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W Files Podcast

W Files Podcast

Join us while we discuss the world's weird, wild, wacky, wonderful and sometimes just downright WTF moments!

1:14:36 | Aug 20th

Sometimes there are no answers. Sometimes, the truth hasn’t been revealed. And in some cases, the truth will never be found.

47:48 | Aug 13th

Join us W Crew while we reminisce about our favourite past episodes! Ashley and Shannon have reunited and have had a possible drink or two, so get ready for a lot of laughter (especially from drunk Shannon.....)
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43:27 | Aug 6th

Gather around W Crew, we’re about to tell you the ultimate camp-fire stories; the ones that will keep you out of the wilderness for your own good!

53:09 | Jul 30th

Join us while we discuss some unsettling stories from ride share customers and drivers! Ash and Shannon also play a fun game of Would You Rather!

43:57 | Jul 23rd

Join us while we discuss the Falcon Lake incident: Canada's best-documented UFO case!
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