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Northern Myths Podcast: Norse Mythology and Other Myths and Legends of Northern Europe

Northern Myths Productions

A discussion of Norse Mythology and other myths and stories of Northern Europe.

2:17:48 | May 22nd

In this episode we cover Rígsþula, or the Lay of Rig, from the Poetic Edda of Norse Mythology.

1:06:57 | May 15th

We are joined by Lee Accomando, host of the Viking Age Podcast!
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2:14:45 | May 8th

Väinämöinen is being healed by the old man he met at the end of the last Runo, and they discuss the mythological origin of iron.

1:24:15 | May 1st

In this episode we interview the hosts of the Saga Thing podcast, one of the longest running shows in the Norse/Viking space and a show that we personally enjoy very much.

1:55:22 | Apr 24th

We return to the story of the Death of Baldr through the famous poem Baldrs Draumar, or Baldr's Dreams, where Odin rides down into the underworld to find out why his son Baldr is having bad dreams about his death
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