The She-Compass Show

Helen Owens

Welcome to The She-Compass Show, a place for women to come together, connect, and empower themselves and others. Our weekly shows feature interviews with key female figures as well as our Pointing North segment about current events/issues and how...Show More

28:56 | Jul 23rd, 2019

We know for sure that some of the best relationships are created through mentorship. But how do we know if we’re being mentored well? And is the mentorship really adding value to our lives, or simply ...Show More

30:14 | Sep 3rd, 2019

Today’s world is filled with infinite possibilities for personal connection, so why do so many of us still feel lonely and isolated? In the final show of this season, we talk about the power of love a...Show More
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30:14 | Aug 20th, 2019

We’ve heard these encouraging words before: when they go low, we go high. Be kind to one another. Always take the high road. But is this just good advice, or does it affect our overall happiness and m...Show More

33:45 | Aug 6th, 2019

For many women, the way we wear our hair is one of our truest forms of self-expression. But for an estimated 30 million US women battling hair loss, part of that self-expression is relegated to bald p...Show More

33:55 | Jul 30th, 2019

They say blowing off steam is good for mental health, but when do our complaints border on toxicity for us and others? Could we be guilty of being a Debby Downer and not even know it? We’ll talk about...Show More
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