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The problem with the news right now? It’s everywhere. And each day, it can feel like we’re all just mindlessly scrolling. It’s why we created What Next. This short daily show is here to help you make sense of things. When the news feels overwhelming,...Show More
Has Anything Changed Since Parkland?

17:05 | Feb 14th

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, we saw a group of students speed through the stages of grief and go directly to action. One year later, have they made any lasting changes to the gun control debate? Guest: Dave Cullen, author of Parkla...Show More
Ferguson Revisited: A Prosecutor’s Power

20:37 | Aug 9th

Five years ago Wesley Bell watched as protests erupted across Ferguson in the wake of Michael Brown’s death. Bell, the son of a police officer, stood between the protestors and the police as he watched Ferguson descend into chaos. In an effort to mak...Show More
Ferguson Revisited: Questioning the Legend

20:44 | Aug 8th

There are two stories of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, the day Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson: the story we heard immediately after, and the story we came to know months later.In the second part of our three-...Show More
Ferguson Revisited: The Worst Night

26:30 | Aug 7th

Its been five years since Michael Brown was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson in the middle of Ferguson’s Canfield Drive. His death at the hands of a police officer sparked protests across the country and cemented the Black Lives Matter moveme...Show More
The Last Time We Passed Gun Control

21:34 | Aug 6th

In 1993, a mass shooting in downtown San Francisco prompted a familiar debate about restricting access to guns and assault weapons. But something unusual happened. Two major gun control bills passed Congress and were signed into law. How did it happe...Show More
You’ve Probably Been Hacked

20:16 | Aug 5th

Capital One is only the latest victim of a massive data breach. Equifax announced millions of users were affected by its data breach back in 2017. The fallout from Equifax’s episode is still playing out today.Why is the United States so bad at defend...Show More
Clemency for Cyntoia Brown

18:06 | Aug 2nd

Advocate Mariame Kaba explains why the Cyntoia Brown story is compelling, complicated, and deeply frustrating -- why it's wrong to portray Cyntoia Brown as a child, why Brown’s story is deeply familiar to black women in America, and why Kaba consider...Show More
Red State Democrats Walk the Tightrope

20:11 | Aug 1st

In just over a month, North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District will hold a special election. The Democratic candidate has been running for over two years and following the red state Democrat playbook to the letter. The new Republican candidate is ...Show More
A Big Sign of a Slowing Economy

17:44 | Jul 31st

The Fed will cut interest rates Wednesday for the first time since the Great Recession. Why are they cutting the rate now, and what does that mean for the underlying strength of the economy?Guest: Jordan Weissmann, Senior Economic Correspondent at Sl...Show More
How YouTube's Left is Converting the Far Right

22:00 | Jul 30th

Here's how a leftist, transgender, PhD dropout is winning over white supremacists and more on YouTube.  Guest: Micah Loewinger, producer at WNYC's On The Media.
The Godfather of the Anti-Immigration Movement

19:08 | Jul 29th

How did a small-town eye doctor mastermind an anti-immigration movement premised on racism? Guest: Hassan Ahmad, founder of the HMA Law Firm in Virginia. He is suing the University of Michigan to unseal the complete archives of the late John Tanton.S...Show More
Meet the EPA’s Ghost-Writer

21:10 | Jul 26th

A scientist on the outer fringes of his field has been patiently making the case that the U.S. government applies far too conservative controls on toxins in the environment. Now, he’s trying to implement his ideas at the EPA -- by writing a sweeping ...Show More
Mueller Speaks

24:25 | Jul 25th

Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared determined to do two things in his House testimony on Wednesday: carry no water for partisans, and communicate the national security threat of Russia’s interference in U.S. elections.   Guest: Slate’s Dahlia Li...Show More
Puerto Ricans Are Fed Up

21:35 | Jul 24th

The protests in Puerto Rico are about so much more than nasty messages endorsed by the governor. The island’s political grievances were decades in the making -- and even if protesters get the governor to resign, there are more complicated power strug...Show More
How to Stop a Racist Politician

25:44 | Jul 23rd

In 1990, David Duke ran for Senate in Louisiana, appalling the Republican establishment and freaking out the Democratic consultant-class. Duke didn’t win -- but he did well enough to feel emboldened, and a year later he launched a campaign for Louisi...Show More
The Border Patrol's Secretive Culture

25:12 | Jul 22nd

“I’m 10-15.” That’s the border patrol code for “alien in custody.” It's also the name of a secret Facebook group where a number of Customs and Border Protection agents posted racist and sexist memes. What about this agency allows such rampant miscond...Show More
Deutsche Bank Is Trying to Wash Its Hands of Trump

