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Is Regenerative Organic Agriculture the Answer to Climate Change?

19:40 | Jul 17th, 2018

We are at the most critical moment in the history of our planet, as man-made changes to the climate threaten our security on Earth. But there is a technology for massive planetary geo-engineering that is tried and tested and available right now. As D...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: Hyperhomocysteinemia—The New Concern for Healthy Ageing

09:36 | Jun 21st, 2018

An oft-overlooked concern for pregnancy and healthy ageing, hyperhomocysteinemia can affect infant development, cognitive health and heart health. Homocysteine is a sulphur-containing amino acid generated from methionine, which is essential. The plas...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: The Need for Natural Alternatives to Caffeine in Sports Nutrition

18:37 | Jun 19th, 2018

Humans have made good use of botanical ingredients to boost intellectual and physical performance for centuries, and none is more prevalent than caffeine. Coffee is one of the world’s most popular and widely consumed natural stimulants in daily life,...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: Explaining the Fish Oil Standard

07:59 | Jun 7th, 2018

It's been a long time coming, but the industry is finally on the verge of a fish oil standard. This means standardised regulations around the world for fish oil quality, which you'd assume can only be a good thing. Dr Harry Rice, VP Regulatory and Sc...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: What is Environmentally-Responsible Extraction?

10:17 | Jun 5th, 2018

Sustainability is a growing concern across every sector, but none more so than ingredient sourcing. Benjamin Lightburn, CEO of Mazza Innovation, agrees and walks us through the environmentally-responsible extraction method Mazza uses for botanicals. ...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: The Potential for Edible Insects in Sports Nutrition

08:46 | May 31st, 2018

High in protein, vitamins and amino acids, edible insects can be of particular interest to sports nutrition companies wishing to produce high-quality products in a resource-efficient way. Not to mention, they're widely considered a more sustainable w...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: Combining Nutrition and Technology for Personalised Nutrition

08:44 | May 29th, 2018

We've been talking about personalised nutrition in the industry for a while now, but it feels like it's starting to come into its own; offering exciting approaches to improving health and wellbeing. Seen as a huge opportunity to shift focus from broa...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: Packaging Innovation and Route to Market for Beverages

14:16 | May 10th, 2018

Does introducing a new product really start with the route to market? Not necessarily, says Debbie Wildrick, Chief Strategy Officer at Metabrandcorp, rather, we should start by understanding product development in trends, packaging and pricing. Once ...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: What Can Generational Theory Teach Us About the Future of Free-From?

36:23 | May 9th, 2018

The market for free-from foods is valued at over £800 million, but while some consumers have medically diagnosed allergies, the size of the market suggests many people are self-diagnosing or simply choosing this category as a shortcut to health. The ...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast: Investigating Resveratrol's Relationship with Gut Microbiota

19:42 | May 3rd, 2018

Evolva and Northumbria University's Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre have teamed up to study resveratrol on human health. As Clare Panchoo, Evolva, and Dr Emma Wightman, Northumbria University, explain, while research has shown resver...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast – Innovation in the Industry

16:41 | Feb 2nd, 2018

There seems to be no shortage of innovative solutions and inspired product development in the global health and nutrition industry and the innovation landscape continues to look promising. Alessio Dantino from Crowdfooding joins us to discuss all are...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast – Macro Trends for Europe

15:50 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Nutrition Business Journal’s Global Supplement Business Report 2017 offers extensive insight to the European market ups and downs. Claire Morton, senior industry analyst at NBJ, joins us to discuss the ‘sleeping giant’ that is the European supplement...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast– Astaxanthin and Skin Health

35:42 | Feb 2nd, 2018

For most people, skin is an integral part of healthy ageing, but it's usually skin appearance that gets the most attention. Topical products sales are booming, with more and more consumers concerned about wrinkles and thinning skin, but as Dr Mark Mi...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast – Clean Label in Colours and Flavours

10:26 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Consumer demand for clean label means manufacturers need to consider the demand for naturalness stretching into colours and flavours. More than just a rejection of E numbers, this is part of the consumer shift to 'everything healthy' and colours and ...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast – Illness to Wellness Shift in Nutraceuticals

12:12 | Feb 2nd, 2018

The health care industry is undergoing functional and structural changes from a 'fee-for-service' to 'value-based' services at a national level in various countries. This movement is currently experiencing renewed impetus as several food components a...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast – 2-aminoisoheptane and Supplement Adulteration

12:57 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Many supplement manufacturers have been searching for new ingredients to replace ephedrine since it was banned by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2004, and subsequently prohibited in Europe. As a researcher following the supplement industry cl...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast – Neuroscience and Brand Positioning

16:17 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Experiences leave their mark on the brain… literally. Baroness Greenfield explains how brands and digital advertising can actually shape our brains and how food and drink businesses can influence their consumers. Conveying taste and smell to a 'scree...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast – Geopolitics and Food

25:27 | Feb 2nd, 2018

With Brexit and the US election sending ripples across the world, it's only logical to expect implications to food prices and supplies. Brexit sees the United Kingdom forced to consider agricultural policy, food safety standards and import tariffs fo...Show More
Vitafoods Insights Podcast – Trends for 2018

24:21 | Feb 2nd, 2018

2018 is upon us and all thoughts are turning to the potential and opportunities a new year brings. We called Hamish Renton, managing director of HRA Food and Drink, to discuss his predictions for the food and beverage markets in 2018 and how these ap...Show More