Near-Death Experience Podcast

Near-Death Experience Podcast

Near-Death Experience Podcast. An ongoing exploration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences including NDEs and other phenomena in order to elucidate the ineffable and better understand our spirituality. All episodes are available at NDEpodcast.or...Show More


34:46 | Apr 1st

Chas responds to the e-mail from a listener by exploring the NDEs of Missy B. and August. He also uses a YouTube videoclip to update the NDE of Vicki Umipeg Noratuk, originally presented on i...Show More

33:41 | Mar 24th

Chas reviews the NDE of Alejandro M. This one contains elements which Chas hasn’t noted from any other NDE he’s reviewed. Alejandro M’s NDE from the website.
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24:10 | Mar 24th

Chas narrates Fena D’s NDE which occured after she attempted suicide in 2005. Fena D’s NDE from the website.

32:43 | Mar 16th

Chas goes over the e-mail he received from Claudia about her OBEs. Then he reads and discusses the NDE of Donni H from the website. Donni H’s NDE from the website. ________________...Show More

37:27 | Mar 9th

Chas reads the NDEs of Frances W and Elsa from the archives. Frances W’s NDE on the website. Elsa’a NDE on the website.
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