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Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes, MSNBC & NBCNews THINK

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Every week Chris Hayes asks the big questions that keep him up at night. How do we make sense of this unprecedented moment in world history? Why is this (all) happening? This podcast starts to answer these questions. Writers, experts, and thinkers wh...Show More
Can We Tax the Rich? with Jesse Eisinger

58:12 | Feb 12th

**Listen for details on how to win tickets to our live WITHpod recording with Stacey Abrams!** Why is it so hard to raise taxes on the rich? From freshmen firebrands to Presidential hopefuls, taxing the wealthy has become the Congressional conversat...Show More
The Information Crisis with David Roberts

53:42 | Dec 4th, 2018

How can you be sure that the things you know are true… are actually true? We have access to more information than any humans in history but we can't process it on our own. In fact, almost all of what we know comes from others. We come to rely on peop...Show More
Breaking Government with Michael Lewis

50:56 | Apr 30th

What is the most devastating impact Donald Trump has had on the highest office? His lies and rhetoric and bigotry have all had a poisonous effect on our national discourse. But when it comes to his destruction of norms, those are only the ones most v...Show More
Are We a Democracy? with Astra Taylor

54:31 | Apr 2nd

Is democracy doomed? Actually, let’s take one step back: what came to your mind when you read the word ‘democracy’? It’s one of those words that on first glance seems easy enough to define but can trip you up as you get deeper in parsing it. Luckily,...Show More
Building a Progressive Majority with Dorian Warren

57:41 | Mar 19th

There are a whole lot of people running for President. Already, the candidates are beginning their nationwide trek, pitching themselves to the Democratic base. Each campaign faces the same struggle: how to craft a message that appeals to a coalition ...Show More
The Uninhabitable Earth with David Wallace-Wells

1:03:18 | Mar 5th

Is it too late for us? Scientists have spent decades sounding the alarm on the devastating effects of climate change. And for decades, society decided to do pretty much nothing about it. In fact, over the past 30 years, we’ve done more damage to the ...Show More
Debunking the Deficit Hysteria with Stephanie Kelton

57:13 | May 7th

Should you be worried about the federal deficit? While campaigning, President Trump followed in the footsteps of his conservative predecessors by fear-mongering about the ballooning deficit but when he got to the White House that concern seemed to di...Show More
Back to the Future of Transportation with Aaron Gordon

1:00:00 | Jan 29th

*We have a new live show on the calendar! Listen for details.* If you care about battling climate change, then you might want to pay attention to the New York City subway system. We know there’s an urgent need to cut our carbon emissions and a big p...Show More
Amazon's Wish List with Stacy Mitchell

54:32 | Jan 22nd

What does Amazon want from us? For consumers, Amazon can be a frictionless gateway to find everything from bed frames to dog food, baby clothes to award winning original tv series. There’s nothing quite like it – a position they’re in not by accident...Show More
Trade Wars with Lori Wallach

55:33 | Jan 15th

What was so bad about NAFTA? If you ask the President, it was one of the worst deals ever made. A common 2016 campaign riff was him promising to bring jobs back, get companies to return production to the U.S., and scrap NAFTA. This anti-trade campaig...Show More
America’s (Bad) Reputation with Fmr. Secretary of State John Kerry

57:48 | Dec 18th, 2018

Will America’s reputation survive President Trump? A common trend underlying President Trump’s policy decisions is to undo whatever President Obama accomplished. For former Secretary of State John Kerry, that means watching years of his hard-earned a...Show More
Live: A New Hope with Ta-Nehisi Coates

1:03:21 | Nov 27th, 2018

In our first ever live edition of WITHpod, Chris interviews one of the most important non-fiction writers in America - Ta-Nehisi Coates. His books and essays drive national conversations about issues like systemic racism, blackness, white privilege, ...Show More
Holding Them Accountable with Rep. Katie Porter

50:22 | Aug 13th

Law professor Katie Porter never considered running for office. She worked under then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris and had Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a professor and mentor, but the idea of holding office herself was never even on the draw...Show More
This Land is Our Land with Suketu Mehta

1:01:04 | Aug 6th

Migration is central to the human experience. For as long as we’ve been around, people have been moving from one place to another. Though it’s never been easier to get from point A to point B, the inequality between those places could be as great as ...Show More
Fury in Puerto Rico with Julio Ricardo Varela

57:04 | Jul 30th

Last week the Governor of Puerto Rico resigned after hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in two weeks of sustained protest. Leaked inappropriate texts between Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and his inner circle provided the spark, but corrupti...Show More
The Climate Campaign with Gov. Jay Inslee

