast to a TNT TV show.
Testing testing 123

0:00 | Feb 13th

Visit https://podnews.net/update/test for all the links, and to subscribe. This is a little test. You shouldn't see this, and we hope you won't, but we need to put this live to test if we can do in-article images. Classifieds - your...Show More
Apple tightens its terms of service

02:23 | Feb 12th

Apple Podcast Connect, which contains Apple’s analytics service, has published new terms and conditions, forbidding you from importing your analytics information into any other service.
Google Podcasts creator program bootcamp starts; and monetisation tips

01:55 | Feb 11th

The Bootcamp for the Google Podcasts creator program has kicked off. The participants are working together for twenty weeks.
Artificial Intelligence adds visuals and context links to podcasts

02:26 | Feb 8th

Entale 3.0 features artificial intelligence, adding extra information and context automatically to podcasts.
New podcast platform launches with $100m investment

02:10 | Feb 7th

Himalaya have invested $100m in a launch of a creator-focused, innovative podcast platform, network and community.
Breaking: Spotify buys Gimlet... and Anchor

0:00 | Feb 6th

Visit https://podnews.net/update/spotify-gimlet-anchor for all the links, and to subscribe. This update has been archived. Visit the URL above.
Where are all the podcast archives?

02:54 | Feb 6th

While only 7% of podcasters don’t keep any backups at all, many don’t store full backups of original material, says a survey
British Podcast Awards returns for 2019

02:55 | Feb 5th

The British Podcast Awards have announced their return for 2019. Entries open today for 15 categories.
Spotify in talks to buy Gimlet Media

02:09 | Feb 4th

Spotify is in talks to buy Gimlet Media, it’s been reported. Recode quote the price as being $200m; Nick Quah adds that “a source … tells me that the specific price is $230 million”.
RØDE give away $150,000 of prizes

01:36 | Feb 1st

RØDE, the Australian podcast equipment manufacturer, is giving away $150,000 worth of prizes in a competition announced today.
Podfest Expo in Orlando - Himalaya could pay for your travel

02:05 | Jan 31st

Want to be at Podfest Expo in Orlando in early March, but can’t cover the travel costs? Himalaya, the presenting sponsor of the event, have put a fund together to cover at least 50 podcasters’ flights to PodFest.
WerkIt launches a podcasting pay survey, and new podcasts from Tenderfoot TV

01:35 | Jan 30th

If you’re based in the US, and you currently make a podcast or support podcast production, WerkIt would like you to take a survey and help them get a view of the industry.
Overcast adds instant search; the NYT helps new podcast listeners

01:27 | Jan 29th

Overcast, a popular iOS podcast app, has released v5.1. The author, Marco Arment, is most proud of instant search (which uses a cache on your device). Data point: over 80% of podcasts are added in Overcast by searching.
Advertising that works in podcasting, and Meet your Maker returns

02:05 | Jan 28th

Meet your Maker returns for a fourth season next week. Focusing on the stories behind the creation of all manner of culture, Liam Geraghty returns with his New York Festivals Radio Award nominated podcast.
RODECaster Pro to add multitrack recording

01:27 | Jan 25th

The RØDECaster Pro, an audio mixer for podcasters, is adding a multitrack recording option in a new firmware update for all users, the company has announced. It’ll record 14 tracks from the unit simultaneously, and will be available from the ‘advance...Show More
David Tennant launches new interview podcast

02:12 | Jan 24th

David Tennant does a podcast with… is a new interview podcast from the British actor, with impressive access to big named guests. The press release promises current Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, is a future guest.
The Economist launches a daily podcast, and Spotify tests an import function

02:10 | Jan 23rd

The Economist, a newspaper disguised as a magazine, is launching a daily podcast. Jason Palmer will host it, called The Intelligence, which will be published at the same time as Podnews (6am NY, 11am London), from January 29th. Digiday report it has ...Show More
Audioboom revenue nearly doubles

02:06 | Jan 22nd

Audioboom, a podcast host and monetisation platform, has reported that its revenue for 2018 nearly doubled, and expects another 50% increase this year.
New podcast consumption data released

03:41 | Jan 21st

RAJAR, the UK radio and audio measurement company, have released their MIDAS research for Q4 2018, which contains research about multiplatform use of audio including a large amount of data about podcast use.
Marketing Facebook's new podcast

02:51 | Jan 18th

Pacific Content, the company behind the new Facebook Podcast Three and a Half Degrees: The Power of Connection, have written up nine marketing lessons for your podcast, working with Facebook’s team. The post includes some savvy use of offline media (...Show More
Anchor 'doubles the number of money-making podcasts'

02:07 | Jan 17th

Podcast host Anchor claims that the number of podcasts carrying ads doubled last month, thanks to Anchor Sponsorships. The company is also keen to point out that they power 40% of all new podcasts (and it’s estimated that they have 70,000 shows).
Spotify now has 200m active users worldwide

02:04 | Jan 16th

Spotify now has 200m global active users, up by 10% over the past six months. 87m of those are paying customers. Morgan Stanley says users listen for 4.4 hours a week - Apple Music is 3.7m. However, 50% of Spotify users say that all the podcasts they...Show More
More podcasts launched in 2018 than ever before

01:32 | Jan 15th

More podcasts were launched in 2018 than ever before, says Pacific Content’s Dan Misener after examining the numbers. He adds that the number of podcast episodes has doubled every year since 2016.
Closed-captioning is coming to Google Podcasts

