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07:33 | Sep 13th

A reading of the article "How To Defeat The Empire" by Caitlin Johnstone. Check out the article here: https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/how-to-defeat-the-empire-3bfdd468f439 Support independent journalism by throwing some coin in our jar on PayPa...Show More

53:45 | Sep 11th

Caitlin Johnstone and Tim Foley are back with Going Rogue, your regularly scheduled reset from the propaganda matrix. Relax and enjoy the sounds of sanity from the comfort of our own living room. If you’re loving the show, throw some coin in our ja...Show More

1:08:55 | Sep 7th

Caitlin Johnstone and Tim Foley are back with Going Rogue, your regularly scheduled reset from the propaganda matrix. Relax and enjoy the sounds of sanity from the comfort of our own living room. If you’re loving the show, throw some coin in our ja...Show More

03:13 | Feb 6th

Giant Woman -- An Original Song by Caitlin Johnstone

1:37:12 | Jun 13th, 2018

Catch-up session where we talk about Assange, Australia, war victims, tips for making sense of the world, and the centrists' crazy response to the Singapore summit. Also, a song. Centrists Are Very Concerned That Donald Fucking Trump Isn’t Hawkish ...Show More

1:18:49 | Jun 6th, 2018

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world, but what if those stories didn't work on people anymore? We talk about the possibility of a solution to our systemic problems coming from way out of left field. Whoever Controls The Narrative Contro...Show More

49:36 | Jun 3rd, 2018

Caitlin's forays into Garageband continue, we talk about how Ecuador's demands effectively mean Assange has three choices -- shut up, shut up or shut up -- and we ask the question that everyone should be asking about Russian hysteria. The One Ques...Show More

31:51 | May 31st, 2018

The real power in the United States rests with the unelected alliance of plutocrats and intelligence/defense agencies, so true revolution has nothing to do with impeaching or supporting the US president. ARTICLE: The Real Revolution Has Nothing To D...Show More

47:03 | May 29th, 2018

Caitlin and Tim talk about the sandman effect the QAnon psyop has had on Trump's base, and about the latest aggressions from the fascist creep Adam Schiff. ARTICLE LINKS: WikiLeaks Calls QAnon A Likely ‘Pied Piper’ Operation https://bit.ly/2GVRE5T ...Show More

43:21 | May 26th, 2018

Raytheon-manufactured action figure Mike Pence and deranged mutant death walrus John Bolton failed to tempt North Korea with their offer of "the Libya model", and deep state swamp monster Mike Pompeo assured us that there is no deep state.

49:56 | May 23rd, 2018

Pompeo does his best impression of a caring sharing SJW to drum up support for regime change in Iran, and Caitlin and Tim retrieve some of the more embarrassing stories from the bottom of the memory hole. The Skripal Case Is Being Pushed Down The M...Show More

39:52 | May 21st, 2018

In George Orwell's 1984, the main character Winston Smith's job is to rewrite history according to party need. Wikipedia has its very own Winston Smith. Its name is "Phillip Cross" and the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales defends it. Article: Wikipedi...Show More

36:16 | May 8th, 2018

On why it will be good to show the world that you are happy when John McCain dies, and how the establishment can easily silence RT forever (but won't). Why You Should Celebrate Loudly And Unapologetically When John McCain Dies https://bit.ly/2I07DFH...Show More

50:57 | May 6th, 2018

In which Caitlin shares her experience with Sky News and Twitter haters, has a good rant about brazen Atlantic Council propaganda, and explains why you can't legitimately complain about "Russian disinformation" without first addressing the lies that ...Show More

1:02:07 | May 2nd, 2018

We talk bodies, Bellingcat, Iran, and how truth and facts are now "Russian talking points". Articles: “Russian Talking Points” Look An Awful Lot Like Well-Documented Facts -- https://bit.ly/2w5GKKL War Propaganda Firm Bellingcat Continues Lying Abo...Show More

