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Obscura: A True Crime Podcast

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Obscura: A True Crime Podcast is a podcast about shining a spotlight on the darker things in life. It's a podcast that takes a narrative approach to covering true stories. We cover murders, mysteries, missing persons, and more. We cover terrible acts...Show More


43:26 | Aug 6th, 2019

On March 26, 2018 in the late afternoon, the California Highway Patrol was called out to a crash site on US highway 101 in the affluent Mendocino County, town of Westport, California. A hundred feet d...Show More

54:42 | Jun 24th

Mathew Borges was a teenager entirely different from Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino. While Lee was happy, positive, and able to impart encouraging wisdom to his friends on life and meaning, Mathew was a d...Show More
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01:22 | Jun 18th

Morbidology is a weekly true crime podcast created and hosted by Emily G. Thompson, author of "Unsolved Child Murders," "Cults Uncovered" and co-author of "Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered...Show More

1:12:19 | Jun 10th

Writer: Gemma Harris What you’re about to hear didn’t happen all that long ago. Unfortunately for the victim in today’s story, more extensive legislative protection came too late for what transpired o...Show More

1:23:16 | May 27th

Writer: Fiona Guy On a February winters night in the city of Woodstock in Ontario, Canada, two individuals met by chance at a Pizza Parlour. There was an instant connection between them. A spark. But ...Show More
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