02:48 | Jan 14th

Closed-captioning is coming to Google Podcasts: a forthcoming version of the app will include the option to produce an automatic live transcript on-screen, enabled with a CC button.
BBC’s podcast exclusivity angers listeners; Spotify plans more

04:10 | Jan 11th

The BBC plans to make one of its podcasts exclusive to their own app, which annoys some listeners; meanwhile, Spotify describes the benefit of exclusivity for their platform
Top 10 US radio advertisers vs top 10 US podcast advertisers

01:19 | Jan 10th

How many top 10 radio advertisers are also top 10 podcast advertisers? None are, it turns out. Wonder why?
CES brings new platforms for podcasts

02:55 | Jan 9th

New places for Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Amazon and Spreaker stuff was all announced at the consumer electronics show.
Number of smart speakers in US households increases by 78% last year

02:27 | Jan 8th

The total number of smart-speakers has increased by 78% in the past year: and 21% of people in the US now have one. New data from NPR and Edison Research, from a survey conducted after the Dec 2018 holidays, shows a marked increase in ownership of sm...Show More
Slate launches daily news podcast 'What Next'

02:13 | Jan 7th

What Next, Slate’s daily news podcast, launched today at a new time of 5am. It had a short pilot period at the end of last year, and undertook surveys of their audience to tweak the show. It’s hosted by Mary Harris, formerly of WNYC.
Are ads coming to podcasts on Spotify?

02:21 | Jan 4th

We spotted an ad for Senior Product Manager - Podcast Advertising, working at Spotify's New York office.
Kanye West to appear on Joe Rogan Experience podcast

03:11 | Jan 3rd

Kanye West has said that he’s “spoken with Joe Rogan and a podcast is coming soon”. The musician had been complaining that the media didn’t want a serious interview about mental health issues.
Did a true-crime podcast nearly stop a conviction?

02:03 | Jan 2nd

A popular Danish podcast nearly scuppered the trial of its subject.
2018 was the year 'podcasts grew up'

01:41 | Jan 1st

AdExchanger reckons 2018 was the year podcasts grew up and programmatic audio took off.
Tips from Lore creator Aaron Mahnke

02:50 | Dec 31st, 2018

Lore creator Aaron Mahnke posts a bunch of great tips for podcasters in 2019.
Where is podcasting moving fastest?

02:08 | Dec 28th, 2018

Voxnest looks at the podcast marketplace across the globe, and reports that podcasting is growing fastest in India; while the podcast market in China is "huge": earning at least ten times more revenue than the US.
There were 200,000 new podcasts in 2018

01:27 | Dec 27th, 2018

According to Chartable, there were 200,000 podcasts in 2018 - and a quarter of all reviews were written this year, too.
Two Android podcast apps make it into the best apps lists of the year

01:21 | Dec 26th, 2018

Pocket Casts gets pride of place in The Verge's list. Meanwhile, TechRadar has discovered a different one.
How to explain to your family what you do

01:44 | Dec 25th, 2018

We link to a guide on how exactly to explain podcasting to your technophobic and mostly disinterested family.
A new podcast app you probably won't like

01:49 | Dec 24th, 2018

The app plays random podcast episodes, one after another after another. And that's it. Will this be your new podcast app?
US/UK audio drama podcast research published

01:58 | Dec 21st, 2018

The 36-page report, published by the BBC, includes a detailed list of the top 10 audio podcast dramas.
Claims about RAD's privacy: are people right to be concerned?

01:58 | Dec 20th, 2018

In a special article today we look at privacy, GDPR, and podcast apps. Is RAD a privacy violation? Or do podcasters already get the information that concerns people?
Podcast analytics in the spotlight

01:53 | Dec 19th, 2018

Both IAB Certification and NPR's RAD continue to make news in podcasting today
BREAKING: Blubrry and NPR are first with IAB Certification

0:00 | Dec 19th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/blubrry-npr-iab-certification for all the links, and to subscribe. This update has been archived. Visit the URL above.
High profile creators leave Patreon

02:24 | Dec 18th, 2018

People are leaving Patreon - both creators and supporters. Why? And what makes Patreon kick people off anyway?
Apple Podcasts glitch removing ratings?

01:54 | Dec 17th, 2018

The glitch is causing some ratings and reviews to disappear from the Apple Podcasts app
Rødecaster Pro podcasting mixer reviewed

02:01 | Dec 14th, 2018

EFTM has published (the first?) video review of the Røde Rødecaster Pro. It looks a beautiful and highly-powered device. The reviewer, Trevor Long - who also podcasts - says “I’m ecstatic about it.”
Nielsen: 19% of all US adults listen to podcasts every week

02:21 | Dec 13th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/nielsen-19 for all the links, and to subscribe. Nielsen, a US research company, have released their Total Audience Report Q2 2018. That says that 19% of US adults listen to podcasts each week, and 4...Show More
NPR's RAD analytics standard goes live

02:54 | Dec 12th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/npr-rad-goes-live for all the links, and to subscribe. NPR's RAD, a method of measuring consumption data for podcasts, has launched. A blog post describes the companies NPR have worked with to get t...Show More
How long should a podcast be?

