Somehow I Manage

Tiffany Arment and Mikah Sargent

A weekly podcast in which co-regional managers Tiff Arment and Mikah Sargent discuss their favorite workplace sitcom, The Office.

36:05 | Feb 6th

Stephen and Tiff choose opposite sides of the battle between new chairs vs. new copier as they discuss “The Surplus”. This episode of “The Office” aired on December 4, 2008....

39:53 | Dec 12th, 2019

Kathy Campbell sets up shop at Mikah’s old desk, and after Tiff quizzes her about Cornell, the two discuss “Employee Transfer”. This episode of “The Office” aired on October 30th, 2008....
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35:40 | Sep 11th, 2019

After Mikah spilled coffee on their single sheet of white paper, he and Tiff head back to the office to grab another sheet and talk about “Job Fair.” This episode of “The Office” aired on May 8, 2008....Show More

28:13 | Aug 22nd, 2019

After Mikah gets a little sassy with Tiff, the two resolve their differences and sit down to discuss, “Did I Stutter?” This episode of “The Office” aired on May 1, 2008....

40:01 | Aug 8th, 2019

After Mikah forgot to let security know they’d be staying late, Tiff and he decided to hop the fence so the two could meet up to discuss “Night Out.” This episode of “The Office” aired on April 24, 20...Show More
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