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Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Ca...Show More

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Ep. 1: Green Teens Gone (The Moonstone Saga)

1:01:53 | Feb 9th, 2018

Hardwon (Jake), Moonshine (Emily), and Beverly (Caldwell) arrive in the small fishing village of Moonstone and meet Scoutmaster Denny -- a halfling coward with some terrible news. The crew answers the call of adventure, but gets tripped up by some po...Show More

Ep. 11: Creator of Nightmares (The Ezry Chronicles with Adam Conover)

2:02:59 | Apr 19th, 2018

It's the finale of our Ezry adventure with Adam Conover! The party brings Skullis back to Stunkbug's posh one bedroom apartment and interrogates him to a soundtrack of light jazz. Moonshine uses an improvised tire swing to thwart a foe, Hardwon flex...Show More

Ep. 4: Keep Creepers (The Moonstone Saga)

1:23:11 | Mar 1st, 2018

The almost-heroes come face-to-face with the Bullywug king himself, then find themselves trailing an even greater enemy! Hardwon bravely runs away ("because it's smart and not because it's cowardly"), Moonshine gets her stealth on ("like Catherine Ze...Show More

Ep. 3: The Mating Habits of Bullywugs (The Moonstone Saga)

1:04:01 | Feb 22nd, 2018

Our almost-heroes continue their search for the missing Green Teens in the bog! Beverly makes use of his ropes AND mating call badge, Hardwon gets bark rash, and Moonshine debuts the fungal kiss of death. Listen to the end for shoutouts for our new r...Show More

Ep. 2: Into the Muck (The Moonstone Saga)

1:14:46 | Feb 16th, 2018

The party deals with the aftermath of their brutal bar fight with the barbarians, then heads off into the swamp to save the Green Teens. Beverly tries to salvage the Jamboreen, Hardwon is increasingly annoyed by the antics of Scoutmaster Denny ("a cr...Show More

Welcome to Not Another D&D Podcast! (Meet the Party)

12:23 | Feb 2nd, 2018

DM Murph briefly talks about the setting for the campaign, then joins Emily, Jake, and Caldwell to chat about their characters! Get to know Moonshine Cybin -- a backwoods elf druid who had to leave her home, the ol' crick, cuz "something ain't right....Show More

BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 5: Ginnarak Gauntlet

2:02:54 | Apr 18th

Welcome back to Trinyvale! Deployed to the scorched ruins of Ginnarak, Team 22 finds themselves beset by dangers and deception on all sides as the hunt for the fifth and final crystal begins! Jens gets sneaky, Onyx gives into peer pressure, and Nyack...Show More

Ep. 58: Crown of Thorns (A Faerie Tale)

1:52:08 | Apr 11th

The Band of Boobs return to the Autumn Court to make good on their promise to Princess Jovyre. Bev confronts his father, Moonshine puts on a fireworks show, and Hardwon self-medicates. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the after-show...Show More

Ep. 57: Frozen Hearts (A Faerie Tale)

2:18:21 | Apr 4th

The Band of Boobs travel to King Lestibourne's tower and face the Queen of the Unseely! Moonshine loses her will to fight, Hardwon learns more about the horror he inflicted on the Widow, and Beverly disobeys his dad. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod...Show More

Ep. 56: The Sunset Princess (A Faerie Tale)

1:47:08 | Mar 28th

The Band of Boobs travel to the Autumn Court and receive an enticing proposition from Princess Jovyre! Hardwon tests his flying ability, Moonshine grapples with her bachelorette lifestyle, and Beverly meets a new friend. Support us at Patreon.com/Nad...Show More

Ep. 55: Tricky Trials (A Faerie Tale)

1:36:22 | Mar 21st

The Band of Boobs face the trials of the Autumn Court! Beverly tries not to lose his head, Hardwon experiences the side effects of death, and Moonshine tries to figure out which witch is which. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the a...Show More

Ep. 54: Killing Blow (A Faerie Tale)