01:36 | Dec 11th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/how-long-podcasts-radio for all the links, and to subscribe. How long should a podcast be? We look at advice from around the web, and give some of our own. Video: The differences between podcasts...Show More
What happens if you promote Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts equally

01:50 | Dec 10th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/apple-and-google-podcasts-promotion for all the links, and to subscribe. Welcome to last week's new subscribers, including people from Entercom, Ad Results Media, Vox Media, Gimlet, Cadence13, Nielsen...Show More
Podcasts go live in Pandora

01:59 | Dec 7th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/podcasts-go-live-in-pandora for all the links, and to subscribe. Podcasts are now live on Pandora, the US-only music service. "We are now introducing hundreds of podcasts", the official blog post sa...Show More
A new radio and podcast conference for Asia

01:57 | Dec 6th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/radiodays-asia-announced for all the links, and to subscribe. A new radio and podcast conference has been announced: Radiodays Asia will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in August. From the same p...Show More
Arrest after Teacher's Pet podcast

01:56 | Dec 5th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/teachers-pet-arrest for all the links, and to subscribe. Chris Dawson, the subject of the Teacher's Pet podcast, was arrested this morning and is to be charged with his former wife's murder. A new e...Show More
Podcast advertises on London's tube, and Post Reports debuts

01:57 | Dec 4th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/football-ramble-ads for all the links, and to subscribe. Radio Stakhanov podcast The Football Ramble is being advertised across thirteen subway stations in London. They were visible yesterday and to...Show More
Murder case reopened, thanks to a true-crime podcast

01:55 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/trace-murder-reopened for all the links, and to subscribe. Welcome to new subscribers from Spotify, Acast, Mumbrella, Fairfax Media, NY Public Radio, Wondery, Enders Analysis, Gimlet, Westwood One, th...Show More
Anchor launches Sponsorships for US podcasters

02:14 | Nov 30th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/anchor-sponsorships for all the links, and to subscribe. Anchor launched Sponsorships yesterday. The company says: "Anchor Sponsorships gets podcasters paid by matching them with sponsors and helpin...Show More
ESPN's record IAB compliant figures: but what does IAB compliance mean?

01:27 | Nov 29th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/iab-compliance-espn-saywhatnow for all the links, and to subscribe. ESPN Podcasts have released their monthly podcast figures for October, quoting "43.6m IAB compliant downloads" from RawVoice, and ...Show More
Voxnest helps monetise UK podcasts with DAX

01:23 | Nov 28th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/voxnest-dax for all the links, and to subscribe. Podcasting solution provider Voxnest announces today that it has partnered with DAX to help monetise UK audiences. Voxnest customers, including those...Show More
Record labels take podcaster to court for music in podcast

01:48 | Nov 27th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/record-company-court for all the links, and to subscribe. Universal Music Group and a further six major record labels have filed a lawsuit against the UK company iBus Media Ltd. They allege 46 copyr...Show More
Podcasters win at the APAs in London; and the WaPo's new daily podcast

01:41 | Nov 26th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/apas-2018-wapo for all the links, and to subscribe. The winners were revealed for the Audio Production Awards in London late last week. Podcast winners include a gold for Jessie Ware, the presenter ...Show More
Podcast wins prestigious journalism award

01:33 | Nov 23rd, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/unravel-award for all the links, and to subscribe. Welcome new readers this week from Targetspot, Gimlet Media, Wondery, ESPN, NHPR, New York Public Radio and the CBC. In Australia, a podcast has wo...Show More
Deezer adds podcasting to its app in Colombia

02:00 | Nov 22nd, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/deezer-colombia for all the links, and to subscribe. Thanks to Deezer for making podcasts available within their app in Colombia. The app now contains more than 20,000 podcasts in five different lan...Show More
Podcast listening now more diverse; I'm a Celeb podcast launches

01:43 | Nov 21st, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/podcast-listening-diversity for all the links, and to subscribe. US podcasting has become listened-to by a more diverse audience, says Tom Webster from Edison Research. Podtrac has published its U...Show More
Advertising in podcasts that game the charts; and a free Google Home Mini speaker from Spotify

01:49 | Nov 20th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/magellan-ad-manipulation for all the links, and to subscribe. Magellan have looked closely at the podcast advertising within those naughty podcasts who are manipulating the Apple Podcast Charts, and...Show More
Reuters Institute publish smart speaker report

01:59 | Nov 19th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/reuters-institute-smart-speakers for all the links, and to subscribe. The Reuters Institute have published a smart speaker report focusing on news consumption - and many listeners want shorter news ...Show More
Anchor clarifies terms of service

01:59 | Nov 16th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/anchor-tos for all the links, and to subscribe. Welcome to new subscribers this week from companies like the BBC, Rogers, AdLarge, Castro, Player FM, the CBC, Global, Huffington Post and Nascar. The...Show More
Pocket Casts unveils redesigned podcast app

01:58 | Nov 15th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/pocketcasts-v7 for all the links, and to subscribe. Podcast app Pocket Casts have unveiled an entirely redesigned app for iOS, Android and the web (including new macOS and Windows apps). Highlights ...Show More
Pandora to add podcasts for its 76m US users

02:32 | Nov 14th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/pandora-podcast-genome-project for all the links, and to subscribe. Pandora, a US music service, has announced the launch of its podcast offering, powered by what it calls the Podcast Genome Project...Show More
Vox Media switches to Panoply; Spotify is planning shareable podcast playlists

01:59 | Nov 13th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/vox-media-switches-to-panoply for all the links, and to subscribe. Vox Media has selected Panoply as their new podcast host. The company will use the Megaphone Targeted Marketplace audience targeti...Show More
Three-quarters of top podcasts have ads in them; and podcasting makes it to SNL

02:00 | Nov 12th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/snl-poddies for all the links, and to subscribe. How many podcasts have ads? About three-quarters of the US top 100; and about a quarter of all podcasts, reckons podcast ad monitoring company Magell...Show More
Wolverine comes back for a second season

