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Neal Mclennan Of Vancouver Magazine On Food Journalism, Pricing Misconceptions And The VanMag Restaurant Awards

1:43:24 | Oct 4th, 2019

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mm recommended:Nov 13th, 2019

Whoa...The Vancouver food industry drama in this episode is next level 🀯. Neal Mclennan writes a scathing review of Hydra (a high end Greek resto) in VanMag, Hydra owners turned around and bought an ad on Van Mag that Neal is a hack. Yikes... Also, Glowbal Group serves fake Kobe beef? WTH?!? 😱 I ...Show More

mmNov 13th, 2019

@ellouis More Vancouver resto industry drama in first half hour or so of this episode. This is next level stuff 😬😬😬

mmNov 13th, 2019

@serena Thought you'd like this episode about drama in the Vancouver restaurant scene with the VanMag food writer Neal Mclennan.

mickeymcleodNov 13th, 2019

@mm yep, I guess we get the hot goss πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

mmNov 13th, 2019

@mickeymcleod So great. I get why Jamie says you guys get stopped in public for the podcast now. I *need* a deep dive episode on the Glowbal Kobe beef and other scams please πŸ™

mmNov 26th, 2019

@jossbiggins This is the podcast episode I was telling you about re: Vancouver restaurant drama.

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