2:00:29 | Mar 14th

The Band of Boobs escape to the Autumn Court and make plans to face the Hounds! Moonshine has a heart to heart with Bev Sr., Beverly becomes an official Green Knight, and Hardwon faces the consequences of his actions. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpo...Show More

BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 4: Moonlight Marauders

1:55:59 | Mar 12th

Welcome back to Trinyvale! In our latest session, there's Big Trouble on the Little Moon, and Team 22 is right in the thick of it. Onyx has an unexpected reunion, Nyack becomes a Trinstagram model and Jens goes fully off the grid as the hunt for the ...Show More

Ep. 53: Escape From Old Court Castle (A Faerie Tale)

1:54:13 | Mar 7th

The Band of Boobs formulate a plan to rescue Queen Cirilla and escape Old Court! Moonshine cooks up a Chosen kebab, Hardwon executes "Operation: Lactose Lad," and Beverly makes his papa proud.  Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the a...Show More

Ep. 52: Crushed by an Angel (A Faerie Tale)

1:54:56 | Feb 28th

The Band of Boobs investigate Old Court and search for the missing Queen Cirilla. Hardwon has it out with some birds, Moonshine makes the most of her Crick lasso skills, and Bev goes on an ol' fashioned dad hunt. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to ...Show More

Ep. 51: The Nannerfly Effect (A Faerie Tale)

1:57:16 | Feb 21st

The Band of Boobs are captured by the mysterious Crone of the Sea and learn some horrifying truths. Moonshine gets an update on the Crick elves, Bev gets traumatized, and Hardwon starts a new workout program. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get ...Show More

Ep. 50: Nightcap (A Faerie Tale)

1:30:30 | Feb 14th

The Band of Boobs accept an invitation from Biggen the Gnome and head out to the club! Moonshine grapples with her pre-conceived gnome-tions, Beverly does some underage drinking, and Hardwon loses himself on the dance floor. Support us at Patreon.com...Show More

Ep. 49: Milk and Honey (A Faerie Tale)

1:42:33 | Feb 7th

The Band of Boobs confront the Bear Prince and all of his douchey dryad friends! Beverly takes on a new persona, Moonshine gunks up a hot tub, and Hardwon has the absolute worst day of his life.  Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the...Show More

Ep. 48: Escape From Fairy Mountain (A Faerie Tale)

1:40:31 | Jan 31st

The Band of Boobs catch up with their old pal Cran, then head off to face the Bear Prince! Moonshine gets petty, Hardwon gets buffed, and Beverly gets out-goofed. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other ...Show More

BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 3: Disco Detectives

2:17:41 | Jan 29th

Welcome back to Trinyvale! As another whimsical weekend dawns on the city of Vay'Nullar, Team 22 works overtime in search of the third mysterious Ginnarak crystal. Nyack fails his liquor check, Onyx becomes a brand ambassador, and Jens goes full coyo...Show More

Ep. 47: Monster Hunter (A Faerie Tale)

1:34:29 | Jan 25th

The Band of Boobs continue their trek through the forest of the Free Fairy! Hardwon gets into a political argument with a pixie, Moonshine tests her poison tolerance, and Beverly channels his inner Green Teen. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get...Show More

Ep. 46: The Grizzly Prince (A Faerie Tale)

2:04:39 | Jan 17th

The Band of Boobs say goodbye to Jaina and the dwarves then travel through the crack in the material plane! Hardwon has a bad trip, Beverly gets out-goofed, and Moonshine falls in love with a tree woman. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get acces...Show More

Ep. 45: Kingshammer (The Frostwind Chapter)

2:20:18 | Jan 10th

It's a clash at the gash as the Band of Boobs attempt to thwart Akarot's plan to break the world! Moonshine bullies a powerful geomancer, Beverly goes anti-anti-paladin, and Hardwon returns to his dwarven roots.  Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to ...Show More

Ep. 44: Dwarves vs. Giants vs. Winter Wolves (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:55:59 | Jan 3rd

The Band of Boobs escape the gnoll tunnels and make for Mt. Forge in pursuit of the Bronzebeards and Hill Giants. Beverly experiments with drugs, Moonshine has a Paw Paw scare, and Hardwon confronts his high school bully. Support us at Patreon.com/Na...Show More

BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 2: Sunken Secrets

2:06:51 | Dec 31st, 2018

Welcome back to Trinyvale! The adventure continue as Retrieval Team 22 heads to the open sea in search of the the second Ginnarak crystal. Jens perfects a sentimental dance move, Onyx makes a new friend and Nyack gets increasingly stickier. Support u...Show More

Long Rest: Best of the Year Round Up

1:24:43 | Dec 28th, 2018

The gang discusses the journey so far and listens to their favorite moments together. Find out if your favorite moment made the list!  Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other Naddpod content!

Holiday Special: 'Twas the Night Before Crickmas

1:35:16 | Dec 20th, 2018

Someone is sapping the Crick Elves of their holiday spirit -- can the Band of Boobs stop them and save Crickmas? Moonshine tracks down Calvin and the Chippermunks, Beverly assists Paw Paw in litigation, and Hardwon confronts his most hated enemy. Sup...Show More

Ep. 43: Feeding Time (The Frostwind Chapter)

2:23:40 | Dec 13th, 2018

The Band of Boobs travel with Bastion through the gnoll tunnels, aka the gnoll holes, and run into some trouble along the way. Moonshine goes for a dive, Beverly gives a certain beastly gnoll a makeover, and Hardwon competes in the greatest strength ...Show More

Ep. 42: The Valley of Frigid Death (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:37:58 | Dec 6th, 2018

The Band of Boobs travel into Gnoll territory to catch up with the Hill Giants and Bronzebeards at Mt. Forge! Beverly tempts a Giant Wurm with a somber tune, Hardwon meets someone with greater hubris than he, and Moonshine becomes wayyyyy too attache...Show More

Ep. 41: Attack at the Tower (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:47:22 | Nov 29th, 2018

The Band of Boobs are caught between the Winter Wolves and an army of Giants! Beverly enters the Hill Giant psyche, Hardwon gets caught up in a dick-measuring contest, and Moonshine goes 1 v 2 against some big nasties. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddp...Show More

Hearthside Chats: Cricksgiving Edition (Q&A)

1:44:46 | Nov 22nd, 2018

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, NADDPOLES! The crew answers your questions about the campaign, the characters, decisions they've made along the way, creating the world, the future of the podcast, and so much more. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod for a bunch o...Show More

BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 1: Crystal Quest

1:51:11 | Nov 20th, 2018

Welcome to the world of Trinyvale! Caldwell dawns the DM crown for our first ever bonus campaign episode. Join Jens Lyndelle (Murph), Onyx Lumiere (Emily Axford), and Nyac (Jake Hurwitz) as they brave treacherous forests, gnomish artifacts and CHAIN ...Show More

Ep. 40: Into the Frozen Tundra (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:47:32 | Nov 15th, 2018

The Band of Boobs say their goodbyes to Jaina, then attempt to escape the city and travel beyond the wall. Bev achieves peak Beverly, Moonshine embodies a pregnant elk, and Hardwon gets called "tinyfolk" for the first time in his life. Support us at ...Show More

Ep. 39: Red-handed (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:37:48 | Nov 8th, 2018

The Band of Boobs install Joris as the new head of the Thieves Guild, then head to the tavern to find out what's become of PawPaw and Balnor. Moonshine summons a vine bartender, Beverly comes clean, and Hardwon gets a close shave. Support us at Patre...Show More

Ep. 38: Harvester Beast (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:28:29 | Nov 1st, 2018

The Band of Boobs attempt to save Joris the dwarphan before he's "inducted" into Akarot's order. Beverly calls on the holy power of stand-up comedy, Moonshine makes friends with a pouchy hell-beast, and Hardwon is brutally stabbed in the ass. Support...Show More

Ep. 37: The Man Who Threw the Knife (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:27:31 | Oct 25th, 2018

The Band of Boobs follow the mean teens into the crypts and meet the ominous figure known as "The Boss." Moonshine has it out with Bahumian Rufio, Beverly meets someone who loves his dad almost as much as him, and Hardwon seeks revenge. Support us at...Show More