01:57 | Nov 6th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/wolverine-season-2 for all the links, and to subscribe. Marvel and Stitcher have announced Marvel’s “Wolverine: The Lost Trail” - the second season for the "critically-acclaimed scripted podcast ser...Show More
Radiodays Europe's Podcast Day host city for 2019 announced

01:58 | Nov 5th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/rde-pod-2019 for all the links, and to subscribe. Radiodays Europe's Podcast Day will be in London, it's been announced, on 13 June 2019. The preceding two events were in Copenhagen, Denmark. Span...Show More
Anchor shares podcast stats; The Guardian's daily podcast goes live

02:00 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/anchor-podcast-stats for all the links, and to subscribe. Podcast platform Anchor has posted data on how people listened to its podcasts in September. Apple Podcasts has 52% of all downloads; Spotif...Show More
Australian Podcast Awards open for entries; NPR training release more resources

01:51 | Nov 1st, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/2019-australian-podcast-awards-entries for all the links, and to subscribe. Entries for the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards are now open - see below for more information. NPR Training has just rele...Show More
BBC launches new radio and podcast app

01:55 | Oct 31st, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/bbc-launch-bbc-sounds for all the links, and to subscribe. The BBC has officially launched BBC Sounds, their radio and audio app, which "brings together 80,000 hours of unmissable music, radio and p...Show More
iHeartRadio comes to Mexico, and Stitcher gets into Waze

01:46 | Oct 30th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/iheartradio-mexico for all the links, and to subscribe. The iHeartRadio app is coming to Mexico, as part of a deal with radio group Grupo ACIR. The app includes podcasts (there's an add yours link i...Show More
Voxnest says 9.4% of all podcast downloads are on the Apple Watch

01:51 | Oct 29th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/apple-watch-surprise for all the links, and to subscribe. In data shared with Podnews, Voxnest says that, on average, 9.4% of all podcast downloads on its platform are on an Apple Watch device. The ...Show More
CBC's daily podcast, Front Burner, launches Monday

01:59 | Oct 26th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/cbc-podcast-front-burner for all the links, and to subscribe. In Canada, the CBC launches its daily news podcast on Monday. Called Front Burner, it is hosted by Jayme Poisson, as we reported on 1 Au...Show More
Limetown returns for a second season

02:00 | Oct 25th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/limetown-returns for all the links, and to subscribe. Anchor is promising to build a podcast studio in your office for free. If you're in New York, and if you pay for the equipment. The Washington...Show More
Eleven year-old maths genius hosts a new podcast

01:59 | Oct 24th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/eleven-year-old-podcast-host for all the links, and to subscribe. Magellan has unveiled US podcasting's top advertisers for September: new to the top 15 is banking company CapitalOne, and a pillow c...Show More
iHeartRadio launch Podcast Awards

01:40 | Oct 23rd, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/iheartradio-podcast-awards for all the links, and to subscribe. iHeartRadio announces the "first podcast awards", says the Hollywood Reporter. "The podcast industry is getting its own awards show," ...Show More
Full keynote from OzPod 2018; don't photograph Apple's earbuds

02:00 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/cridland-ozpod-2018 for all the links, and to subscribe. From Australia's OzPod 2018 last week, watch the full keynote from James Cridland, Podnews's editor, with all data from Australia's podcast c...Show More
Australian 'Podcast Working Group' formed by radio; and UK's audio winners announced

01:38 | Oct 19th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/australian-podcast-working-group for all the links, and to subscribe. Industry association Commercial Radio Australia has announced it will establish a Podcast Working Group, comprised of all major ...Show More
Triton Digital bought by Stitcher's owner, Scripps

01:28 | Oct 18th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/triton-scripps for all the links, and to subscribe. Enterprise digital audio company Triton Digital is to be bought by Scripps, who also own Stitcher and Midroll Media (as well as a number of US tel...Show More
New Australian podcast research; how spammers are targeting Apple Podcasts

01:50 | Oct 17th, 2018

Visit https://podnews.net/update/australian-podcast-research-2018 for all the links, and to subscribe. Chartable focus on how spammers are targeting the Apple Podcast Charts, including a useful guide on how to spot a fake: "Apple ...Show More
SoundCloud renews with DAX; how to use music in your podcast

01:42 | Oct 3rd, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/soundcloud-renews-with-dax for all the links, and to subscribe. SoundCloud, a popular podcast and music host, has renewed its exclusive advertising deal with DAX in the UK. Nico Vetesse, a comp...Show More
Spotify unveils new podcasters portal for you to submit your show

01:57 | Oct 2nd, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/spotify-podcaster-portal for all the links, and to subscribe. Spotify, the second-largest podcast platform in the world, has today released a dedicated podcasters portal. The website now lets you...Show More
Google Podcasts turns on Chromecast; and Podcast Awards 2018 winners

01:57 | Oct 1st, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/google-podcasts-chromecast for all the links, and to subscribe.Welcome to our new subscribers last week, including excellent folk from Acast, Simplecast, MDR, Pocketcasts, Westwood One, the BBC, A...Show More
Spotify - podcast listening up 367%; also increases on Deezer

01:52 | Sep 28th, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/spotify-deezer-podcast-stats for all the links, and to subscribe. Spotify say that podcast listening on the platform is growing. "In Germany, podcast listening on Spotify has increased 150% year-...Show More
Apple share podcast authoring tips, and Audioboom advertise a podcast on the TV

01:51 | Sep 27th, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/apple-podcast-authoring-tips for all the links, and to subscribe. Apple have shared podcast authoring best practices. It covers loudness levels (-16 LKFS, which is the same as -16 LUFS, and a -1 ...Show More
Canadian podcast research reveals requirement to help new listeners

01:59 | Sep 26th, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/canadian-podcast-research-released for all the links, and to subscribe. Canadian Podcast Listener have written up learnings from their recent survey into podcast listening in the country. Breakin...Show More
How to be a top ten podcast; and how to make a great branded podcast

02:00 | Sep 25th, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/top-ten-podcast for all the links, and to subscribe. Chartable write a piece about how to get into the top ten (of the Apple Podcast charts) with three case studies, based on their analysis of th...Show More
What is Spotify really measuring?