21:25 | Jul 19th

Deutsche Bank was the one lender that couldn’t quit Donald Trump. Now the bank holds the key to understanding President Trump’s finances.Guest: David Enrich, finance editor for the New York Times. Podcast production by Mary Wilson, Jayson De Leon, an...Show More
How Trump Is Trying to Outsource His Border Crisis

20:32 | Jul 18th

It was all lined up just how President Trump wanted. A "safe-third-country" agreement with Guatemala was nearly complete, but over the weekend it fell apart. This is the second time the administration has tried to negotiate a safe-third-country agree...Show More
The Plan to Take Down Mitch McConnell

17:15 | Jul 17th

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the most unpopular senator in the country. Yet, he has represented the state of Kentucky for over 25 years, defeating an array of opponents along the way. Will his challenger in 2020 suffer the same fate as t...Show More
Trump's Racist Tweets Have a Backstory

22:20 | Jul 16th

Over the weekend President Trump's timeline filled with racist comments directed at members of the so-called "Squad." This includes Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. In a press conference on Monday, the preside...Show More
Should Everyone Quit Using Gendered Pronouns?

21:10 | Jul 15th

Why not go by they/them? Would a gender-neutral world be better? And what would it look like? Guest: Farhad Manjoo, New York Times op-ed columnist. Read their latest, “Call Me ‘They.’”
This Bad Legal Argument Could Finally End the ACA

20:02 | Jul 12th

This week, an appellate court in New Orleans heard oral arguments on the constitutionality of the ACA. The argument? That Obamacare is more coercive without a tax penalty. This position - one that has lawyers on both sides of the isle scratching thei...Show More
The Ambassador Who Was Too Honest About Trump

20:21 | Jul 11th

The intriguing story of a British ambassador’s hasty resignation, and why it perfectly encapsulates our current geopolitical moment. This story has everything: leaked confidential reports, world trade implications, and a reference to the movie The Te...Show More
The Cloud Over Joe Biden's Son

24:01 | Jul 10th

Is there something fishy about the way Hunter Biden made money while his father was serving as vice president? One reporter looked into it. But he didn’t find corruption. He found something far more complicated -- and commonplace. Guest: Adam Entous,...Show More
The Long, Ugly Road to Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest

22:19 | Jul 9th

Over the weekend, multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on charges of sex trafficking. But back in 2003, journalist Vicky Ward had the inside scoop on Epstein: She interviewed two of his victims and wrote up the story for Vanity Fair. And the...Show More
A Rare Look Inside a Private Prison

17:21 | Jul 8th

At a prison in southern Mississippi, guards can’t do basic population counts. They can’t keep cellphones, drugs, and weapons out of the building. They are at the mercy of gang leaders to control the inmates. Is this just what happens when you try to ...Show More
Can New York Desegregate Its Schools?

17:48 | Jul 3rd

Jumaane Williams has been an activist, a city councilman, and is currently New York City’s public advocate. However, before that, he was a student in New York City’s public education system. As a product of the system, Williams is thinking about ways...Show More
The “Busing” Skeleton in the Democrats’ Closet

22:13 | Jul 2nd

Last week, Kamala Harris challenged Joe Biden on his record with respect to busing. Most Americans understand busing in the context of the segregated south, but for Kamala Harris, the story is different. What does her experience as a child in the Ber...Show More
Can Nipsey Hussle’s Death Bring Peace to L.A.’s Gangs?

17:16 | Jul 1st

In the days after rapper Nipsey Hussle was killed, members of rival gangs across Los Angeles came together to mourn his death. In the months since, that mourning has turned into action as gang leaders attempt to broker peace within their warring fact...Show More
Supreme Court Hands Democrats Small Win and Big Loss

24:02 | Jun 28th

On Thursday, the Supreme Court blocked the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census and delivered a staggering win for the Republican party in the case of partisan gerrymandering. Is this just another case of a small win for progressives...Show More
Oregon Republicans Walked Out, Democrats Caved

20:35 | Jun 27th

Republican state senators in Oregon are refusing to go to work. In a state legislature where Democrats hold a supermajority, the walkout is one way Republicans can put a halt to their rivals progressive agenda. With several statehouses throughout the...Show More
Mayor Pete’s Policing Problem