59:51 | Apr 29th, 2018

The lies of the mass media machine are getting more desperate and conspicuous, whether it's talking about Jeremy Corbyn or Syria or North Korea. People are waking up to it, which opens up new possibilities. ARTICLES: Happy New Universe Day -- https:...Show More

29:16 | Apr 25th, 2018

The sanest position anyone can ever take is the one that demands proof and is skeptical of known liars. When that issue is Syria, in a post-Iraq world, that burden of proof is enormous. Don't let them gaslight you into thinking otherwise. The Guardi...Show More

42:08 | Apr 23rd, 2018

Propaganda and censorship only work if they’re invisible. Once it's obvious that propagandists are propagandizing, public attention moves from the material being presented to the people doing the presenting. This is happening right now but they can't...Show More

40:42 | Apr 21st, 2018

Trump won bigly politically today on North Korea which does not bode well for the Dems in the mid-terms. But don't worry, they have a plan. They're suing WikiLeaks, Russia, and the Trump campaign for making them lose the 2016 election.* *Not satire. ...Show More

57:54 | Apr 20th, 2018

As the MSM is frantically dishing out the hit pieces on indie activists, journos, and media figures, the establishment narrative on Syria is disintegrating faster than an Arctic glacier. You have to wonder if the two are connected. BBC Reporter Disc...Show More

28:56 | Apr 17th, 2018

As new reports out of Douma cast doubt on the gas attack narrative, we're being told that if OPCW investigators don't find evidence for the attack it's because Russia hid it. ARTICLE: https://consortiumnews.com/2018/04/16/syrian-chemical-victims-suf...Show More

28:40 | Apr 16th, 2018

Nikki Haley's face and bad news go together like Kurt Eichenwald and tentacle porn, and today Haley's face hole was telling us that the US will stay in Syria as long as Iran exists. We also take a nostalgic wander down xenophobia road to find out whe...Show More

39:54 | Apr 14th, 2018

America has another warmongering neocon president, and as this fact becomes more apparent the battle lines on the political left and right are restructuring themselves. We do our best to analyze the chaos. -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo --

 -- Out...Show More

40:38 | Apr 12th, 2018

Five facts that show the US has been trying to regime change Syria since way before 2011, and we process our trauma from watching the propa-flick "Red Sparrow". ARTICLE: https://bit.ly/2IOnBib -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo --

 -- Outro theme by ...Show More

46:06 | Apr 10th, 2018

We've learned from Douma and the Skripal case that when a government declares a verdict before there's been an investigation, it's because there's a preexisting agenda. Also some thoughts about cross-ideological collaboration against attacking Syria....Show More

39:56 | Apr 9th, 2018

A few weeks ago, we warned that we were one false flag away from World War Three. Could the chemical weapons attack in Syria get the bloodthirsty neocons over the line into the war they've been salivating for? ARTICLE: bit.ly/2Ep3O65 -- Intro them...Show More

54:41 | Apr 6th, 2018

A revolution against a sociopathic power establishment will look as “ideological” as a good puke after a night of heavy drinking. It will look like a species expelling a pathogen because that’s exactly what it will be. ARTICLE: https://bit.ly/2Ep3O6...Show More

36:03 | Apr 5th, 2018

Americans are stuck in an abusive relationship with their evil overlords. Are they gonna stay because they don’t think they’ve got anywhere to go, or are they gonna leave because anything is better than this? Caitlin and Tim pitch for option B. -- ...Show More

27:13 | Apr 4th, 2018

Caitlin is a happy chappy today. The sun is shining, the Skripal false flag is failing, Boris Johnson's office is deleting tweets and Kurt Eichenwald went off his trolley again. -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo --
 -- Outro theme by Carol Vasquez (bi...Show More

47:31 | Apr 3rd, 2018

Assange is being used as a head on a stick to show the American people what happens when you question authority. Meanwhile, the UK has decided whodunnit even before they can tell us what the crime entailed. -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo --
 -- O...Show More

