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Welcome to The She-Compass Show, a place for women to come together, connect, and empower themselves and others. Our weekly shows feature interviews with key female figures as well as our Pointing North segment about current events/issues and how...Show More

28:56 | Jul 23rd

We know for sure that some of the best relationships are created through mentorship. But how do we know if we’re being mentored well? And is the mentorship really adding value to our lives, or simply taking a toll on our mental health? We’ll discuss ...Show More

33:45 | Aug 6th

For many women, the way we wear our hair is one of our truest forms of self-expression. But for an estimated 30 million US women battling hair loss, part of that self-expression is relegated to bald patches, thinning, and ongoing breakage. The hosts ...Show More

33:55 | Jul 30th

They say blowing off steam is good for mental health, but when do our complaints border on toxicity for us and others? Could we be guilty of being a Debby Downer and not even know it? We’ll talk about how to draw the line between complaining and toxi...Show More

31:53 | Jul 16th

Acknowledging teamwork may not always be top of mind, but never recognizing its importance can break an organization. Take a peek behind the scenes to see what it really takes to produce a weekly podcast, run a successful online community, and keep a...Show More

28:13 | Jul 9th

Once considered a useless afterthought to strong intellectual ability, today’s luminaries swear by the critical role emotional intelligence plays in business and leadership. But while research proves a high EQ is linked to financial success, what do ...Show More

28:56 | Jul 2nd

While employers have traditionally favored early risers, research shows not respecting a wide range of sleep patterns severely disrupts health and job performance. Women everywhere have been advised that “early to bed, early to rise” is the key to su...Show More

29:10 | Jun 25th

Whether the amplified voices of millions or the unapologetic voice of one, women struggle to be taken seriously when their anger is expressed. Considered funny, hysterical, or simply unworthy of belief, women’s anger is ostracized while men’s anger i...Show More

31:30 | Jun 18th

The 21st-century American woman is more poised than ever to have it all. Or is she? Facing a harsh economic outlook, decaying environmental climate, and fighting the constant battle for gender equity, women today are struggling for true work-life bal...Show More

56:22 | Jun 11th

What happens when we believe we can conquer anything? We’ll discuss how a simple change in mindset can alter our life choices for the better. Whether calculating risk, overcoming meaningless relationships, or seeking to strengthen our self-esteem, co...Show More

30:38 | Jun 4th

Women carry the world on their shoulders, often in glamorous high heels and stylish 1-shoulder handbags. Combining beauty and intellect, we make work-life balance look easy while our physical health pays a price. Like the smart kicks & stylish flats ...Show More

27:43 | May 28th

Whether it’s vocal fry, uptalk, or overall pitch, women report being judged by the sound of their voices, and missing out on career advancements and opportunities for success as a result. Research shows that men are 3-4 times more likely to be viewed...Show More

28:55 | May 21st

If you’re not one of the 50% of women who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse, then you likely know someone who does. Our hosts are two of those women. In this episode, Helen and Jo share their own stories about their battles with two ubiquitous reprod...Show More

49:28 | May 14th

For sure, substantial female relationships make us stronger. But do they affect our financial future? Does coffee-talk and spilling the tea make or break the monetary goals of an entire community? Relationship expert Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew shares fa...Show More

31:23 | May 7th

The relationships we have with our mothers set the foundation for who we will become. For those of us who weren’t mothered well, that foundation lacks solidity, affects our self-esteem, and makes it difficult to form meaningful relationships with oth...Show More

30:17 | Apr 30th

The majority of us know that in life, what goes around comes around. But even the most positively-intentioned living sometimes means we're required to interact with people on target toward a doomed destiny. Like it or not, their choices and actions c...Show More

37:55 | Apr 23rd

The fur flies as the hosts dedicate this episode to the menagerie of pets who bring us joy, love, and unyielding emotional support. Fresh off his celebration of National Pets Day, on the mic is King Shalalis, beloved dog and king of the castle, to he...Show More