24:10 | Jun 26th

Eric Logan, a black resident in South Bend, Indiana, was shot and killed by a police officer in the early morning hours on Father’s Day. Mayor Pete Buttigieg returned to the city, putting a halt to his presidential campaign, to deal with the fallout....Show More
A Polluted Town Fights for Its Right to Breathe

24:52 | Jun 25th

For years the residents of St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana thought their town was simply the victim of bad luck. Suffering more than their share of illnesses. Almost everyone in the town knows someone that has died of cancer. It was only in Ju...Show More
An Iran Deal Architect Watches It Get Nuked

18:19 | Jun 24th

Last week, a series of escalations brought the US to the brink of a strike on Iran. But only a few short years ago, the leaders of both countries were celebrating a landmark nuclear agreement. What changed? One of the architects of the Iran Nuclear D...Show More
The Smugglers Getting Rich Off Trump’s Policies

16:26 | Jun 21st

Mexico has agreed to crack down on immigration in response to threats from President Trump. But that isn’t stopping the flow of migrants -- it’s pushing it further underground.Guest: Emily Green, freelance reporter. You can read her latest story on V...Show More
He Got a Pardon. Now He’s Administering Them.

17:01 | Jun 20th

For a long time, Brandon Flood kept his criminal history quiet - he worked in the Pennsylvania state government, and didn’t want his former convictions to detract from his career success. But now, that history makes him uniquely suited for his new jo...Show More
How Pelosi Holds the Line on Impeachment

24:09 | Jun 19th

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political philosophy is an elegant one: If you want to do something bold, you must follow public sentiment, not lead it. Now why can’t House Democrats seem to shape public sentiment? And what makes them so afraid to cross...Show More
Strange Alliances on the Supreme Court

23:49 | Jun 18th

It’s June, which means it’s the season of highly anticipated Supreme Court rulings. We’re taking a look at two cases that shook up the typical partisan fault line on the bench. How did conservative and liberal justices find themselves making unusual ...Show More
For Women’s Soccer, An Elusive Goal

23:14 | Jun 17th

At the Women’s World Cup this year, the U.S. players talk about living in a “bubble” -- thinking of nothing but the game, eschewing any distractions. What looms outside that bubble is their lawsuit against their federation for gender discrimination, ...Show More
What Bernie Gets Wrong About Socialism

21:37 | Jun 14th

The Bernie Sanders campaign billed his speech on Wednesday as a “major address on how democratic socialism is the only way to defeat oligarchy and authoritarianism.” Besides being a mouthful, the speech was an attempt for Bernie to explain why he cal...Show More
How Facebook Made an Enemy of Nancy Pelosi

20:27 | Jun 13th

Mark Zuckerberg used to avoid traveling to Washington, D.C., leaving a lot of the political outreach Facebook needed to do to COO Sheryl Sandberg. Now? He’s personally putting in phone calls to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (who won’t return his ...Show More
It’s Mitch McConnell’s Swamp. We Just Live in It.

20:19 | Jun 12th

If you walk to the Ohio riverfront from Owensboro’s City Hall, past the Courthouse, and the Museum of Science and History, you’ll get to McConnell Plaza. Mitch McConnell Plaza. For years, this town has been courting the Senate majority leader and, re...Show More
Elizabeth Warren Is Not Here to Charm You

23:46 | Jun 11th

Elizabeth Warren might be a different kind of presidential candidate. Is America ready for that? Guest: Dahlia Lithwick, Slate writer and host of the Amicus podcast.
Why Gun Bills in Virginia Always Die

24:17 | Jun 10th

Before Chris Hurst was a legislator in Virginia’s House of Delegates, he was a local news anchor. Working out of the same newsroom as his then-girlfriend, Alison Parker. Alison was tragically shot and killed on live TV alongside her colleague Adam Wa...Show More
Who Wants to Tax a Millionaire?

19:40 | Jun 7th

As Democrats try to find an economic message that can win in 2020, a group of like-minded millionaires is making the rounds, telling any politicians who will listen, “We want to pay more in taxes.” Why, though?Guest: Morris Pearl, chair of Patriotic ...Show More
A Health Care Tale of Two States

18:56 | Jun 6th

Washington and Connecticut set out to change health care in their own states using “public option” legislation. With the 2020 candidates discussing Medicare for All, these two states may serve as an example on the kinds of resistance the idea will me...Show More
The Crowd-Funded Border Wall Is Not a Joke

15:52 | Jun 5th

The strange tale of how a group of Trump supporters started building the border wall themselves, and why the southern border has become a proving ground and businesses and politicians who want to catch the president’s eye.Guest: Politico reporter Ben...Show More
The GOP Operative Haunting Republicans From the Grave

22:16 | Jun 4th

Tom Hofeller was a dedicated Republican operative, committed to achieving GOP political dominance and doing it with utmost discretion. Now, his political legacy is in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court—and all because his daughter shared his old com...Show More
The Basketball Coach Who Won’t Hire Men

19:55 | Jun 3rd

Notre Dame basketball coach Muffet McGraw wasn’t planning on making a speech about feminism and gender equality. But at a press conference before the Final Four tournament, that’s just what she did, launching into a screed about the dearth of women i...Show More
Why Can’t California Fix Its Housing Crisis?