25:10 | Apr 1st, 2018

Trump says he wants to get out of Syria, but so far his words and his actions have told very different stories when it comes to neocon agendas. Caitlin discusses her encounter with Josh Rogin. ARTICLE: https://bit.ly/2J7sPGy -- Intro theme by Capta...Show More

32:43 | Mar 31st, 2018

Andrew McCabe has received nearly half a million dollars from a GoFundMe drive, and you couldn't ask for a more perfect illustration of the way the wealthy and powerful are lifted up even further while the needy and powerless are kicked while they're...Show More

45:18 | Mar 30th, 2018

Been a big week but we finally found some time for a podcast. We talk about the horror that is John Bolton, #ReconnectJulian, and the sycophantic suck-uppery that is the Australian media. -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo --
 -- Outro theme by Carol ...Show More

56:12 | Mar 22nd, 2018

Catch-up episode in which we invite the scorn of Sibel Edmonds, tell you why you need to stay on Facebook, examine the latest shots fired in the new cold war, and toss around a few ideas for how to rid the world of conspiracy theory. ARTICLES Why I...Show More

29:34 | Mar 20th, 2018

The FBI tried to psyop King into killing himself and weaponized the public against him, and they continue the practice of disrupting and harassing the civil rights activists to this day. They never stopped. The lionizing of these assholes must end. ...Show More

24:06 | Mar 18th, 2018

The invisible censorship of social media has kicked it up a notch. We examine how they're doing it. ARTICLE: http://bit.ly/2FUu0ab POEM: http://bit.ly/2DBqDDn -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo --
-- Outro theme by Carol Vasquez (bit.ly/2oUFNyX) -- T...Show More

47:02 | Mar 17th, 2018

Jeff Bezos is officially the richest man in the world. What are the lessons we can learn about plutocracy from the way our newest overlord clawed his way to the top? ARTICLE: http://bit.ly/2G1VqhD POEM: http://bit.ly/2FGAgpX -- Intro theme by Cap...Show More

37:03 | Mar 16th, 2018

The deliberate and dishonest application of the term "alt-right" to everyone who isn't a leftist or centrist is driving a massive wedge between the public, and it only benefits the oligarchs. ARTICLE: http://bit.ly/2FKVOOl POEM: http://bit.ly/2GyQYF...Show More

45:53 | Mar 16th, 2018

Caitlin and Tim go full tin-foil and talk about aliens, UFOs and how it's suddenly perfectly fine and normal to talk about them on CNN. ARTICLE: http://bit.ly/2tSIR3p POEM: http://bit.ly/2pj4KDx -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo -- 
-- Outro theme by...Show More

39:45 | Mar 14th, 2018

Caitlin and Tim talk about haters, the propaganda machine and Mike Pompeo in a catch-up episode where they finally start getting their feet back underneath them. Mass Media Propaganda Is The Only Thing Keeping Us From Rising Like Lions [Article: htt...Show More

33:32 | Mar 10th, 2018

New information confirms what many have been saying since 2016: Omar Mateen did not attack the Pulse nightclub in Orlando out of homophobia, he did it because of US bombing campaigns in Muslim majority countries. But you're not meant to think about t...Show More

28:14 | Mar 9th, 2018

Warning: This is a messy, emotional podcast. Forgot to read a poem at the end. -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo -- 
-- Outro theme by Carol Vasquez (bit.ly/2oUFNyX) -- This podcast is sponsored by Caitlin's patrons. You can support Cait by becoming ...Show More

17:01 | Mar 8th, 2018

Google is not any more separable from the US government than Lockheed Martin or Raytheon are, yet it has been given an unprecedented degree of authority over human speech and the way people communicate and share information. -- Intro theme by Captai...Show More

31:03 | Mar 7th, 2018

Politics is downstream from culture, and we can all transform culture with art in a grassroots people's revolution. Tim tries out his Terence McKenna impression. Article here — http://bit.ly/2FkMaG3 -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo --
-- Outro them...Show More

