Relationship Dish

Iona Monk / Pam Stewert

​Ever wonder what your therapist’s own romantic relationship is like? Well wonder no more because Relationship Dish is the podcast where two therapists dish about their own relationships. Hey, relationships are hard for EVERYONE, even therapists! In ...Show More

52:29 | Dec 4th

Listen in this week as the therapists dish and dive about adult growth and development. Why is it that so many adults believe that once you’re of drinking age, that you’re done developing? Adults must continue to grow and mature until death or else s...Show More

32:01 | Nov 27th

Listen in this week as the therapists conclude their conversation with the single ladies. Learn from them how to have a happy and full filling life, with or without a partner and understand how they find joy and meaning in their day to day lives.
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37:35 | Nov 20th

Listen in this week as the therapists talk with two single women about their lives and loves. Learn how they thrive in a “couples’ world” and understand where and how they find meaning in their lives. What relationships matter most to them? What fulf...Show More

38:10 | Nov 13th

This week the therapists dish and dive about the low level forces that can compete with intimacy. They look at their own relationship struggles and learn how things like pride, the search  for objective truth and power struggling can arm wrestle with...Show More

42:23 | Nov 6th

This week the therapists dish and dive about Seasonal Affective Disorder aka SAD.  With the fall time change upon us, many of us struggle with having less daylight hours. Pam and Iona weigh in on the issue of seasonal depression and come up with some...Show More
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