23:32 | May 31st

“California is full.” That’s effectively what some residents and lawmakers in the state said when they chose to punt on a bill that would build more financially sane housing across its biggest metropolitan areas. What does the story of that bill tell...Show More
Mueller Would Like You to Read His Report, Please

21:30 | May 30th

Special Counsel Robert Mueller breaks his silence to reiterate the conclusions of his investigation’s report -- and remind the American people to read it. Guest: Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick, host of the Amicus podcast. Podcast production by Mary Wilson, ...Show More
Brexiteers Receive Milkshakes and Results

22:24 | May 29th

It was the election that was never supposed to happen in the UK in the first place. Several delays, a few milkshakes, and a resignation later the British found themselves voting over the weekend for European Parliament. How did Brexiteers and Remaine...Show More
Why Trump Keeps Losing in Court

19:18 | May 28th

Everywhere President Trump turns, he’s finding himself hemmed in by the courts. But could upcoming rulings from the Supreme Court make lower court judges take a more expansive view of the president’s executive powers? Guest: Slate writer Mark Joseph ...Show More
The "American Taliban" Goes Free

24:28 | May 24th

In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, U.S. forces scoured Afghanistan for Taliban fighters. They weren’t expecting to find John Walker Lindh, a young man from California who had converted to Islam and moved abroad to study the Quran. Lindh was d...Show More
Losing the Abortion Fight in Georgia

25:02 | May 23rd

Last week, Georgia joined the wave of states passing stringent anti-abortion laws in a bid to topple Roe v. Wade. One Democratic state senator says she hasn’t lost her resolve to fight for women’s bodily autonomy. Guest: Georgia state Sen. Jen Jordan...Show More
Smile! You're on Amazon's Camera

25:24 | May 22nd

Sheriff’s offices across the country are signing up to beta-test a facial recognition tool made by Amazon. Law enforcement proponents say the technology helps find perpetrators who otherwise may go free. But civil liberties advocates have questions a...Show More
Billionaire Gifts Can’t Fix College Debt

20:09 | May 21st

Over the weekend, billionaire Robert F. Smith ended his commencement address to the Morehouse Class of 2019 with an extraordinary pledge: He would pay off the entire class’s student debt. Smith’s pledge will undoubtedly transform the lives of those s...Show More
Why No One Takes Bill de Blasio Seriously

22:47 | May 20th

When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he would run for president, the mockery was swift. City tabloids were typically disdainful (New York Post: “Everyone Hates Bill!”). New York’s attorney general quipped, “Why?” Even de Blasio’s former ...Show More
Who Got Hacked in Florida?

21:28 | May 17th

For the past couple years, politicians in Florida have been raising concerns about election security and making vague allusions to Russian hackers gaining access to voter databases. With the Mueller report, we finally got confirmation—but that’s abou...Show More
Harvard's Harvey Weinstein Mess

19:39 | May 16th

Ronald Sullivan joined Harvey Weinstein’s defense team in January. This set off a wave of protests and sit-ins across the Harvard campus asking for the removal of Sullivan as faculty dean at the university. And those student protests worked. On Satur...Show More
John Bolton’s One-Man Show

25:25 | May 15th

If the U.S. stumbles into a war with Iran, it’ll be largely one of John Bolton’s making. The national security adviser appears to be running the foreign policy show at the White House and has a taste for regime change in several countries, including ...Show More
The Trade War Escalates

18:20 | May 14th

Monday marked another escalation in the trade war with China. And yes, even by the academic definition, our guest says this is a full-blown trade war. Who’s feeling the effect most, and how is the administration handling the fight it began with the w...Show More
A Battle Over Abortion in Alabama

24:52 | May 13th

Anti-abortion activists in Alabama are rushing to topple Roe v. Wade. But have they crafted an abortion ban that’s too extreme, even for Alabama’s Republicans? Guest: Brian Lyman, reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser. Podcast production by Mary Wil...Show More
The Progressive Critic Inside the Church