36:04 | Mar 6th, 2018

Catch-up episode where we talk about the (un)likelihood of civil war in the US, the creep of censorship on social media, and Caitlin reads her poem "Come Dusk". No, There Will Not Be Any Civil War In America -- article here http://bit.ly/2I7n8rI So...Show More

29:24 | Mar 4th, 2018

Cenk Uygur is deliberately ignoring Trump's escalations against Russia so that he can demand more. He is also calling any detente in the region evidence of collusion. What will make Cenk happy? Nuclear annihilation? Caitlin sounds the alarm and gets ...Show More

30:54 | Mar 2nd, 2018

The US empire is in decline, and that's the good news. The bad news is that it might get us all killed while trying to save itself. Article here: http://bit.ly/2F72shr -- Intro theme by Captain Pablo -- Outro theme by Carol Vasquez (http://bit.l...Show More

30:05 | Mar 1st, 2018

Hillary takes to Twitter to pressure Trump into ramping up aggressions against Russia even further than he already has. What could go wrong? Article here: http://bit.ly/2HUpDgV -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is sponsored by Caitlin's pa...Show More

17:03 | Feb 28th, 2018

Claiming the west can help Syria is like claiming that the gasoline which started a house fire can also be used to extinguish it. Get out and stay out. Article here —http://bit.ly/2BYC7Um -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is sponsored by C...Show More

21:54 | Feb 27th, 2018

Democrats spent 2016 screaming that Trump would start a nuclear war if elected, but now that he's building toward one they're ignoring it, because it's with Russia. Article here: http://bit.ly/2EXKsKJ -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is ...Show More

22:50 | Feb 26th, 2018

By constantly lying and manipulating, the MSM has created an environment where people necessarily question how reality differs from what they're being told. Yet this same MSM has the gall to bitch at people for doing just that. Article here —http://...Show More

25:42 | Feb 25th, 2018

A catch-up episode where we talk about the latest in the Medium censorship debacle, Caitlin’s twitter rant on anti-Semitism, cheerlead Ben Swann and the mysterious mental illness that only seems to afflict the heads of nations that refuse to capitula...Show More

17:24 | Feb 23rd, 2018

The only people cheering for censorship of conservatives on Medium are lefties who haven’t been paying attention and centrists who have. Article here —http://bit.ly/2EXofeW -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by Caitlin's p...Show More

20:03 | Feb 22nd, 2018

Fifteen years ago, a nation was convinced by propaganda to go to war. Fifteen years later we're doing the same damn dance, except this time the WMD is Russian collusion and chemical weapons in Syria. Wake up. Article here —http://bit.ly/2CDe3mi -- ...Show More

20:47 | Feb 21st, 2018

Let's get really clear on the debate we're having here: it is the Russiagaters' job to provide positive proof of their claims. So far they have failed to do this. Don't let them shift the burden of proof. Article here: http://bit.ly/2sMgzXI This p...Show More

23:57 | Feb 20th, 2018

There is still no evidence that Russia interfered in America's elections in any meaningful way, but if they had, America would definitely deserve it. Article here: http://bit.ly/2sHCW0v -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by...Show More

20:53 | Feb 19th, 2018

In which I share some things about what I do here and where I stand on various issues, and Tim makes me blush like a stop light. Article here: http://bit.ly/2GrjkzH -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by Caitlin's patrons. Y...Show More

23:53 | Feb 18th, 2018

Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey openly admits that the US meddles in elections constantly, yet "election meddling" is what's being used to pace us into new cold war escalations against a nuclear superpower. And he thinks it's cute. Article here: http...Show More

15:24 | Feb 18th, 2018

In response to the latest Mueller indictments, Trump's opponents are calling for more escalations against a nuclear superpower under the delusion that it will hurt him. Article here: http://bit.ly/2ER5auL -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast...Show More