1:05:03 | Jul 23rd

Gov. Jay Inslee is running a presidential campaign unlike any other. The Washington governor is basing his run on the fundamental organizing premise that the climate crisis is more important than anything else. It’s a unique strategy that comes at a ...Show More
Building a Movement with Rev. Dr. William Barber II

55:43 | Jul 16th

How do you build a movement? How do you connect people across race and religion and identity in order to create a united coalition? This is the work of Rev. Dr. William Barber II, one of the best and most important political voices in America right n...Show More
The Case for Socialism with Bhaskar Sunkara

1:00:03 | Jul 9th

Let’s talk about socialism. There’s a marked generational divide in the way people think about that word, what it means, and what it conjures. For those who were adults during the Cold War, socialism evokes something very different than those who cam...Show More
A History of Concentration Camps with Andrea Pitzer

59:21 | Jul 2nd

There’s been a heated national debate over what to call some of the migrant detention centers along the southern border. Are these facilities deserving of the label "concentration camps"? Andrea Pitzer has a uniquely deep perspective on this, having ...Show More
From Red to Blue with Rep. Max Rose

1:03:34 | Jun 25th

After two years of a Donald Trump presidency, voters turned out in the 2018 midterms to deliver Democrats the House by a historic margin. That freshman class has its fair share of rabble-rousers who are using their platforms to shake up Congress from...Show More
Impeaching a President with Brenda Wineapple

1:02:31 | Jun 18th

Got impeachment on the mind? If you do, odds are there are two recent examples of the impeachment process you might be drawing from – Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. But what do you know about the first ever presidential impeachment? There is no bett...Show More
Defending Liberalism with Adam Gopnik

56:57 | Jun 11th

Liberalism is the ordering principal of American government, and yet liberalism is embattled.  After the end of the Cold War, it was widely believed that liberal democracy would spread inexorably, but instead new challenges to liberalism have emerged...Show More
Black Lives Matter with Alicia Garza

1:02:42 | Jun 4th

“Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter.” In July of 2013, Alicia Garza wrote these words in reaction to a jury’s acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. That post turned into a hashtag which became the r...Show More
The Anniversary #WITHpod Mailbag

42:09 | May 28th

We just celebrated our one year #WITHpod anniversary! What!? To mark the occasion, we put together a second mailbag episode with producer Tiffany Champion to answer your questions and reflect on the year. Find out who Chris said was his favorite gues...Show More
A Family's Lost History During McCarthyism with David Maraniss

50:58 | May 21st

An era of paranoia, the pull of radical politics, the way in which an entire society can fall under the sway of a fever, and how that fever eventually breaks. These themes made up one of the darkest periods of modern American History: The era of McCa...Show More
The Roots of Anti-Semitism with Deborah Lipstadt

1:04:33 | May 14th

On the final day of Passover this year, a gunman walked into a synagogue outside of San Diego, killing one and injuring three more. Exactly six months earlier, a man entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, shouted anti-Semitic slurs and ope...Show More
China's Secret Internment Camps with Rian Thum

46:32 | Apr 23rd

Did you know there are roughly one million people currently held in internment camps in China? One million people detained against their will, facing no criminal charges, cut off from the outside world. This is the story of the Uyghurs, a small insul...Show More
BONUS: The First Family of Opioids with Patrick Radden Keefe

19:35 | Apr 18th

If you trace the prescription opioid epidemic that is gripping the country to its source, you will find yourself at the feet of the Sackler family. Patrick Radden Keefe is back in a special bonus episode to discuss the newest revelations about the or...Show More
The Ghosts of a Dirty War with Patrick Radden Keefe

56:59 | Apr 16th

No war can last forever, and when peace comes, those who lived through the horror of violence and hatred have to find a way to live with each other. So it is in Northern Ireland, where since 1998 Catholics and Unionists have lived side by side in a t...Show More
Abolishing Prisons with Mariame Kaba

1:04:32 | Apr 9th

What if we just got rid of prisons? The United States is the epicenter of mass incarceration – but exactly what is it we hope to get out of putting people in prisons? And whatever your answer is to that – is it working? It’s worthwhile to stop and in...Show More
Dying of Whiteness with Jonathan Metzl

58:19 | Mar 26th

Life expectancy in America has gone down three years in a row. You might expect to see a decline in average life expectancy in the aftermath of war or famine – to witness it in an industrialized nation in the middle of an otherwise prosperous era, ho...Show More
Rethinking Identity with Kwame Anthony Appiah

