What's Your Sign?

Stevie Anderson, Julia Loken, & Lisa Chanoux - Astrology

A comedy podcast for astrology lovers AND haters. With your hosts Julia Loken, Stevie Anderson, & Lisa Chanoux.


58:38 | Mar 23rd

Hi bbz. We are still you brining you episodes from a digital dimension during our quarantine. Today we chat about Saturns big move into Aquarius that happened on Saturnsday, March 21! Some of you list...Show More

55:35 | Mar 16th

New world, who this? But seriously babes the world is fucking fucked up rn so your girls are chatting via Skype all about, you guessed CORONAVIRUS and our new NORMAL. We chat some astrological things ...Show More
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1:18:37 | Mar 9th

IMMA SHOW YOU HOW TO GET YOUR TRINE ON! As part of our Aspect Series your astro gfz chat all things ~TRINE~  MHM that magical little 120degree aspect that everyone is like SO obsessed with! We also ch...Show More

59:02 | Mar 2nd

Hip to be a square? Yes ma'am! On this weeks episode as a part of our Aspect series we chat Squares, this 90 degree angle makes a big splash in the chart but symbolically in many ways. We also chat th...Show More

46:27 | Feb 24th

Let's do a 180 shall we! We are breaking down the Aspects per our larger overarching episode and we're starting with OPPOSITIONS. We talk about the symbology and theory behind this aspect as well as K...Show More
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