The Parsnip Ship

The Parsnip Ship

The Parsnip Ship, hosted by Iyvon Edebiri, is an intimate series of plays performed before live audiences and made accessible as a monthly podcast. The series fosters community by exploring diverse perspectives and bringing awareness to inspiring vo...Show More

1:15:39 | Aug 13th

directed by Pascale Florestal, with musical guest Big Fuzzy (Anneke Reich + Max Kennedy) "Rich and Gretchen seem to have the ideal marriage, until they learn that it was manufactured by a mysterious biotech company which installed it into their brain...Show More

2:11:19 | Jul 1st

directed by David Mendizábal, with musical guest Go Home "A successful, acclaimed pop-up book artist travels to Ireland on a mission with her best friend -- per his late grandfather's final request -- as she secretly, silently grapples with losing he...Show More
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56:30 | Dec 6th

directed by Cezar Williams, with musical guest Marie Gabrielle "Jaime McBride, an African-American woman college professor, studies and teaches genealogy. She has improperly used her resources to find out about her biological family. And without know...Show More

1:30:54 | Nov 13th

directed by Blayze Teicher, with musical guest Diana DiCostanzo "Ginnie and Adele have been friends for decades, helping each other navigate through life’s twists and turns. But when an inescapable event arises, they’re forced to confront the dark se...Show More

1:39:02 | Sep 16th

directed by Celestine Rae, with musical guest Afro Dominicano "Zoila has had her entire life planned and laid out for her by her family and society. She finds herself at a crossroads when she falls in love with a friend from the past. When tragedy hi...Show More
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