56:10 | Mar 12th

There’s a reason we keep revisiting identity on WITHpod. From Brittney Cooper to Alex Wagner to Michael Tesler to Amy Chua and on, it’s a topic worth circling back to because it’s one of the most fundamental axes of conflict in our society today. Ide...Show More
LIVE: The Democratic Response with Stacey Abrams

1:12:41 | Feb 26th

It’s our second live edition of WITHpod, featuring special guest Stacey Abrams! Just a heads up, this is one of those episodes that'll make you laugh out loud in public. A lot. If you want to get to the heart of the most fundamental question facing ...Show More
LIVE: The Democratic Response with Stacey Abrams

1:12:57 | Feb 26th

It’s our second live edition of WITHpod, featuring special guest Stacey Abrams! Just a heads up, this is one of those episodes that'll make you laugh out loud in public. A lot.If you want to get to the heart of the most fundamental question facing th...Show More
Blocking Big Tech with Kashmir Hill

51:40 | Feb 19th

How soon after waking up do you check your phone? Do you compulsively refresh your Twitter feed? Can you find your way around without Google Maps? There are many obvious and tactile ways in which Silicon Valley has its hooks in our everyday lives. An...Show More
Blocking Big Tech with Kashmir Hill

51:24 | Feb 19th

How soon after waking up do you check your phone? Do you compulsively refresh your Twitter feed? Can you find your way around without Google Maps? There are many obvious and tactile ways in which Silicon Valley has its hooks in our everyday lives. An...Show More
Can We Tax the Rich? with Jesse Eisinger

58:27 | Feb 12th

**Listen for details on how to win tickets to our live WITHpod recording with Stacey Abrams!**Why is it so hard to raise taxes on the rich? From freshmen firebrands to Presidential hopefuls, taxing the wealthy has become the Congressional conversatio...Show More
Thick Descriptions with Tressie McMillan Cottom

55:45 | Feb 5th

Why do we summarize things into ‘tweet length versions’? It requires the flattening of nuance and personality and information that we need to talk about complicated things. Whether it’s the 280 characters of a tweet or a clickbait headline, we’re tra...Show More
Thick Descriptions with Tressie McMillan Cottom

55:30 | Feb 5th

Why do we summarize things into ‘tweet length versions’? It requires the flattening of nuance and personality and information that we need to talk about complicated things. Whether it’s the 280 characters of a tweet or a clickbait headline, we’re tra...Show More
Live #WITHpod with Stacey Abrams! TICKET LINK IN DESCRIPTION

02:01 | Jan 30th

Presale tickets available TODAY starting at 10a ET >>> Buy tickets here<<<< To access presale tickets, use special code -- WITHPODLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
BONUS: The Census Decision with Dale Ho

24:15 | Jan 25th

We have a Census update! When last we left you, Dale Ho was headed to court to argue against the Trump administration’s plan to add a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Now, Dale Ho is back to tell us what the court decided and what happens nex...Show More
Organizing in Trump Country with George Goehl

57:43 | Jan 8th

How can Democrats win in deep red America? During the midterms, momentum behind progressive candidates in red states garnered national attention – Beto O’Rourke in Texas, Andrew Gillum in Florida, and Stacey Abrams in Georgia. These were no overnight...Show More
The #WITHpod Mailbag

27:43 | Jan 1st

You asked, Chris answered! In our inaugural mailbag episode, we talk about the organizing power of county fairs, why members of Congress contradict each other on Yemen, whether there’s any hope for the Internet, and more. Can you guess which WITHpod ...Show More
Revisiting The Rule of Law in the Era of Trump with Kate Shaw

46:11 | Dec 25th, 2018

Listen for a couple of WITHpod announcements! Since his first day in office, Donald Trump has been testing the boundaries of the law on multiple fronts. From his open hostility towards the investigation into his campaign’s involvement with a foreign...Show More
Politics and Violence with Joanne B. Freeman

1:07:24 | Dec 11th, 2018

Imagine what would happen if your Senator was beaten bloody on the Senate floor. Or if your Congressperson pulled a gun on a member of the opposition party. Our current political climate is ugly but that kind of violence would be unfathomable today. ...Show More
History and Scandal with Rachel Maddow

51:06 | Nov 20th, 2018

Listen to Rachel Maddow talk about her new podcast, what it’s like to be covering the news in this political moment, how we can use history to make sense of current events, and why are you even still reading this description – it’s Rachel and Chris! ...Show More
Slavery’s Enduring Political Legacy with Maya Sen and Matthew Blackwell

