Eight Minutes - Who Killed David Breckenridge?

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At 11.52pm on August 10, 2002, unassuming rugby fan David Breckenridge called his best friend from a phone box and told him he was on his way over to watch an international match on TV. Eight minutes later he was dead. The person, or persons, who st...Show More

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Bonus episode: Questions answered

08:00 | May 22nd, 2018

Eight Minutes series creator Nicole Hogan answers some of the questions listeners have about the investigation into the unsolved murder of David Breckenridge.

Bonus episode: Reaction to the Eight Minutes series

16:15 | Apr 18th, 2018

They have been through hell and back. Now the family and friends of murder victim David Breckenridge speak out about their reaction to Australia's number one true crime podcast series, Eight Minutes.

Bonus episode: Final witness

17:16 | Apr 13th, 2018

Prompted by our special five-part investigation, the person who found David Breckenridge's bloodied and battered body in a Sydney alley on August 10, 2002, speaks for the first time about what she saw that night.

Part 5 - New evidence

25:23 | Apr 12th, 2018

After a six month cold case investigation Nicole Hogan uncovers a crucial piece of evidence the police missed and which may reveal the identity of the killer. Chapter five of this podcast special investigation looks at the loose threads in the invest...Show More

Part 4 - Love triangle

33:43 | Apr 11th, 2018

Two days before he was brutally murdered, David Breckenridge spent the night with a former flatmate who had a jealous partner who had threatened violence against others. Part four examines the coroner's inquest that unearthed the affair, the girlfrie...Show More

Part 3 - Killer on the loose

34:19 | Apr 10th, 2018

Moments before David Breckenridge's body was due to be cremated police incredibly were still collecting forensics from the body at the funeral parlour. In chapter three of this exclusive podcast series, the Daily Telegraph examines the police investi...Show More

Part 2 - An ordinary guy?

22:39 | Apr 9th, 2018

David Breckenridge was intelligent, charismatic and had a wide circle of friends who said he never looked for trouble, and in fact was good at avoiding it. So how did someone with no obvious enemies come to be brutally slain in a Sydney laneway? Chap...Show More

Part 1 - The crime

21:01 | Apr 8th, 2018

David Breckenridge stopped off to grab a six pack of beer then called his best mate from a phone box to say he was on his way over to watch the rugby. Sometime in the next eight minutes, he was kicked, beaten and hacked to death with a machete in an ...Show More