22:25 | May 10th

Last weekend, Slate published an obituary for Rachel Held Evans, the blogger who championed liberal values and challenged evangelicals on their politics. She was known to her devoted readers as RHE, and she represented something new in evangelical Ch...Show More
The Mayoral Scandal Gripping Baltimore

20:16 | May 9th

On May 2nd, Catherine Pugh resigned as mayor of Baltimore - making her the second mayor in less than ten years to leave office amid corruption allegations. The scandal forcing her to step down involved a children’s book, an FBI raid, and a host of et...Show More
The Constitutional Tug-of-War Is Just Getting Started

19:31 | May 8th

The House Judiciary Committee is set to vote on holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress, for failing to provide a full and unredacted copy of the Mueller report. It’s the latest in a series of clashes between the legislative and...Show More
(Fixed) An ERA Advocate On Why She’s Optimistic

24:10 | May 7th

We got our files mixed up this morning! This is the corrected show for Tuesday, May 7. The proposed Equal Rights Amendment is simple: It would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex. To become part of the U.S. Constitution, the ERA has to be pas...Show More
Why Don’t Democrats Want to Run for Senate?

18:58 | May 6th

With all the breathless enthusiasm for the presidential race, no one seems very interested in the U.S. Senate. Why not?Guest: Slate writer Jim Newell. Podcast production by Mary Wilson, Jayson De Leon, and Anna Martin, with help from Samantha Lee. 
The Bank That Holds Trump’s Financial Secrets

21:31 | May 3rd

Deutsche Bank was the one lender that couldn’t quit Donald Trump. Now the bank holds the key to understanding President Trump’s finances. Guest: David Enrich, finance editor for the New York Times.  Podcast production by Mary Wilson, Jayson De Leon, ...Show More
The Battle Over the Mueller Report

18:06 | May 2nd

Attorney General William Barr showed up to the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify, but the spotlight was also on his colleague, Special Counsel Robert Mueller. What will it take to resolve the growing divide between these two men and their views o...Show More
What Does Joe Biden Owe to Anita Hill?

21:08 | May 1st

Back in 1991, when a 35-year-old law professor named Anita Hill accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, it was Joe Biden who got to decide how to handle the allegation. Why does Hill think Biden failed her and all subseque...Show More
An Uprising at Brigham Young

21:47 | Apr 30th

At Brigham Young University, students and alumni are forcing a conversation about the severe enforcement of the school’s strict Honor Code. How did BYU’s high standards lead to some students feeling less safe?  Guest: Erin Alberty, reporter for the S...Show More
Inside the Crisis at the NRA

17:49 | Apr 29th

The NRA is in a financial mess of its own doing. A number of executives, vendors, and contractors have used their positions to enrich themselves, extracting hundreds of millions of dollars from the organization in the process. How did secrecy, poor j...Show More
How Black Feminists Exposed the Alt-Right Online

18:09 | Apr 26th

Back in 2014, a mysterious hashtag started trending on Twitter: #EndFathersDay. The accounts tweeting the extremist sentiments appeared to be the accounts of black women. But black feminists on Twitter knew something was amiss. So they got to the bot...Show More
This Immigration Judge Has a Fix for Immigration Courts

17:11 | Apr 25th

Immigration judges walk into work everyday knowing that the system they operate in is broken. It has been for decades, through multiple administrations. So what’s the fix? The answer isn’t as radical as you might think.Guest: Judge A. Ashley Tabaddor...Show More
How to Break the Census

18:13 | Apr 24th

The Trump administration wants to add a citizenship question to the U.S. Census, and the proposal has former Census directors up in arms. If the Supreme Court votes to allow the citizenship question, what could happen to the nation’s decennial headco...Show More
He Got a Pardon. Now He’s Administering Them.

17:00 | Apr 23rd

For a long time, Brandon Flood kept his criminal history quiet: He worked in the Pennsylvania state government and didn’t want his former convictions to detract from his career success. But now, that history makes him uniquely suited for his new job ...Show More
The Case for Impeachment

17:26 | Apr 22nd

You’ve heard the legal argument for starting impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Maybe you’ve heard the moral argument supporting impeachment. But what is the political case for impeachment? What could House impeachment proceeding...Show More
Are You There, Congress? It’s Me, Mueller.