01:56 | Sep 24th, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/spotify-measurement for all the links, and to subscribe. What do your Spotify stats actually say? Blubrry's Todd Cochrane comments on the New Media Show that they measure "listens", not downloads,...Show More
Podcast Trends Report published, and Serial season 3 starts

01:09 | Sep 21st, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/podcast-trends-report for all the links, and to subscribe. DiscoverPods publish their Podcast Trends Report, some interesting survey results. Caution should be shown regarding the self-selecting ...Show More
BuzzFeed cuts their podcasting team and closes the majority of their podcasts

02:00 | Sep 20th, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/buzzfeed-closes-podcasts for all the links, and to subscribe. BuzzFeed has cut their podcasting team to focus on video, the Wall Street Journal reports. "As a result of the changes, most of BuzzF...Show More
Next Radio on now; and music licences for podcasts

01:30 | Sep 17th, 2018

Can’t see any links? Visit https://podnews.net/update/next-radio-on for all the links, and to subscribe.Visit https://podnews.net/update/next-radio-on to read this archived update.Support us
Panoply suddenly closes its podcast content division

01:54 | Sep 13th, 2018

Panoply has announced that it is letting go of its entire editorial staff, and is no longer developing new podcasts or handling direct sales. It is focusing on Megaphone, its podcast hosting platform, which powers 8% of the US top 400 podcasts, and w...Show More
New logo for Stitcher; new daily podcast for The Guardian

01:53 | Sep 12th, 2018

Stitcher has a new logo. "A bit more modern, a bit bolder. Representative of the continuing evolution of podcasting, yet still harkening back to our roots." Podcasters are asked to update their listen badges: visit the partner portal and then hit "pr...Show More
When life gives you Parkinson's

02:00 | Sep 11th, 2018

Ten million people have been diagnosed with it - but few people know much about it. When life gives you Parkinson's launches tomorrow; co-hosted by Larry Gifford (above), a thirty-year broadcast veteran who was diagnosed in August 2017. "My goal is t...Show More
Twitter launches Periscope Audio for live audio streaming

01:59 | Sep 10th, 2018

Twitter has launched Periscope Audio - an audio-only version of Periscope, which allows you to stream to Twitter users anywhere in the world. The feature was dreamt up during a hackweek for the company. Podstand is a new tool, allowing you to share...Show More
Audiobooks pitted against movies: which are more emotionally engaging?

01:38 | Sep 7th, 2018

What is Shortwave, a rumoured new audio app from Google (Aug 13)? We still don't know for sure. But today, we know what it looked like a while ago - a product based on short pieces of snackable audio content. Research: which is more emotionally eng...Show More
Manipulated: the Top Charts on Apple Podcasts are broken

01:51 | Sep 6th, 2018

In an astonishing video, Twitter user Lime Link posts a video that shows the extent of Apple Podcasts Chart manipulation: it shows a clever way of how to spot the podcasts gaming the system, and how to do it yourself (don't). We reported this in Ma...Show More
EXTRA: Serial to return on September 20

0:00 | Sep 5th, 2018

EXTRA! We reported in May that hit podcast Serial was to return for a new season in Q3 2018. Season 3 is to debut on September 20 (with two episodes). New episodes released every Thursday. There's a trailer on the Serial website, which also conta...Show More
How is Google Podcasts doing: and what could it do better?

01:39 | Sep 5th, 2018

How is Google Podcasts doing? And how could it do better? Editor of Podnews, James Cridland, writes an opinion piece with a few ideas for Mountain View; the story also includes data from Libsyn, ART19, Omny Studio and Whooshkaa. Panoply have posted...Show More
iHeartRadio embed tools, and Apple Podcast Chart manipulators

01:20 | Sep 4th, 2018

It's been a long weekend in the US and Canada. Welcome back! People are still offering to manipulate the Apple Podcasts Chart. Some podcasters are being threatened by negative reviews if podcasters don't buy their "service". (We'd like to see examp...Show More
Dutch podcast network hits a million downloads a month; and Apple Podcasts gets a redesign

01:52 | Sep 3rd, 2018

In an interesting blog post, UX designer Henry Cheng interviews users of the Apple Podcasts app, and redesigns it to make it better. Of particular interest: in his mockup, "search" returns not just that person's podcast, but other podcasts they've ap...Show More
My Dad Wrote A... takes over the Apple Podcast chart

01:49 | Aug 31st, 2018

My Dad Wrote A..., says @matt, "shows the value in going big to 'launch' a new season. It's a good way of reminding old listeners but also attracting new ones. The (UK) Apple Podcast Top 200 episode chart currently has over 60 (of their 80) episodes ...Show More
Survey: US public radio fans are heavy podcast users

01:59 | Aug 30th, 2018

Jacobs Media have released their US-based Public Radio Techsurvey 2018. It shows significant use of podcast and on-demand audio by younger public radio fans. Top reasons why public radio fans don't listen to podcasts: "I don't know how" (27%); "I'm j...Show More
The BBC start commissioning new podcasts

02:00 | Aug 29th, 2018

The BBC have started an open-ended commissioning round for podcasts (for BBC Sounds, their new app); there are four briefs open to existing suppliers, and further down this page, a surprisingly useful set of 11 rules marked "what makes podcasts disti...Show More
The FCC is podcasting now; and a podcast festival for Vancouver

01:56 | Aug 28th, 2018

The FCC, the US communications regulator, has launched its own podcast: More Than Seven Dirty Words. Self-hosted, it does not appear to be on any podcast apps yet (that comes soon, says the government agency). Magellan posts the top 20 brands adver...Show More
Should Kim Kardashian listen to your podcast?

