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Footnotes of History

Dan Nesbitt / Tim Philpott

footnotesofhistory.com - the podcast that sails confidently into the uncharted waters of the past, bringing back incredible treasures for its listeners. You'll wish you'd listened harder in school as we reveal the oft-forgotten history of the ninetee...Show More

52:17 | Aug 14th

In 1878, the Congress of Berlin assembled the Great Powers of Europe to call time on the out-of-control battle between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. In our previous episode, we pointed out that every Power brought its own food to the table - be it a...Show More

48:04 | Jun 26th

In this episode, your daring hosts examine the tangled story of the Congress of Berlin.  In 1877, having spent the entire preceding century at each other’s throats, arch-rivals Russia and the Ottoman Empire went to war again. Russia considered itself...Show More
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1:01:40 | Jun 9th

Short story long:  The one with the biggest army gets to make the rules regardless of whether they’re morally legitimate. This is essentially the story of German unification. Historians will argue that Bismarck was “clever” and that he “manoeuvred” p...Show More

1:03:51 | May 26th

Britain had a good nineteenth century. To know this, you really only have to compare it to other nations of Europe (and actually the world). The “Concert of Europe” – a loosely coordinated regime of quite punishing military repression, censorship and...Show More

1:17:27 | Mar 24th

He was a man who personified his country’s culture but also rose above it – fusing Russian influences with Western to create music pieces which remain some of the world’s favourites today. By the end of his life he was wildly rich, yet subject to suc...Show More
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