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Dr. Death


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We’re at our most vulnerable when we go to our doctors. We trust the person at the other end of that scalpel. We trust the hospital. We trust the system.Christopher Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who radiated confidence. He claimed he was the best in Dal...Show More
Chris and Jerry | 2

40:16 | Sep 4th, 2018

Chris Duntsch was a promising medical student, with a bright future ahead of him. The friends who knew him were shocked at the doctor he would later become. Not Chris, they said. That’s not the man I know. The Chris Duntsch they knew was driven, hard...Show More
Occam’s Razor | 3

42:14 | Sep 7th, 2018

Kimberly Morgan was attracted to Christopher Duntsch from the moment she met him. He was charming and seemed destined for great things. But she also saw another side to him. Duntsch’s behavior led many people who came into contact with him to wonder:...Show More
Three Days In Dallas | 1

34:04 | Sep 4th, 2018

All physicians are taught, “First do no harm.” But what happens when a doctor does harm his patients? Dr. Robert Henderson was a veteran spinal surgeon in Dallas when he got an unusual phone call from a local hospital: a new surgeon had operated so ...Show More
Interview | 8

27:02 | Oct 9th, 2018

This series has generated a lot of questions and comments from listeners for host and reporter Laura Beil. In this special interview episode, Laura talks with David Brown (from the podcast “Business Wars”) about a number of topics that have intrigued...Show More
Free Fall | 5

41:45 | Sep 18th, 2018

Dr. Henderson and Dr. Kirby were screaming for anyone to listen who might help them get Dr. Duntsch to stop operating. Kirby wrote to the Texas Medical Board. He and Henderson went to the police. But no one was listening. Please tell us what you thi...Show More
Spineless | 4

38:30 | Sep 11th, 2018

If a doctor is fired from a hospital, the hospital should report it immediately. That’s how problem doctors are prevented from getting hired elsewhere. But the places where Dr. Duntsch operated failed to report him to the proper authorities. If they ...Show More
Breaking News | 10

17:28 | Dec 13th, 2018

The judges reviewing Christopher Duntsch’s appeal have reached a decision. On the day of the decision, Laura Beil goes to the Dallas District Attorney’s office to speak with prosecutors Michelle Shugart and Jaclyn Lambert about the judges' decision. ...Show More
“One Great Man” | 9

28:11 | Nov 13th, 2018

You may remember the woman in the infomercial about Dr. Duntsch who admiringly calls him “one great man” and claims “he’ll fix you.” Laura Beil wasn’t able to get in touch with her when she first reported the series. She guessed that the woman must h...Show More
Update | 7

26:13 | Oct 2nd, 2018

Reporter Laura Beil has a few updates on the story of Christopher Duntsch since the series was first released. She attends an appeals hearing for Duntsch's case, discusses Baylor-Plano Hospital’s response -- and the mysterious case of the disappearin...Show More
Closure | 6

38:59 | Sep 25th, 2018

Michelle Shughart has her work cut out for her, since no doctor has ever been prosecuted for crimes committed while practicing medicine. His patient’s lives would never be the same, but what would what would be the fate of Dr. Duntsch? The people in ...Show More
Introducing New Episodes of Hollywood & Crime

51:54 | Aug 8th

Hollywood & Crime is a ground-breaking true crime series about the most infamous murders in Tinseltown history. The newest season of Hollywood & Crime about the Billionaire Boys Club can be found exclusively on Luminary. Listen at luminary.link/holly...Show More
Introducing Uncover: The Cat Lady Case

34:08 | Jul 12th

Four people vanish from secluded cottage country. What happened, and how does one family connect the victims? Listen to Uncover: The Cat Lady Case from CBC Podcasts at cbc.ca/uncover
Introducing Culpable

06:51 | Jun 25th

The producers that brought you “To Live and Die in LA” and “Up and Vanished,”introduce a new an investigative true crime story. In 2014, the Andreacchio family suffered a tragic loss, the mysterious death of 21-year-old Christian Andreacchio. A 45 mi...Show More
Introducing Man in the Window

14:02 | Jun 11th

From the partnership that brought you Dirty John, comes Man in the Window. Pulitzer prize winning reporter Paige St. John investigates The Golden State Killer, and traces his path of devastation through the eyes of his victims. Listen now at wondery....Show More
Wondery Presents: The Shrink Next Door | 1

11:27 | May 21st

Marty Markowitz had his share of problems. His parents had recently died. He had troubles at work. A failing relationship. He needed someone to help him through this rough patch in his life. So he decided to get some professional help from a psychiat...Show More
Introducing "The Ballad of Billy Balls" from CRIMETOWN Presents | 12

08:28 | Apr 30th

Downtown, New York, early summer, 1982. A man bursts into an East Village storefront apartment and shoots musician Billy Balls. The motive? Unknown. Billy’s body? It just disappears. Rebecca, Billy’s girlfriend, doesn’t know what to do and has no way...Show More
Introducing Sports Wars

05:40 | Apr 17th

Sports rivalries can fuel fans and athletes to fight and argue for years. But what’s the real story behind these epic rivalries? From Wondery, the company behind “Business Wars” and “American Scandal” comes Sports Wars, an electric new series that of...Show More
Introducing Uncover: The Village

40:28 | Apr 2nd

Two waves of murders, 40 years apart. Who’s killing men in Toronto’s gay community and why are they getting away with it? The latest season of Uncover from CBC Podcasts is out now.
Introducing 'To Live and Die in LA' with Neil Strauss

04:35 | Mar 7th

From the creators of Up and Vanished and Atlanta Monster comes a new investigative true crime podcast, introducing To Live and Die in LA. Rolling Stone writer and New York Times best-selling author, Neil Strauss takes you inside his real time investi...Show More
Introducing Over My Dead Body | 11

10:06 | Feb 12th

What happens when a seemingly-perfect marriage ends in a nasty divorce and someone ends up dead. Listen to Over My Dead Body today wherever you’re listening to this or visit www.wondery.fm/omdb.
Introducing Monstruo

09:25 | Jan 9th

From the creators of Sword and Scale, Dark Topic and The Westside Fairytales, comes the most terrifying audio experience you will ever hear. Nine stories.  Carefully Crafted.  One year in the making… Beyond the limits of anything you could po...Show More
Introducing Imagined Life

04:35 | Nov 5th, 2018

Throughout my reporting- there was a question that kept coming up: if I’d been in the shoes of the people around Christopher Duntsch- friends, family, mentors- what would I have done. That’s a question at the heart of a new series from Wondery, calle...Show More
Introducing Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez & Football Inc.

05:49 | Oct 15th, 2018

On April 19th, 2017, news broke that football star turned accused murderer, Aaron Hernandez had killed himself in his jail cell. But what exactly had happened to Aaron Hernandez, to turn him into a killer? And did his football career play a part in i...Show More