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Dear World, Love History

The Outlandish Historians

The Dear World, Love History Podcast, where we tackle the good, the bad, and the downright ugly history of the world one episode at a time.

1:04:32 | Aug 3rd

In Part II of our Romanovs Miniseries, we head on back to Imperial Russia, meeting up with Nicholas and Alexandra just in time for their coronation.   Don't forget to visit our show notes for some really cool pictures and colorized photos of the cost...Show More

1:08:11 | Jul 13th

In Part I of our Romanovs Miniseries, we travel back in time to Imperial Russia to hang out with the last of the Romanovs. In this episode, we'll be spending some time with Alexandra and Nicholas. How exactly did these two crazy kids get together? Tu...Show More
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2:09:53 | Jun 22nd

In episode 8, we tackle the second half of Mary Stuart's life. In Part II more plots, murders, and crazy schemes abound! So grab a beverage and buckle in.   Make sure you check out the Cult of Domesticity and In A City Like Yours Podcasts, which are ...Show More

1:52:04 | Jun 8th

Join us in episode 7 as we chat about the tragically beautiful, and beautifully tragic, Mary Queen of Scots. In Part I, we cover the beginning of her story until the planned assassination of one David Rizzio.   If we pronounced things incorrectly, ex...Show More

28:15 | May 4th

It's time for more recommendations, where we give you our current top picks for period dramas. Oh, and we've included a few book recommendations as well! Dive on in and put these period things on your list if you haven't seen or read them already.   ...Show More
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