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How To Make Love

laura brewer

Unconventional recipes for love and liberation. In a world filled with hate, injustice, and despair, our sense of shared humanity depends on learning to MAKE more love. Not find it, not fall into it. But intentionally create and wield it. Centering t...Show More
25: "Organizing at the speed of love."

38:51 | Jul 25th

Join organizer & TED speaker Ai-jen Poo for a discussion about how to think and operate like an organizer in your day-to-day life, and how to actively support the rights, wellbeing, and dignity of domestic workers in our country.   Learn more about t...Show More
24: How To Be Wounded

27:15 | Jun 20th

The root of the word vulnerability is "vulnus," meaning "to be wounded." Join host laura brewer for discussion about what radical vulnerability entails, how to practice it, and why it's essential for making love and justice. In this episode, we'll go...Show More
23: “Sex positivity is a philosophy and movement towards acceptance.” (ft. Dr. Shannon Chavez)

51:41 | Jun 6th

Join guest Dr. Shannon Chavez for a discussion of making love through creating sex positivity. Dr. Chavez is a sex therapist and a clinical psychologist whose work breaks down stigmas around sex and sexuality.   Learn more about Dr. Chavez, her work,...Show More
22: How To Feel

20:45 | May 23rd

Join host laura brewer for the heart work of learning how to feel our emotions AND discuss how/why feelings are intimately connected to our work in social justice. In this episode, we'll go over: ⚡️What are feelings/emotions; ⚡️8 concrete ways feelin...Show More
21: "For my story, I get to be the one that writes it." (ft. Elena Aguilar)

45:53 | May 7th

Join guest Elena Aguilar for a discussion of making love through creating resilience. Elena is a renown author and educational coach who has trained thousands of educators across America. She has studied and distilled the critical habits and behavior...Show More
20: PowerLESS Love

26:54 | Apr 25th

Join host laura brewer for the heart work of learning to give up power and control in the ways we love those around us. In this episode, we'll go over ⚡️9 specific strategies⚡️ for loving with less power and control: for making our love powerLESS. He...Show More
19: "For all that shall be: yes." (ft. Paula Stone Williams & Jonathan Williams)

53:25 | Apr 9th

Making love by choosing yes. Join guests Paula Stone Williams and Jonathan Williams for a conversation about reconciliation, intentionality, and surrendering expectations. Paula & Jonathan's TED talk on transition and redemption have been viewed by o...Show More
18: Under the Influence of Urgency

33:02 | Mar 26th

Join host laura brewer for a discussion about making love by slowing down and divesting from a sense of urgency: in our lives, and in our organizations. In this episode, we'll look at the benefits of using a sense of urgency, the costs we pay for tha...Show More
17: "Language matters desperately." (ft. Rita Dove)

45:50 | Mar 19th

Love & language. Join guest Rita Dove for a conversation about making love, justice, and poetry. Rita is a Pulitzer Prize winning poet, the poetry editor for the New York Times Magazine, and former Poet Laureate of the United States. Read the poems a...Show More
16: Courage & Fear

27:33 | Feb 26th

Join host laura brewer for a discussion about making love through cultivating courage, and UNlearning a ton of stuff about fear. In this episode, we'll look at three critical ingredients for courage, learn to radically re-relate to fear, and understa...Show More
15: “When you return fire and begin dehumanizing others, you compromise your own Self.” (ft. Simran Jeet Singh

40:04 | Feb 14th

Love & Hate. Join guest Simran Jeet Singh for a conversation about creating love and connection in the face or hate and racism. Simran is an activist and professor whose work tackles issues of diversity, inclusion, religion, race, and hate violence. ...Show More
14: How To Practice

22:23 | Jan 31st

Join host laura brewer for a lot of profanity, and to learn how to build an intentional practice of love and justice: in your life, and in the world. Learn more about this episode on the show notes page: www.laurabrewer.love/episode14 Love How To Mak...Show More
13: "People are always trying to define who I am." (ft. Miki Poy)

34:42 | Jan 15th

Join guest Miki Poy, for a conversation with one of our favorite fans about making love and creating belonging. Miki is an educational leader in the Philadelphia school district and is on a journey to deepen her love for herself and others. Learn mor...Show More
12: “You need to call from inside the thing you want to liberate.” (ft. Sadada Jackson)

