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50:20 | Aug 9th, 2019

We break down ‘GLOW’ Season 3 by diving deep on Episode 6, “Outward Bound.” We talk about why we love the show, the ongoing conflict between Ruth and Debbie, and how ‘GLOW’ handles wrestling stereotyp...Show More

2:00:26 | Jul 9th, 2019

Finally, we discuss 'The End of Evangelion' in comparison with the TV series finale and the modern temptation to discount the show’s characters and sexuality as “problematic.” Episodes discussed: ...Show More
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40:37 | Jul 6th, 2019

We break down the final episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3. We discuss the emotional ending and look ahead to Season 4. Hosts: Alison Herman, Miles Surrey

31:19 | Jul 5th, 2019

We break down episodes 4 through 6 of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3, breaking down Hopper's dad-bod corner, the best music cues, and much more. Hosts: Alison Herman, Miles Surrey

43:34 | Jul 4th, 2019

We break down episodes 1 through 3 of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3, offering our thoughts on the Russians, the Mind Flayer, Hopper’s dad-bod, characters we ship, our favorite musical cues, and, of cours...Show More
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