29:41 | Apr 16th

In celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility and on the heels of Women’s History Month, this episode is dedicated to transgender women whose authenticity helps to encourage empowerment and support of all women. We’ll discuss the hopes, achievement...Show More

33:41 | Apr 9th

We’ve all faced circumstances that seem to be heading so clearly for failure that it seems implausible to believe things could get better. In light of the recent assassination of hip-hop artist, rapper, and community activist Nipsey Hussle, the host...Show More

36:34 | Apr 2nd

How many times have we assumed that because someone earns less money, has less education, or even speaks differently than we do, she isn’t a fit for our lives? And of course, by the time we realize she’s a perfect friend or mentor, the opportunity to...Show More

32:41 | Mar 26th

How many items on your bucket list can you complete at this moment? If the answer is few to none, this is your episode. If your bucket list is designed to spark inspiration and joy, why are you putting off until tomorrow what you can do today? Find ...Show More

37:37 | Mar 19th

Whether we’re millennial women demanding respect in the political climate, young women protecting the planet against climate change, or baby boomers longing for a world where dinner with family trumped making money, women today are expected to thrive...Show More

41:50 | Mar 12th

At only 22 years of age and in the blink of an eye, Inga Lizdenyte came face to face with her mortality. Barely surviving a high-speed, near-fatal auto accident that cost her both legs, one arm, and left her with only a 30% chance of survival, Inga s...Show More

31:12 | Mar 5th

As women, we strive daily to reach our goals and be the absolute best we can be. But sometimes what’s possible to attain falls short of our ambition. What if we took a break from trying to break through and allowed ourselves to be okay with not being...Show More

31:18 | Feb 26th

If today you became responsible for the care of someone else, what would you do? This is what millions of unpaid female caretakers face daily while trying to balance their careers, be the caretakers of their household and family, and maintain their o...Show More

29:33 | Feb 19th

A 2018 study confirms that grown women, many of whom were on the receiving end of teenage gossip themselves, grow up to use gossip as a weapon against other women. In a time where women have more opportunity than ever before to empower each other, we...Show More

40:53 | Feb 12th

More than a few of us have made inaccurate judgments about people or situations that we’ve come to later regret. Whether we’ve avoided a situation or person based on erroneous data, grapevine gossip, or our own emotional baggage, chances are we’ve wi...Show More

17:42 | Feb 5th

No matter how smoothly our life’s ships are sailing, tumultuous storms are always here. This episode focuses on two survival power words for managing some of life’s roughest seas. Find out what they are & why they are particularly important to the cu...Show More

33:28 | Jan 29th

“Feelings of inadequacy fester only when we believe we are powerless.” Personal power is one of the strongest identifiers of how well we can make our way in the world. It contributes to heightened self-esteem, an abundance of self-love, and helps us ...Show More

30:02 | Jan 22nd

Serena Williams lost her number-1 ranking upon returning to tennis after delivering her daughter. Olympic silver medalist Sarah Storey said she faced a “minefield” of pressure to return quickly to training so as not to lose funding. And The New York ...Show More

20:14 | Jan 15th

When Jacqueline Smith offered to help a woman who claimed she needed money to feed her baby, the last thing she expected was to be robbed and stabbed to death by the woman. In a world where the war on kindness is ever present, how do women decide whe...Show More

23:21 | Jan 8th

The friendship between Oprah and Gayle is far above average, and many of us are craving a sisterhood that includes the same kind of devotion and understanding these two women have for one another. Are we forever relegated to friendships filtered thro...Show More

26:28 | Jan 2nd

Women today are capable of achieving anything, yet our success is still measured by how well we fit certain beauty standards. When will physicality not take precedence over who we are as people? Let’s talk about creating our own definitions of beauty...Show More

29:43 | Dec 18th, 2018

Social media users are doing whatever it takes to “go viral.” Whether it’s a daring stunt that ends in tragedy, the morning-noon-and-night posting of an influencer-wanna be, or the keyboard warrior who only wants to troll positive posts, the craving ...Show More

