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These are the surprising stories behind our biggest, household name brands. Host Dan Bobkoff finds tales of tragedy, love, strange histories, unintended consequences, and accidental success. And in each episode, we find out how these brands changed o...Show More

41:39 | Jun 5th, 2019

Enron collapsed nearly 20 years ago, but chances are something you use today was affected by emails sent by 150 of the company’s top employees. These emails — about meetings and energy markets but als...Show More

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The publicly exposed email dump from Enron employees is being used today to make out AI smarter. But it's also raises ethical questions.

36:49 | Apr 10th, 2019

For decades, two men at Victoria's Secret have had immense power. One built the chain into a powerhouse. The other ran the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, handpicking the models called "angels." Then ...Show More

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This was a trip down memory lane to my high school and college years. It was interesting to hear how much the company had resisted change de...Show More

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36:04 | Nov 13th, 2019

About two years ago, companies like Bird and Lime deposited thousands of dockless electric scooters in San Diego. Some people loved them… and some people hated them. While city officials considered wh...Show More

39:09 | Nov 6th, 2019

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) caused a stir when it reversed its “no girls allowed” rule for the Boy Scouts last year. But it turns out, this isn’t the first time the BSA has gone coed. We take a cl...Show More

33:09 | Oct 30th, 2019

When Leo Fender and Les Paul met, they didn’t have much in common — one was an introverted tinkerer, the other a rising star. But their electric guitars defined the sound of rock ‘n’ roll. Buddy Holly...Show More
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