How To Make Love

laura brewer

Unconventional recipes for love and liberation. In a world filled with hate, injustice, and despair, our sense of shared humanity depends on learning to MAKE more love. Not find it, not fall into it. But intentionally create and wield it. Centering t...Show More

53:24 | Nov 26th, 2019

Join guest adrienne maree brown for a conversation about learning to make pleasure, science fiction, and freedom. And how they're all tied together. adrienne is a writer, social justice facilitator, p...Show More

21:22 | Nov 12th, 2019

Join host laura brewer for a discussion about your Sentence: what it is, how it functions, how it messes us up in our practice of justice, and why examining it is critical work for our own liberation....Show More
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43:32 | Oct 29th, 2019

Join guest Jovian Zayne for a discussion all about BEing on purpose. And: how to find or refine your own personal purpose. Jovian is the founder of the International Day of Purpose, an international s...Show More

15:10 | Oct 17th, 2019

Join host laura brewer for an exploration of imagination, why it's essential for the work of liberation, why that's a problem for most of us, and what to do about it. In this episode, we'll go over: ⚡...Show More

39:22 | Oct 10th, 2019

Join guests Emilee and Rob McGowan for a discussion about loss, tragedy, and creating intimacy and partnership – especially when it's lacking. Rob & Emilee are partners in life and in their coaching b...Show More
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