Ep. 36: Cold and All Alone (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:38:55 | Oct 19th, 2018

The Band of Boobs are still reeling from the royal assassination and hatch a plan to find the killer. Moonshine confronts her "fiance," Hardwon reconnects with his childhood, and Beverly launches Operation: Nasty Boy. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpo...Show More

Ep. 35: The Princess and the Bastard (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:25:59 | Oct 11th, 2018

The Band of Boobs infiltrate the royal wedding welcome party! Beverly cuts a rug with some grandmas, Moonshine acquires yet another fiance, and Hardwon confronts his past. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the after-show and a bunch ...Show More

Ep. 34: Icy Reception (The Frostwind Chapter)

1:42:01 | Oct 4th, 2018

The Band of Boobs catch up with the Crick Elves, then head off to visit some northern dwarves and save Ulfgar! Beverly launches "Operation: Fancy Boy," Moonshine attempts to breed nannerflies, and Hardwon does not take kindly to his new nickname. Sup...Show More

Ep. 33: Dangerous Knowledge (On the Road Again with Nathan Yaffe)

1:40:18 | Sep 27th, 2018

After escaping Smuggler's Bounty, the Band of Boobs receive an urgent message from their old friend Tonathan and leap into action! Moonshine discovers her primal side, Beverly's voice changes, and Hardwon learns a horrifying truth about his ex. Natha...Show More

NaDDPod Live in Seattle (Return to Moonstone)

1:54:30 | Sep 20th, 2018

The Band of Boobs return to Moonstone for a new adventure in our first ever live show! Hardwon attempts to redeem his first ever "Watch This!" failure, Moonshine slows some bros, and Beverly comes face to face with his old scoutmaster. Support us at ...Show More

Ep. 32: The Getaway (The Cutthroat Chronicles with Siobhan Thompson)

1:50:53 | Sep 13th, 2018

The Band of Boobs meets a powerful new foe and attempts to escape Smuggler's Bounty with their lives! Moonshine pulls off some Nightcrawler-esque shenanigans, Beverly goes smite for smite, and Hardwon rocks a new pair of skinny jeans. Siobhan Thompso...Show More

Ep. 31: Walk the Plank (The Cutthroat Chronicles with Siobhan Thompson)

1:39:04 | Sep 6th, 2018

The Band of Boobs launch a rescue mission to save Ulfgar from fancy orc pirates! Hardwon goes bottomless, Bev beefs it, Moonshine acquires henchmen, and Apple does some wrasslin'. Siobhan Thompson joins us as "Field Elf" Barbarian Apple Scrumper! Sup...Show More

Ep. 30: Smuggler's Bounty (The Cutthroat Chronicles with Siobhan Thompson)

1:50:41 | Aug 30th, 2018

The Band of Boobs say goodbye to the Crick and head off for a relaxing getaway -- but is their vacation doomed from the start? Hardwon pulls off some sick tricks, Beverly beefs it big time, and Moonshine tries to get laid. Siobhan Thompson joins us a...Show More

Ep. 29: Marabelle the Terrible (Tales From the Crick)

1:23:20 | Aug 23rd, 2018

The Band of Boobs face off against Marabelle in a battle to save the Crick! Beverly gets a whole new set of mommy issues, Hardwon is forced to face his friends, and Moonshine attempts to reclaim the title of Fungal Queen. Support us at Patreon.com/Na...Show More

Ep. 28: Monster Inside You (Tales From the Crick)

1:36:25 | Aug 16th, 2018

The Band of Boobs are lost in the fog and have just stumbled upon a cursed book. Hardwon gets on Luna's bad side, Beverly gets up to some aquatic shenanigans, and Moonshine damn near loses her mind. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to ...Show More

Ep. 27: The Living Wood (Tales From the Crick)

1:43:27 | Aug 9th, 2018

The Band of Boobs join Luna in a battle against a giant undead snake! Can they defeat the beast and find Ol' Cobb in the fog? Moonshine summons some party boys from the Feywild, Beverly channels Nightcrawler, and Hardwon attempts to befriend a bird. ...Show More

