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Footnotes of History

Dan Nesbitt / Tim Philpott

1 FAN - the podcast that sails confidently into the uncharted waters of the past, bringing back incredible treasures for its listeners. You'll wish you'd listened harder in school as we reveal the oft-forgotten history of the ninetee...Show More


44:27 | Dec 23rd, 2019

Scrooge is practically tangible in the room with us today. Actually that’s me. As usual it falls to the sensible people to do the important work of wishing you a Merry Christmas in an entertaining and...Show More

1:11:01 | Dec 9th, 2019

After much anticipation we release today our latest Footnotes main series episode: Number 35, on the Bryant and May matchgirls strike of 1888. As always - if you want the backdrop as well as knowing e...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

52:13 | Nov 6th, 2019

Listeners, Today after a lengthy interlude, Dan and I release the second half of the Scramble for Africa episode. It’s controversial of course since, despite our normal dismissal of all the virtue sig...Show More

22:03 | Oct 5th, 2019

On today’s tape: Dan managed to work his holiday story into the recording – he went to St. Nazaire on what he calls an “Inbetweeners Holiday” but with added history – notably from World War Two. It’s ...Show More

1:04:55 | Oct 4th, 2019

In this episode, your indefatigable young hosts delve deep into what is really the pinnacle of European Imperialism – the so-called Scramble for Africa, its effects, timeline and the apparent game tha...Show More
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