01:55 | Aug 27th, 2018

Is this the day podcasts go mainstream? Kim Kardashian has discovered podcasts, and she wants to know what to listen to. Spotify is moving too slowly and tentatively, says Fast Company's David Lidsky. It points out that the $1m Amy Schumer 3 Girls,...Show More
How many podcasts are no longer being updated?

01:55 | Aug 24th, 2018

There might be about 540,000 shows in Apple Podcasts, but they're not all active. In fact, according to Todd Cochrane from Blubrry, 75% of podcast [shows] are no longer in production, he tells Stephen Goldstein - a phenomenon known as "podfade". Sepa...Show More
Spotify sign exclusive deal with Joe Budden

01:59 | Aug 23rd, 2018

A correction - yesterday Podnews said that Anchor podcasters "were not subject to the same approval process as others". We were wrong: Anchor podcasts are subject to the same manual Apple Podcast Approval; although they're all posted under Anchor's a...Show More
Chartable analyses the top platforms for podcasting

01:55 | Aug 22nd, 2018

Chartable has published a "top podcast hosting platforms" piece of data work, analysing >500,000 podcasts in the Apple iTunes catalogue. It highlights hosts for popular podcasts and for podcasts with ten or more episodes (both of which are very diffe...Show More
The power of podcasting; and Beasley hires Podcast Captains

01:49 | Aug 21st, 2018

The power of podcasting. Comedy podcast We Fact Up got sent the above email recently; who'd have thought that Dave and Redd's "discussion and general stupidity" could help in this way? All aboard! US commercial radio broadcaster Beasley Broadcastin...Show More
RadioPublic's calls to action; and understanding podcast stats

01:24 | Aug 20th, 2018

Following announcements last week from Overcast and Anchor about donate links - RadioPublic is also supporting calls to action. Job: Senior Podcast Producer, WBUR. Get your job listed free: updates@podnews.net Zoom is sponsoring a category in 201...Show More
Anchor Listener Support now natively supported in podcast apps; and Amazon Alexa is caching audio

01:53 | Aug 17th, 2018

Anchor's Listener Support (Aug 10) is now natively supported in podcast apps, the company has just announced. "Support on Anchor" buttons are now visible in versions of Breaker and RadioPublic, with support from Castro and Podcast Addict promised sho...Show More
Donation links to come to Overcast and others; PRX and PRI to merge

01:50 | Aug 16th, 2018

Marco Arment, the developer of iOS podcast app Overcast, has announced forthcoming support of a new "payment" link for podcasts - a big green payment button will appear in the next version of Overcast to clearly link to donation pages. It's a simple ...Show More
Podkite launches; Acast adds a voice app (in Swedish)

01:57 | Aug 15th, 2018

Podkite launched today. "It's an analytics and intelligence platform for individual podcasters, larger publishers and advertisers", they tell us, and they measure both Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. This might be the first platform to measure G...Show More
Start Here reaches 100; and is New and Noteworthy really Old and Broken?

01:53 | Aug 14th, 2018

The 100th episode of Start Here from ABC News posts this morning. It's been to more than a hundred countries, and has interviewed a wide range of newsmakers including former FBI Director James Comey (above). Veritone One have acquired Performance B...Show More
Apple Podcasts Connect still broken

01:42 | Aug 13th, 2018

Still can't log into Apple Podcasts Connect? You're not alone - the best and brightest in Cupertino are fixing it right now, according to an enterprising Redditor. Internal ticket 2900775 is the one to watch, if you're on the inside. Are you using ...Show More
Anchor launch a Patreon competitor, Listener Support

01:50 | Aug 10th, 2018

Anchor have announced Anchor Listener Support. It lets listeners pay a monthly pledge ($1, $5, $10) for your podcasts through Apple Pay or Google Pay. Including payment costs, fees are 9.5% plus $0.10 per transaction; Patreon takes 0.5% more. Listene...Show More
A new UK podcasting convention; and growth for iHeartRadio

01:49 | Aug 9th, 2018

PodUK, a UK podcasting convention, has been announced - it'll be in Birmingham in February next year. "PodUK will feature a host of brilliant British podcasters (to be announced), and will feature panels, live recordings, meet n’ greets, workshops, f...Show More
Audible eliminates a large number of podcasting roles

01:55 | Aug 8th, 2018

Audible have unexpectedly eliminated a large number of roles, including "nearly the entire group responsible for Audible’s shorter-form podcast-style programming", Nick Quah says in HotPod. (We covered Eric Nuzum's exit yesterday). It's unclear what ...Show More
Alex Jones removed from Apple, Spreaker, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest

