Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

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An A-List Hollywood actress vanishes from a yacht and her body washes ashore the following morning. Her leading man husband — and a legendary actor who accompanied them on a pleasure cruise — claim she accidentally fell overboard. But questions — ter...Show More

33:05 | Oct 8th, 2019

Colin Mclaren examines layers of flawed decision-making that contributed to the untimely death of the Princess and three other passengers in the Mercedes S280. He scrutinizes the failures in the secur...Show More

37:01 | Jan 22nd

The young prince of Camelot was gone and America’s icon had faded to black. Here we track his life’s path… his many affairs with Ivy League beauties and dazzling celebrities such as Madonna, Sarah Jes...Show More
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35:21 | Jan 15th

While the Kennedy’s exuded glamor, sophistication and power, they were not without their curses. Over the years, the family was beset with 16 tragedies and five plane crashes, including the death of J...Show More

41:35 | Jan 8th

No image tore at the hearts of the world than that of little John-John standing alone, saluting his father’s coffin as it was paraded through Washington, D.C. A year-long investigation into his murder...Show More

02:03 | Jan 2nd

Can’t get enough of FATAL VOYAGE? Our next season explores the privileged life and sudden death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Discover the dark side of Camelot - from the scandals to the coverups, from JFK J...Show More
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