58:56 | Nov 13th, 2018

What can soil tell us about election results? After every election, analysts pore over piles of data in order to better understand political trends. But what if a better place to search for answers is the ground beneath our feet? More specifically, w...Show More
The Trump Scheme to Rig the Census with Dale Ho

59:07 | Nov 6th, 2018

In many cases the Trump Administration isn’t shy when it comes to undermining the Constitution of the United States. But while fights over things like the Muslim ban or ending birthright citizenship play out in public, there are other massive Constit...Show More
BONUS: Midterm Watch with Daniel Nichanian

17:53 | Nov 1st, 2018

It’s a bonus mini-episode of #WITHpod! Daniel Nichanian joins Chris to talk about what he has his eyes on ahead of election day. Read his much more extensive list at Whatsontheballot.com and find out what’s happening in your state.Learn more about yo...Show More
White Identity Politics with Michael Tesler

53:09 | Oct 30th, 2018

Just one week left until the midterms and race and identity politics are playing a major role in the messaging of both parties. For Republicans, it comes in the shape of fear-mongering about the threat imposed by anyone ‘other’, a play ripped directl...Show More
Medicare for All with Abdul El-Sayed

53:04 | Oct 23rd, 2018

What would it mean to have Medicare for All? The issue of healthcare emerged as a key campaign fight in the coming midterm elections, with ads and debate questions centered on coverage of pre-existing conditions. While Republicans dig deeper into a f...Show More
Voter Suppression Past and Present with Carol Anderson

52:17 | Oct 16th, 2018

Why are Republicans so obsessed with voter fraud? Study after study finds no evidence of any large-scale voter fraud in the country, yet we keep hearing about necessary changes to voting systems in order to combat this major threat to democracy. Here...Show More
The Myths of the Ruling Class with Anand Giridharadas

49:21 | Oct 9th, 2018

Will a ride-sharing app battle religious intolerance? Can a billionaire combat illiteracy by sending laptops to underfunded communities? Would a bank’s involvement in one of the largest financial crises in American history be forgotten if they donate...Show More
Women, Rage, and Power with Rebecca Traister

1:01:57 | Oct 2nd, 2018

Women are pissed. After the election of Donald Trump, the sustained fury of American women has been one of the defining features of his political backlash. From the immediate outpouring of rage in the Women’s Marches to the reckoning of the #MeToo mo...Show More
Social Infrastructure Week with Eric Klinenberg

59:26 | Sep 25th, 2018

Can a library save your life? Could public parks help address crime and addiction in your neighborhood? Think about libraries and churches and crowded subway trains – they’re shared spaces that can push all types of people together, playing a crucial...Show More
Investigating the President with Nick Akerman

53:51 | Sep 18th, 2018

It’s time we talked about Watergate. The crime, the greed, the paranoia and the investigation; how does one of the most significant criminal conspiracies in the history of the American republic help to inform us about what’s unfolding with Robert Mue...Show More
The Left Wing of the Democratic Party with Sean McElwee

54:50 | Sep 11th, 2018

Can the Democratic Party keep up with the new left? The left-most wing of the party is growing and expanding, pushing platforms like Medicare for all, free college, and abolishing ICE. Though this group is the minority, the space they’re creating is ...Show More
America’s Role in the World’s Worst Crisis with Shireen Al-Adeimi

51:16 | Sep 4th, 2018

The people of Yemen are experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet, according to the United Nations. They are devastated by a war that the United States supports. Why is the U.S. involved in a conflict that has left an estimated tens of...Show More
Trump, Brexit, and Racial Grievance with Mehdi Hasan

57:02 | Aug 28th, 2018

Donald Trump’s victory wasn’t the only 2016 election result to shock the world. Just months earlier voters in the United Kingdom made history when they opted for Brexit, thereby initiating the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. While the t...Show More
Why Trump's Corruption Matters with Zephyr Teachout

1:05:15 | Aug 21st, 2018

Is President Trump a symptom of a system of corruption, or is he the cause? The nation’s highest office is embroiled in scandal, some so brazen and shameless that it’s almost easy to grow numb to the onslaught of headlines. But corruption is a unique...Show More
The Wicked Problem of Climate Change with Andrew Revkin

58:44 | Aug 14th, 2018

Why is it so hard to focus attention on the climate crisis? We know the damage we’re doing to the climate and we know why we’re doing it. We even know the obstacles to the solution (fossil fuel companies, denialist political parties) and yet it’s sti...Show More
Roe V. Wade's Final Hour? with Nancy Northup