31:13 | Dec 11th, 2018

The Black Tax is the unwritten rule that any African-American person reaching a level of success surpassing that of the black majority is expected to use her newly-gained financial resources to support others in the community, even if that support co...Show More

22:58 | Dec 3rd, 2018

The Thanksgiving Day passing of Oprah Winfrey’s mother Vernita Lee is making many of us reflect on the experience of losing a loved one on a holiday. Join us for a discussion on what steps you can take now and in the future to survive the loss, the i...Show More

00:33 | Dec 1st, 2018

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35:23 | Nov 30th, 2018

Rap queens Cardi B and Nicki Minaj finally came to blows after Minaj’s alleged unlike of a tweet referencing Cardi B’s mothering skills. Minaj later tweeted it was time to “focus on the positive,” and Cardi B shared that tweet on her timeline—many be...Show More

26:31 | Nov 15th, 2018

In her book “Becoming,” former First Lady Michelle Obama discussed what it was like to experience feelings of self-doubt during her tenure in the White House. In this episode, we’ll explore what we can do to overcome self-doubt and squash negative th...Show More

33:31 | Nov 7th, 2018

The day after the 2018 United States midterm elections 114 elected female officials stand ready to amplify the voices of traditionally marginalized people. Yet they face an uphill battle—the United States is more politically divided than ever, often ...Show More

33:05 | Oct 30th, 2018

She’s the Andy Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada who refused to let the world of high-fashion seduce her into living beyond her means. Eeking out a living that barely afforded her beans and rice, New York City-based former luxury brand reporter Bethan...Show More

39:55 | Oct 26th, 2018

Elena Christopoulos is a Toronto, Canada native, but in the United States she is one of the most sought-after resources for women’s empowerment. At 19, Christopoulos was the victim of a heinous college campus sexual assault. Miraculously, she lived t...Show More

40:08 | Oct 21st, 2018

One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. For us at SheCompass, this story hits close to home. Meet our college buddy Pam Ortega, who in November 2017 received the diagnosis no woman wants to hear: She had breast cancer. ...Show More

23:56 | Oct 16th, 2018

With Election Day just around the corner and a hotbed of social and political issues surrounding women everywhere, San Francisco mayor London Breed sits down with The She-Compass Show for a chat about the empowerment of women. Holding court in the st...Show More

28:41 | Oct 7th, 2018

One year after the explosion of #MeToo, women seem to be more divided than ever. We are polarized by our beliefs, our opinions, and are political ideologies. What we all agree on is that the division is making many women angry, tired, fearful, and ho...Show More

43:01 | Sep 25th, 2018

In the first of two remarkable interviews with two of San Francisco's leading ladies, The She-Compass Show is joined by city native and President of the Board of Supervisors Malia Cohen for a lively discussion about sisterhood, mentorship, and commun...Show More

1:02:47 | Sep 17th, 2018

What happens when a child barely old enough to talk is given a near-fatal dose of penicillin? That’s the catalyst that made Nancy Addison determined to win a battle against the resulting acute anemia and debilitating sugar addiction that contributed ...Show More

26:51 | Sep 11th, 2018

In this episode of our “Pointing North” segment, we examine what some say is a double-standard when judging women in professional tennis. She-Compass takes on the much-talked-about 2018 US Open in which Serena Williams lost to Naomi Osaka, a first-ti...Show More

49:38 | Apr 17th, 2018

Are you surrounded by “frenemies?” Are women jealous of your success? Are the women in your life so toxic you find it easier to avoid them altogether? Join host and author Helen Owens as she connects with dynamic women from all walks of life t...Show More

42:26 | Mar 13th, 2018

Based on the book "Finding Our She-Compass: 15 Life Lessons for Women Voyaging Toward Restoration, Reconstruction, and Renewal," host and author of the book Helen Owens connects with dynamic women who share their personal stories of overcoming some o...Show More