21:14 | Feb 17th, 2018

Nikki Haley is a bloodthirsty death cultist who pretends to be a real human being when it is politically convenient. Article here: http://bit.ly/2sAshEN -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by Caitlin's patrons. You can suppo...Show More

20:35 | Feb 15th, 2018

The Intercept goes full establishment attack dog on Julian Assange and Tim talks shit about my Facebook stalker. Article here: http://bit.ly/2EKkmKa -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by Caitlin's patrons. You can support C...Show More

22:57 | Feb 14th, 2018

The establishment media wants to make it very clear that being skeptical of pro-regime change narratives is much more dangerous to human lives than actual bombs. Article here: http://bit.ly/2EFUKxL -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made...Show More

17:57 | Feb 13th, 2018

Some tried and true tactics for the media war, and some ideas about why we fight. Article here — http://bit.ly/2EDE0aw Jordan Greenhall article “The War on Sensemaking” http://bit.ly/2EqH5eY -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made poss...Show More

40:57 | Feb 12th, 2018

Catch-up time after a wild couple of days of rock'n roll and Twitter censorship. Article — On The Syria Occupation And The New Face Of Imperialism — link here: http://bit.ly/2nW7oiE Article — Three Stupid, Annoying Things People Often Say When Def...Show More

18:04 | Feb 8th, 2018

The establishment propaganda machine protects and promotes Syria's White Helmets so aggressively because there is an agenda to franchise this pernicious psyop out to other countries. This will give them the ability to stage false flags, false reports...Show More

31:24 | Feb 7th, 2018

In which we discuss how liberals have become the thing which they purport to oppose, and what a douche Rob Reiner is. Article here: http://bit.ly/2BNTOXg -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by Caitlin's patrons. You ca...Show More

26:48 | Feb 6th, 2018

The pundits and politicians are lying about Syria. Here are five ways you can tell. Article here: http://bit.ly/2sdd8t2 -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast was brought to you by Caitlin's patrons -- www.patreon.com/caitlinjohnstone. Cait i...Show More

25:09 | Feb 5th, 2018

It wasn't that long ago that the CIA had to conduct its media infiltrations in secret. Nowadays we see things like ex-CIA director John Brennan being hired by NBC to great fanfare. Article here: http://bit.ly/2GOjvpW -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- T...Show More

23:26 | Feb 4th, 2018

Escalations between two nuclear superpowers keep getting scarier and scarier, and everyone's still bickering about the president saying rude things on Twitter. This cannot continue. Article here: http://bit.ly/2ED843C -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- ...Show More

18:23 | Feb 3rd, 2018

Assange has been pursuing leaks from the Trump administration, in cool defiance of what both sides of America's partisan divide seem to believe about him. Article here -- http://bit.ly/2GJt8Gp -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made poss...Show More

14:25 | Feb 1st, 2018

The most trusted politician in America keeps pushing dangerous neocon propaganda, and it's a problem. Article: http://bit.ly/2E48pyw -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by Caitlin's patrons. You can support Cait becoming a ...Show More

19:19 | Feb 1st, 2018

In order to support Hillary, Democrats spent 2016 gaslighting themselves into making Iraq forgivable and neocon policies okay. They might have only convinced themselves, but they did such a good job that now even Bush seems as cute as a Furby to the...Show More

28:51 | Jan 30th, 2018

What is Russiagate and where did it start? Any attempt to answer that question always leads back to shady warmongering neocon think tanks full of the same evil people who've advocated every disastrous military intervention in recent history. Article...Show More

25:30 | Jan 29th, 2018

Journalism lost one of the greats this week. Robert Parry has died at the age of 68. Article here: http://bit.ly/2DYiGwk -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by Caitlin's patrons. You can support Cait becoming a patron ...Show More

31:25 | Jan 28th, 2018

Going Rogue, episode 15 America's unelected power establishment has been using Russiagate to manufacture support for escalations aimed at crippling Russia with the ultimate goal of preventing China from becoming a rival superpower. But they can't ju...Show More