Ep. 26: The Creeping Fog (Tales From the Crick)

1:29:58 | Aug 3rd, 2018

The Band of Boobs prepare to set off into the fog, but a mysterious stranger complicates their plans. Beverly tries to fit in with Crick youngins, Hardwon bonds with Balnor, and Moonshine channels MeMaw. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get acces...Show More

Ep. 25: Into the Fire (Tales From the Crick)

1:36:56 | Jul 26th, 2018

The Band of Boobs face off against Big Fire Daddy in the final battle of the Elemental Titans! Hardwon crits and splits, Beverly collects yet another father figure, and Moonshine gets hospitably hostile. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get acces...Show More

Ep. 24: Queen of the Sky (Tales From the Crick)

1:30:09 | Jul 19th, 2018

Beverly has insulted yet another god and it's time to fight! The Band of Boobs continue their adventure in the elemental chaos and challenge the Air Titan. Moonshine refuses to swallow her pride, Hardwon gets Death-Eatered, and Bev takes on yet anoth...Show More

Ep. 23: Titan of Earth (Tales From the Crick)

1:32:58 | Jul 12th, 2018

It's the Band of Boobs vs. the Sultan of Stone! Hardwon attempts to prove his dominance of the mountain, Moonshine pushes her luck with a risky sneak attack, and Beverly lives up to his reputation of being sassy in the sky. Support us at Patreon.com/...Show More

Ep. 22: The Elemental Chaos (Tales From the Crick)

1:52:44 | Jul 5th, 2018

The party gets a warm welcome at the Crick, but somethin's still amiss! Moonshine plays host and shows off her stump, Beverly has a hard time relating to Crick youngins, and Hardwon risks it all on his wood block playing skills. MeMaw reveals a plan ...Show More

Ep. 21: What's Amiss (Tales From the Crick)

1:51:10 | Jun 29th, 2018

The Band of Boobs FINALLY enjoy a moment of rest and get some answers from Ulfgar about what went down in Hell. Ol' Cobb weaves a tale of his past adventures, Beverly goes from Green Teen to Green Man, Hardwon becomes a real captain, and Moonshine pr...Show More

Ep. 20: Fallen Heroes (The Galaderon Saga)

1:32:17 | Jun 21st, 2018

The party is still split! Moonshine and Beverly catch up with Bev's fam and Erlin's sassy grandmother, while Hardwon and Ol' Cobb assemble a rescue crew. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other Naddpod c...Show More

Ep. 19: The Purge (The Galaderon Saga)

1:43:08 | Jun 14th, 2018

Galaderon is on the brink of civil war and the band of boobs are caught in the middle! Hardwon gets Ol' Cobb into some hot water, Moonshine desperately tries to impress a teenager, and Bev races to save his mom. Support us at Patreon.com/Naddpod to g...Show More

Ep. 18: Strike True (The Galaderon Saga)

1:48:39 | Jun 7th, 2018

The party faces off against the White Rose of Galaderon -- Galad Rosell! Can the Band of Boobs defeat one of the greatest swordsman in all of Bahumia? Bev calls upon the power of his big buff Santa Claus god, Moonshine discovers the true power of Ros...Show More

Ep. 17: Jailbreak (The Galaderon Saga)

1:28:16 | May 31st, 2018

It's the morning of the execution brunch, and Bev's dad's life hangs in the balance! Can the Band of Boobs bust him out in time? ...Maybe! Hardwon pumps tunes in his new drilldozer, Moonshine goes ape sh*t, and Beverly makes some questionable decisio...Show More

Ep. 16: The Mad Dwarves of Old Cragwater (The Galaderon Saga)

1:45:26 | May 24th, 2018

The party attempts to infiltrate the ruins of Old Cragwater, but finds it full of nasty deep dwarves and gnomes! Beverly herds a gang of goatmen, Hardwon utilizes the lessons he learned at the dwarphanage, and Moonshine meets a foe so infuriating tha...Show More

