Politics in Canada right now with Jen Gerson vs. Justin Ling.

33:38 | Jan 29th

This is the most strained Canadian-Chinese relations have been in years. How did we get here? David Mulroney, former ambassador to China, and James Moore, former Minister of Industry, join OPPO to shed some light on what's going on.

49:49 | Nov 12th

The former deputy leader of the Conservative Party just lost her seat. She opens up about what went wrong in the election. Support Canadaland Media at patreon.com/canadaland. This episode was sponsored by Freshbooks (freshbooks.com/oppo) and Audible ...Show More
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42:07 | Nov 5th

A look at the smaller parties' fates, a farewell to Elizabeth May, and the cabinet prediction that's giving Justin nightmares.   Get in touch at oppo@canadalandshow.com or on Twitter/Facebook @OPPOcast. See OPPO live at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival ...Show More

42:15 | Oct 29th

Jen's back! And she's kept a list of the worst election moments. Plus, will the Conservatives kick out Andrew Scheer? And what the rest of Canada needs to know about #Wexit. Get in touch at oppo@canadalandshow.com or on Twitter and Facebook @OPPOcas...Show More

17:16 | Oct 22nd

OPPO breaks down the election results from the midst of the Liberal victory (sort of) party. Get in touch at oppo@canadalandshow.com or on Twitter and Facebook @OPPOcast. The episode was sponsored by the new book, Highway of Tears. CORRECTION: An ea...Show More
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