01:57 | Aug 7th, 2018

Buzzfeed News reports that Apple has now removed Alex Jones's podcasts from its platform, saying "Apple does not tolerate hate speech". Previously, Spotify had removed specific episodes. Infowars content has additionally been removed from Stitcher, F...Show More
Podnews adds a new jobs board; and Paramount signs a new podcast movie

01:59 | Aug 6th, 2018

As the podcast industry grows, Podnews has added a (bare-bones) jobs board. It's free for now as we build up its technical capability: you can add your position by emailing updates@podnews.net. We plan to add an area for job seekers soon, too. You'll...Show More
#OzPod2018 returns; Alex Jones episodes removed from Spotify

02:00 | Aug 3rd, 2018

The Australian ABC has announced the return of OzPod, the podcast conference. This year it's on October 17 in a new venue: Melbourne. Headlining are ESPN's Julia Henderson (30 for 30) , and CBC's Veronica Simmonds (Alone: A Love Story). Also in the l...Show More
New podcast host Transistor launches; Simplecast trails new features

01:46 | Aug 2nd, 2018

Podcast host Transistor launched yesterday, offering hosting, analytics, and distribution for folks who are using podcasts to build their brand and grow their audience. It became #1 on Product Hunt; and has posted guides on their product's features v...Show More
Spotify faces criticism for podcasts; and Edison Research shares #PM18 data

02:12 | Aug 1st, 2018

Spotify, the second largest podcast platform, is attracting criticism for hosting on its platform The Alex Jones Show Podcast from the conspiracy theorist and far-right broadcaster. Jones has had some material removed from YouTube, and Spotify recent...Show More
More podcast speakers for Next Radio; HowStuffWorks signs with Whooshkaa

0:00 | Jul 31st, 2018

Next Radio, the ideas conference, have announced a new set of speakers including Sharon Taylor from Omny Studio talking about podcast monetisation and Susie Warhurst from Acast discussing branded podcasts. The conference is in central London on Sept ...Show More
Teacher's Pet reaches new milestone, and talks and learnings from Podcast Movement #PM18

0:00 | Jul 30th, 2018

Teacher's Pet, a podcast heavily promoted by The Australian, has now achieved 4 million downloads. The #2 global podcast platform Spotify published their financial results. The company has 83m premium subscribers, and 180m monthly active users - up...Show More
Anchor to open a free podcast studio in New York

0:00 | Jul 27th, 2018

Podcast platform Anchor announces at Podcast Movement that they're opening the Anchor Podcast Lab, a dedicated studio space at Anchor’s HQ in Manhattan NY, USA that will be open and completely free for anyone who wants to make a podcast. Wordpress ...Show More
Reports from Podcast Movement; and Earios launches funding drive

0:00 | Jul 26th, 2018

US radio website All Access covers Tuesday at Podcast Movement, focusing on the business panels. Their coverage of Wednesday highlights the radio-specific track. Radio Ink also covers Podcast Movement, with a piece on challenges to podcasting; plus...Show More
AdsWizz partners with podcast hosts to help monetise podcasting

0:00 | Jul 25th, 2018

AdsWizz has launched a podcast platform partnership program with a set of podcast hosts including Blubrry, Libsyn, Voxnest, StreamGuys and EmpireStreaming. The program offers 'massively accelerated revenue growth' to podcasters on those platforms. ...Show More
Data from Acast and Nielsen focus on commercial benefits of podcast audience

0:00 | Jul 24th, 2018

Acast releases data from their Acast Audio Intelligence Report for the US and the UK. Podcast listeners are big earners and big spenders, says the research, earning 28% more in the UK, and 51% more in the US. They also trust the ads in podcasts more ...Show More
Podcast Movement delgates gather

0:00 | Jul 23rd, 2018

Podcasters are converging on Philadelphia PA, USA, for Podcast Movement 2018. The conference starts tomorrow, but pre-conference events are taking part today; the Twitter hashtag for the event is #PM18. The Editor of Podnews is moderating a panel on ...Show More
NPR and Edison Research release their Smart Audio Report

0:00 | Jul 20th, 2018

The Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research has been released, highlighting the behaviour of the 43m Americans who own a smart speaker, according to the study. There is lots of data in the full slide deck. 39% of smart-speaker owners say the...Show More
Audioboom release half-yearly results; the US's biggest podcast advertisers

0:00 | Jul 19th, 2018

Audioboom have published positive half-year results, showing that revenue is 43% up vs this time last year; operating loss has reduced by 18%; total downloads have increased by 14%. The Board also claims that they have enough funding to see the compa...Show More
Skype to add an official call-recorder; and Podnews em Português: ouça agora!

0:00 | Jul 18th, 2018

Skype will soon let you record your calls. The feature launches later this month in Skype 8; older versions of Skype will stop working in a few months. Thanks to Megafono, the Brazilian podcast host, you can now listen to Podnews em Português ever...Show More
Advertising your podcast on Facebook; and how to take a break

0:00 | Jul 13th, 2018

"I boosted a Facebook post to advertise my podcast - here are my results", reports the host of the History of Witchcraft podcast. Often asked in Facebook groups, Dan Misener advises how to take a break from your podcast. Rob Peterson from Audiob...Show More
South Africa's 'big podcasting moment', and how to link to your podcast more effectively

0:00 | Jul 12th, 2018

Sanlam, a South African financial institution, has launched The 200 Year Old, a podcast that the press release calls South Africa's big podcasting moment. Podnews Editor, James Cridland, posts an opinion piece: How to link to your podcast more effe...Show More
Donating to podcasts via an Amazon Alexa smart speaker; over 5,000 entries for podcast competition