Ep. 15: A Bastard No More (The Galaderon Saga)

2:13:24 | May 17th, 2018

The Band of Boobs set off on their quest to bust Bev's dad out of the dungeon! The gang learns more about The Widow and Galad, Hardwon bonds with his rat uncle, Beverly gets up to invisible hijinks, and Moonshine meets a foe so inhospitable, she can'...Show More

Ep. 14: Trial by Combat (The Galaderon Saga)

1:48:12 | May 10th, 2018

The party heads to Galaderon Castle to meet the boy king and defend Beverly's dad, who is peeved as ever. Moonshine dusts off her Crick lawyering skills, Hardwon learns more about his mysterious past, and Beverly goes all out to save his family. List...Show More

Ep. 13: The City in the Clouds (The Galaderon Saga)

1:31:56 | May 3rd, 2018

Beverly is badly injured after his fall, so his scoutmasters hustle to get him home to Galaderon. Hardwon competes with a new rival for Bev's affection, Moonshine tracks down someone she thinks to be the legendary Thiala, and Beverly comes face to fa...Show More

Ep. 12: The Watchman (The Road to Galaderon with Nathan Yaffe)

2:38:33 | Apr 26th, 2018

The party picks up a new ally...literally. Nathan Yaffe (Drawfee/CollegeHumor) joins the Band of Boobs on a quest to track down a mythical being that could hold the answers to their burning questions: Who are Hardwon's parents? What's amiss at the Cr...Show More

Ep. 10: Nemesis (The Ezry Chronicles with Adam Conover)

1:15:44 | Apr 12th, 2018

The party attempts to infiltrate the seedy underbelly of Ezry to track down Skullis -- a notorious R. Cane dealer and killer of Stunkbug's brother. Hardwon becomes a prize fighter, Moonshine is hellbent on stealing a little blue hat, Beverly becomes ...Show More

Ep. 9: The Green Knight and the Bounty Hunter (The Ezry Chronicles with Adam Conover)

1:34:48 | Apr 5th, 2018

The party ties up some loose ends in Moonstone, then travels to the magical city of Ezry in hopes of identifying their cursed sword. Beverly earns the nickname "Bubble Boy," Hardwon tastes his first cheeseburger slider, and Moonshine uses her crick c...Show More

Ep. 8: The Moonstone Massacre (The Moonstone Saga)

1:31:16 | Mar 29th, 2018

The party faces the Cracked Tooth Clan in a battle for the fate of Moonstone! Hardwon goes head to head with the barbarian leader in a duel of catchphrases, Moonshine uses her druidic powers to turn her fiddle into a terrifying weapon, Beverly suffer...Show More

Ep. 7: Frog King's Revenge (The Moonstone Saga)

1:12:55 | Mar 22nd, 2018

The almost-heroes have free rein of the castle now that the kobolds have been chased out, but the threat of the bullywug king still looms! Hardwon races to save the Green Teens while Beverly and Moonshine search for the dragon's egg. Jonah the Crick ...Show More

Ep. 6: Ambushed (The Moonstone Saga)

1:34:14 | Mar 15th, 2018

The almost-heroes set up camp with the freshly-rescued and adorably annoying Green Teens, then head back into the keep to search for the dragon's egg. Hardwon faces off against a beefcake rival, Beverly expands his tooth collection, and Moonshine sum...Show More

Ep. 5: Dark Ritual (The Moonstone Saga)

1:19:34 | Mar 8th, 2018

Can the almost-heroes (aka the "band of boobs") save the Green Teens before they're ritualistically sacrificed? ...Maybe! The party splits up to sneak into the keep and finds a creepy scene. Beverly lets Moonshine call the shots after a series of bad...Show More

BONUS EPISODE: The Hearthside Chats (Q&A)

1:05:51 | Feb 26th, 2018

Murph, Jake, Emily, and Caldwell answer questions from Reddit (/r/NotAnotherDnDpodcast) and Twitter (#NaDDPod). The cast discusses the origins of the characters, DMing, character death, the adventure so far, and more! Thanks for 400 reviews! We'll co...Show More