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Brain Boss - Losing Weight Is An Inside Job

Jen Pillipow, Certified Positive Psychology Coach


This podcast was designed to share practical BRAIN tools for sustainable weight loss and provide the missing link between diet and exercise.


45:08 | Jun 7th

"I want to get to the meat and bones of what's anchoring in the negative patterns"-Linda BolingerIn this episode I share a conversation with ThetaHealer Practitioner and Instructor, Linda Bolinger.We ...Show More

13:51 | May 31st

"What are you pretending to not know?"-Cady Macon, Season 2, EP 9, Brain Boss We are coming into the final weeks of Season 2 for Brain Boss and instead of rushing forward, I thought it would be great ...Show More
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46:57 | May 24th

"You picked the perfect template for your gifts to express themselves."Cady Macon​This is the latest of the modalities I'm sharing (definitely the most "woo") that I'm utilizing in my journey back to ...Show More

26:17 | May 17th

A continuation from last week's episode, Cheryl guides us through a grounding meditation (right in the beginning, and it's only 3 minutes long).She also explains why grounding is so important (especia...Show More

44:59 | May 10th

"My modality is to teach you how to help yourself. Not fix yourself. You're not broken." - Cheryl UphillToday on the podcast I chat with Cheryl Uphill, certified yoga therapist specializing in helping...Show More
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