0:00 | Jul 11th, 2018

"Alexa - donate to my favourite podcast." KUOW and NPR are working on a way to use Amazon Alexa voice assistants to donate money to podcasters or public radio. Notable: 25% of KUOW's live streaming is through Alexa. Amazon is also experimenting, fo...Show More
Acast listening doubles over the past year

0:00 | Jul 10th, 2018

Acast have seen their monthly listens doubling over the past year, and their podcasts have now been downloaded 1.5 billion times. The results come as the Stockholm-based company celebrates its fourth birthday. Edison Research is to unveil a new stu...Show More
Google Podcasts is indexing premium podcast feeds

0:00 | Jul 9th, 2018

In the New Media Show over the weekend, Google Podcast product manager Zack Reneau-Weden was interviewed. He gave strong hints that Google Podcasts would be available on more platforms in future; discussed support for deep links into audio, like chap...Show More
Podbean helps with secure feeds; and Outlier Podcast Festival Los Angeles

0:00 | Jul 6th, 2018

Podbean has announced that it will migrate to secure podcast feeds, including helping their customers who use custom domains. Apple said it will require secure feeds at some point in the future. You can check whether your podcast feed is secure by se...Show More
Formula 1 launch its first-ever podcast

0:00 | Jul 5th, 2018

Formula 1 are launching their first-ever podcast, with podcast company Audioboom. Called Beyond The Grid, it's sponsored by Bose. Podcast host Acast appear to be quietly supporting the use of Podcast Pingback, the lightweight podcast metrics servic...Show More
Matthew Bannister to launch Folk on Foot; and launch of AudioUK

0:00 | Jul 4th, 2018

Matthew Bannister, the BBC presenter and former Radio 1 Controller, is to launch a new podcast called Folk on Foot: with some of the UK’s finest folk artists, he'll take listeners to the heartland of the places that have inspired their music. The U...Show More
Podcast Awards open; and a live podcast on Twitch

0:00 | Jul 3rd, 2018

The Podcast Awards are open for listener nominations. Podcasters need to register their podcasts first (US$10). (Listeners: how's about a nomination for Podnews?) A live podcast on Twitch - Westwood One Podcast Network stars Eric Bischoff and Conra...Show More
Donald Trump pranked by a podcaster; and a podcast map

0:00 | Jul 2nd, 2018

President Donald Trump was pranked by a podcaster - by the host of The Stuttering John Podcast. Podmap is a nice project, mapping the home town of podcasts. The first podcast from everywhere in the world? Palle Bo, the host of The Radio Vagabond,...Show More
Cleanfeed adds a 'pro' option

0:00 | May 10th, 2018

Cleanfeed, a 'remote audio service' for radio and podcasters wanting to get audio from different locations, have announced Cleanfeed Pro, a professional version of their free service with a number of additional features. The base version remains free...Show More
Pocket Casts promise they won't change

0:00 | May 9th, 2018

Pocket Casts have written a new blog post to allay concerns about its acquisition by a consortium of US public radio companies (and its new CEO). Meanwhile, it's the subject of HotPod 162 this week - Nick interviews NPR's chief digital officer Thomas...Show More
Sonix launches 'SEO-friendly' podcast player

0:00 | May 8th, 2018

Sonix have released what they call an "SEO-friendly podcast player". There's an example on their page announcing the service: it transcribes your podcast in chunks, and the company says that Google should index the podcast content as a result. Stev...Show More
Australian Podcast Awards Winners

0:00 | May 7th, 2018

Radiodays Europe's Podcast Day have announced new speakers. The event is on 12 June in Copenhagen, Denmark. Use the code PODNEWS for a discount of over 15%. The rise of native advertising bodes well for the podcasting industry, says Kurt Laufer. "W...Show More
Pocket Casts acquired

0:00 | May 4th, 2018

Pocket Casts, which is an iOS, Android and desktop podcast app, has been purchased by a combined public radio group of WNYC, NPR, WBEZ and This American Life. The team announced on their blog that they're all joining the new venture, and the ethos be...Show More
Podcast fans' purchase power, and kids get Alexa skills

0:00 | May 3rd, 2018

With Nielsen, podcast network Cadence13 released a slew of data around podcast listener purchasing power today; including where podcast listeners over-index. (Snacks!) Children's radio station Fun Kids is a launch partner for Amazon Alexa skills fo...Show More
Infinite Dial Australia released

0:00 | May 2nd, 2018

Edison Research have unveiled their Infinite Dial Australia research, which is directly comparable to their recent data from the US and Canada. 13% of Australians listen to podcasts every week. (Canada: 19%; US 17%). The research also says that 14% o...Show More
Breaking: Acast and the BBC partner on international podcast deal

0:00 | May 1st, 2018

Breaking: Acast has done a deal with the BBC to monetise its podcasts outside the UK. In a press release, the Corporation has announced that its 30m podcast downloads per month outside the UK will be monetised by Acast with a pre and post roll. UK li...Show More
50bn podcast downloads so far: stats from Apple Podcasts

0:00 | Apr 30th, 2018

Stats from Apple Podcasts: 525,000 active shows; 18.5m episodes; the service has just hit 50bn all-time downloads. Would a simple addition to your RSS feed fix podcast measurement? Podcast Pingback is a method of adding minute-by-minute measurement...Show More
Reese Witherspoon produces a new podcast

0:00 | Apr 27th, 2018

Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine is producing a new podcast. How it is "will focus on first-person stories from women about their lived experiences". The final part of the Google podcasting strategy posts from Pacific Content discusses Instant Tr...Show More