36:23 | Dec 31st, 2018

Join guest Sadada Jackson for a conversation about making love with, in, and through our bodies. Sadada is an embodied practitioner of equity and teaches us all to spend more time in and with our bodies as the vehicle for impact. Learn more about thi...Show More
11: "I thought I couldn't be powerful if I were a loving leader." (ft. Christine Margiotta)

46:36 | Dec 6th, 2018

Join guest Christine Margiotta for a conversation about bringing love to work. Christine is the Executive Director of Social Venture Partners Los Angeles and is a stand for unabashedly leading with and through love. Learn more about this episode on t...Show More
10: “The fight for justice, the fight for freedom, are always in accordance with the fight for love.” (ft. Prof. David Kim)

42:12 | Nov 20th, 2018

Join guest Professor David Kyuman Kim for a conversation about the radical art of love in public, love in politics, and the heart (and hard) work required for both. Kim is co-convener of the Love-Driven Politics Collective. Learn more about this epis...Show More
09: "To put love to the test is to see love expressed as justice." (ft. Rev. angel Kyodo williams)

47:17 | Nov 13th, 2018

Join guest Rev. angel Kyodo williams and laura as they discuss making love and justice. Rev. angel is a Zen priest, educator, and activist who ignites long overdue conversations about the liberation of self and society. Learn more about this episode ...Show More
08: "All of the connections break when you are utterly broken." (ft. Yolonda Coles Jones)

39:34 | Oct 30th, 2018

Join guest Yolonda Coles Jones for a raw and honest conversation about making love when you are broken wide open. Artist, musician, mother, and entrepreneur, Yolonda's transparency, wisdom, and expression will shake your heart into greater openness. ...Show More
07: "There is a relationship between silence and suffering, and by God I'm going to break silence." (ft. Dr. Robin DiAngelo)

55:43 | Oct 16th, 2018

Join guest Dr. Robin DiAngelo for a provocative discussion about making love through disrupting white fragility and white supremacy. DiAngelo is a sociologist and educator whose work centers around racial justice through an examination of white ident...Show More
06: “You just have to trust that there are enough people who will respond in a positive way that it’s worth it.” (ft. Megan Amram)

38:18 | Oct 2nd, 2018

Guest Megan Amram shares how to make love through comedy, laughter, satire, and in 140 characters or less. Amram is an Emmy nominated writer, comedian, and actress who offers wisdom about creating comedy that centers the social issues of our time.
05: “I have as much passion as I have insecurity.” (ft. Tre Johnson)

43:40 | Sep 25th, 2018

Join guest Tre Johnson, a writer for Rolling Stone and Vox, for an exploration of making love through writing, self-expression, and the nexus between pop culture, politics, and race.
04: "We’re holding back the tide of darkness but that does not mean we’re creating light.” (ft. Norma Wong Roshi)

40:39 | Sep 11th, 2018

Join guest Norma Wong for a discussion of making love through aloha and activism. Norma Wong is a Zen Master, teacher of Mu-i Tai Ji Zen, and a former Hawai'i state legislator who calls all of us to a deeper practice of activism through aloha.
03: “She went down in the airport, and she never woke up.” (ft. Rev. Kendall Cooke)

36:22 | Aug 28th, 2018

This is an exploration of How To Make Love at the end of life. Guest Reverend Kendall Cooke -- a hospice chaplain who has sat with thousands of people as they've prepared for death and taken their last breath -- shares her stories, insights, and pers...Show More
02: "I had to undo the terrorism of conditional loving." (ft. Lama Rod Owens)

50:56 | Aug 27th, 2018

This is an exploration of how to make radical self love with Lama Rod Owens. Acclaimed Buddhist teacher, author, & activist, Lama Rod shares his wisdom about the inner work required for self-love as an ethic of freedom and justice.
01: "Together we’re going to figure out how to MAKE love." (ft. laura brewer)

26:48 | Aug 26th, 2018

Welcome to the pilot episode of How To Make Love, a podcast by laura brewer that will provoke and challenge you to create your own recipe for and practice of making more love and justice--in your life, and in our world. Subscribe & join the conversat...Show More