53:30 | Aug 7th, 2018

Are we on the precipice of one of the most destructive social reversals in the country’s history? President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court justice initiated a heated conversation about the future of Roe v. Wade becaus...Show More
School Segregation in 2018 with Nikole Hannah-Jones

59:04 | Jul 31st, 2018

Why are American schools resegregating? Over 60 years since the Brown v. Board of Education ruling forced schools to integrate, the nation is witnessing schools become increasingly segregated. So how did we get to this point? Nikole Hannah-Jones has ...Show More
Our Real Estate Obsession with Giorgio Angelini

50:24 | Jul 24th, 2018

Why do you live where you live? Not just the state or the city but the block you walk down and the door you walk through every day. Having a space to call home is packaged as part of the ‘American Dream’ and it has become a full on real estate obsess...Show More
"Futureface" with Alex Wagner

40:55 | Jul 17th, 2018

Why is everyone taking DNA tests to find out about their heritage? While Americans are fueling an industry selling them a story of global identity, the country’s President is spreading fear and hostility about non-white immigrants. Trump seems to hav...Show More
Ending Mass Incarceration with Larry Krasner

58:50 | Jul 10th, 2018

Have you heard about Larry Krasner? He’s a lefty progressive lawyer in Philadelphia that made his name by defending the underdogs, representing activists and suing police officers. Last year, he was elected as Philadelphia’s District Attorney, meanin...Show More
Fracking Trump Country with Eliza Griswold

47:38 | Jul 3rd, 2018

What does it look like when fracking comes to town? For folks in poor rural areas, parts of Trump Country before we had Trump Country, fracking can mean opportunity, wealth, and autonomy for some, destruction and ruin for others. Journalist Eliza Gri...Show More
How Bad Is It? with Ezra Klein

46:27 | Jun 26th, 2018

Families are being ripped apart at the border, a Republican Congressman retweeted a Nazi sympathizer, and Trump White House officials are being protested with increasing regularity. It is feeling pretty rough out there – so just how bad is it? There ...Show More
Destruction in Puerto Rico with Naomi Klein

41:04 | Jun 19th, 2018

How did Hurricane Maria evolve from a natural disaster into a human catastrophe in Puerto Rico? While the official death count remains at 64, a Harvard study suggests thousands were killed. While the hurricane left its devastating mark on the island,...Show More
Political Tribalism with Amy Chua

43:22 | Jun 12th, 2018

There seems to be a lot of talk about this idea of political tribalism lately. Critiques that groups are increasingly insular not just around politics but about race or religion or any number of identity markers, and that this isolation makes it impo...Show More
Separating Immigrant Families with Lee Gelernt

56:34 | Jun 5th, 2018

The Trump administration is forcibly separating immigrant children from their parents, something they are hoping will deter immigrants from entering the country. It's sparked widespread outrage, protests and lawsuits, with the White House now attempt...Show More
Who Broke the Internet? with Tim Wu

46:30 | May 29th, 2018

From the rise of fake news and the troll farms pumping it out to the harvesting of our Facebook data by groups like Cambridge Analytica, Chris Hayes knows the internet feels pretty crappy these days. In this episode, Hayes examines how something once...Show More
The Rule of Law in the Era of Trump with Kate Shaw

42:24 | May 22nd, 2018

Since his first day in office, Donald Trump has been testing the boundaries of the law on multiple fronts. From his open hostility towards the investigation into his campaign’s involvement with a foreign adversary, to his policy prescriptions by way ...Show More
The Conservative Movement with Corey Robin

39:13 | May 15th, 2018

Is President Donald Trump a conservative? While other contemporary writers and thinkers may be quick to write the President off as an anomaly to the conservative movement, Corey Robin has another theory. He argues that if you trace conservatism back ...Show More
The Middle East with Dexter Filkins

34:53 | May 15th, 2018

What is happening in the Middle East? Chris Hayes sorts through the bewildering number of individual conflicts and key players to get to the heart of what’s unfolding in the Middle East. And, at the heart of it, is one big potentially world-war-start...Show More
The Personal is Political with Brittney Cooper

35:45 | May 15th, 2018

Talking about the politics of identity, particularly in the age of Donald Trump, can feel like you’re walking through a minefield. Whether it’s the President’s immigration policy or two black men arrested in a Starbucks, Chris Hayes argues that all t...Show More
Why IS this happening?

01:06 | May 9th, 2018

This podcast will help answer the BIG questions that keep Chris up at night. In this tumultuous time, the things we see play out on cable news every day are driven by big ideas, themes, and huge arcs of history. So, every week a new expert will help ...Show More