30:38 | Jan 26th, 2018

Going rogue episode 14 The 2016 election threw up two populist politicians -- Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Both may be running in 2020, and neither are going to save us. Link to the article: http://bit.ly/2Gix94n -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- ...Show More

38:58 | Jan 25th, 2018

Going Rogue, episode 13 To believe that true revolution is possible is to believe in the potential of humans to collectively shrug off our conditioning. Article here: http://bit.ly/2GhIC4e -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possibl...Show More

29:23 | Jan 24th, 2018

Going Rogue episode 12 A year ago, Rachel Maddow detailed how the mass media machine would smear Trump as a watersports-loving Putin puppet if he tried to de-escalate the new cold war. It worked. They got their cold war. Article: http://bit.ly/2rzy...Show More

26:44 | Jan 23rd, 2018

Going Rogue, episode 11: The one where Cenk goes full MSM hack and hires Dan fucking Rather. Link to the article: http://bit.ly/2DxqLZ9 Link to the article "Rachel Maddow Accidentally Reveals Establishment Plot To Force Russian Confrontation" fro...Show More

49:58 | Jan 22nd, 2018

Going Rogue, episode 10: We took some time off because Caitlin was feeling a little poorly but she's back to her rockstar form. We discuss her last four articles about Trump's Syria policy and his capitulation to the deep state, the smiley face of es...Show More

25:30 | Jan 18th, 2018

Going Rogue, episode 9: Human discourse is already being shaped by AI. Caitlin and Tim talk about the future potential for "Idiocracy" style implications of that, plus have a yarn about Tillerson's latest strategy for Syria. Article: http://bit.ly/...Show More

32:42 | Jan 17th, 2018

Going Rogue, episode 8: "Americans are not stupid, they are being propagandized. And the people who are propagandizing them have names and addresses." ~ Utah Phillips (paraphrased) Article: http://bit.ly/2DmfDO9 -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- Thank...Show More

32:42 | Jan 16th, 2018

Going Rogue, episode 7: Tulsi Gabbard tells the truth about the North Korea situation. Tim hates George Stephanopoulos. Article: http://bit.ly/2mCXv8h -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- Thanks to Caitlin's patrons for making this possible. You can supp...Show More

31:04 | Jan 15th, 2018

Going Rogue, episode 6: There's one fact which completely invalidates the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, but neither Trump supporters nor Russiagaters want to think about it. Article: http://bit.ly/2D7MQcs -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- Thanks to...Show More

28:57 | Jan 14th, 2018

Going Rogue #5 We tell Hillary Clinton and Bill Kristol to get a room. -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- Thanks to Caitlin's patrons for making this possible. You can support her ongoing here -- www.patreon.com/caitlinjohnstone -- or throw her a few sh...Show More

31:26 | Jan 13th, 2018

Going Rogue #4 How we know the #Resistance is bullshit, adventures with Double G, and we finally answer the question "Who the hell is Tim Foley?" If you have any questions for Cait, chuck them in the comments section of whatever platform you are usi...Show More

38:12 | Jan 11th, 2018

Going Rogue #3 Question time! Caitlin answers some reader questions but not before giving some wrong people on the internet a serve and unpacking the war propaganda in Pitch Perfect 3. If you have any questions for Caitlin, chuck them in the commen...Show More

28:15 | Jan 10th, 2018

Going Rogue #2 Julian Assange isn't hiding from justice, he's hiding from injustice. [Story here -- http://bit.ly/2mjORw6] If you have any questions for Caitlin, chuck them in the comments section of whatever platform you are using. We'll find the...Show More

19:28 | Jan 9th, 2018

In our premiere episode of Caitlin Johnstone's latest podcast venture idea "Going Rogue" we talk about Oprah Winfrey's tilt at the Whitehouse, Bill Kristol's dick, Hollywood, Harvey, Sarah Silverman, and a bit more about Bill Kristol's dick. It's a...Show More