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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum

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Interviews, musings and extra material from the makers of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. If it did not fit in the HH feed it's probably here


52:04 | Oct 19th, 2017

Dan once said that he thought Germany's First World War military was superior to Nazi Germany's Wehrmacht. He is often asked to elaborate, so he does in this show (note:this “pilot” show was previousl...Show More
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Thought-provoking on ideology vs. merit

1:59:53 | May 4th

Canadian television personality, radio and podcast host Jeff Marek takes over the show and interviews Dan. Show Notes: 31 Thoughts Podc...Show More
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1:01:27 | Mar 2nd

In a world that can sometimes be obsessed with the current threat du jour, author Fred Kaplan reminds us that one of the all-time great threats to us all hasn't gone anywhere. Notes on https://dch...Show More

3:31:58 | Jan 30th

Description:Philip II of Macedonia and his son Alexander the Great are two of the most impressive figures in history. Few could contend with either man. One woman held her own with both of them. Alexa...Show More

2:00:53 | Jun 7th, 2019

Could militaries separated by ten centuries compete on a battlefield? In this alternative history experiment two armies that successfully invaded Britain a millennium apart are matched. Which side wou...Show More
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