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Money and Meaning

SOCAP (Social Capital Markets)


On Money and Meaning, we expand the conversation around impact investing, strategies to finance & support social change, unlikely partnerships across sectors, and how to utilize the tools of the capital markets for a greater good.


39:42 | Jul 28th

“Finance at some fundamental level is about making bets on the future. Nobody makes money in the present - we only make money because we were right about the future that we bet on. So one really impor...Show More

49:32 | Jul 14th

“It is a privilege to have any investable assets for savings or retirement but if you do, in any amount, you have power. You have the power to invest in companies, in funds, in a financial system and ...Show More
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51:42 | Jun 30th

For our 50th episode, we take it back to the basics. What is impact investing? What does it look like across asset classes and impact areas? Is impact investing inherently concessionary? And, mostly i...Show More

50:39 | Jun 16th

This week’s guest is Antony Bugg-Levine, impact investing pioneer and CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF). Founded in 1980, NFF is a community development finance institution that provides financi...Show More

35:18 | Jun 2nd

“Our board and our team believe that you can define any societal problem as either a climate change problem or an inequality problem…so our thesis has evolved over the years to bring our resources to ...Show More
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