24:56 | Apr 19th

What is Washington to do with a report that is damning, but doesn’t condemn? Slate’s legal team takes a look at the case made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Guests: Dahlia Lithwick, Jeremy Stahl, and Mark Joseph Stern.Tell us what you think by le...Show More
A Fox Guarding the Henhouse at the Interior Department?

21:39 | Apr 18th

The new head of the Department of the Interior has close ties to industry and a penchant for relaxing environmental regulations. He’s also the subject of an ethics investigation. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt represents a new phase in the Trump ...Show More
What Ilhan Omar Gets Right

20:21 | Apr 17th

How did a March speech by Rep. Ilhan Omar get shrunk down to a single phrase and turned into an attack on her character?Guest: Aymann Ismail, Slate writer and host of the upcoming podcast, Man Up. Podcast production by Mary Wilson, Jayson De Leon, an...Show More
Trump’s Plan to Politicize the Fed

20:51 | Apr 16th

President Donald Trump has floated the idea of nominating former presidential candidate Herman Cain and conservative pundit Stephen Moore to policy seats on the Federal Reserve’s board. Would Cain and Moore alone swing interest rates? Probably not. B...Show More
Democrats Could Lose Wisconsin Forever

17:33 | Apr 15th

Last week’s Wisconsin Supreme Court race got ugly, fast. The Republican favorite, Judge Brian Hagedorn, eked out a win by about 6,000 votes. Our guest today says it’s hard to overstate the political fallout from this result. It could mean that conser...Show More
Mexico Fuels the Humanitarian Crisis on the Border

17:31 | Apr 12th

To understand what’s happening on the border, you have to look at the policies and leaders on both sides of it. So, how has Mexico, under its new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, changed its approach to refugees and migrants fleeing north? And...Show More
The Trash Crash

17:07 | Apr 11th

Here’s something you may not know. You (listener) are a member of the global trash trade. Every time you recycle a Coke bottle or throw a banana peel away, you’re entering a market of buyers, sellers, and fierce competition. Today on the show, why th...Show More
Bernie Hasn’t Really Changed

17:59 | Apr 10th

Bernie went from virtual unknown in the 2016 election to front-runner with the highest campaign contributions in the first quarter of the 2020 race. And while some things have changed since he last ran four years ago, a lot about his campaign looks p...Show More
When A Border Wall Isn't Enough

14:49 | Apr 9th

Nogales is the biggest port in Arizona, and has been a focal point of Trump’s increasingly aggressive tactics on the border. How do the president’s efforts to shut down the border change a place like Nogales? Note: We first aired this episode on Febr...Show More
California Weighs When Police Can Use Deadly Force

19:42 | Apr 8th

Stephon Clark was shot and killed by police officers in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18th, 2018. He was black. He was unarmed. Last month, the Sacramento DA decided not to press charges against the two officers who fatally shot Clark citing an...Show More
Brexit Isn’t Over and Everything Hurts

22:14 | Apr 5th

This week, we learned something: A messy, “no-deal” Brexit is likely off the table. This means that Britons can look forward to a slightly less messy, negotiated Brexit – provided that government officials can agree on what that looks like. With Ther...Show More
Liberals Treat Puerto Ricans Like Second-Class Citizens, Too.

20:49 | Apr 4th

President Trump’s naked disdain for Puerto Rico’s struggles might be rhetorically jarring. But it reflects long-standing U.S. policies toward the territory.Guest: Yarimar Bonilla, political anthropologist and author of the book, Aftershocks of Disast...Show More
Security Clearances Were Hard to Get. Then Trump Won.

17:49 | Apr 3rd

Late last month, someone paid a call to Congress. She wanted to talk about the Trump administration’s disregard for established national security protocols. The call was coming from inside the house -- inside the White House, that is. Guest: Ned Pric...Show More
Mick Mulvaney Is Trump’s Chief Enabler

21:07 | Apr 2nd

Mick Mulvaney is not here to rein in the president. How Trump’s new acting chief of staff has the White House pursuing a Freedom Caucus agenda.Guest: Jordan Weissmann, Slate’s senior business and economics correspondent.Tell us what you think by leav...Show More
Is the Measles Panic Warranted?

23:57 | Apr 1st

Officials in New York’s Rockland County declared a state of emergency after yet another measles outbreak. In Brooklyn, more cases of measles have cropped up over the last several months as well. Both places are home to a tight-knit Orthodox Jewish po...Show More
A Pilot on Whether He’ll Ever Trust Boeing Again

22:07 | Mar 29th

After the Ethiopian Airlines crash on March 10—and the Indonesian Airlines crash before that, in October—country after country began grounding the deadly Boeing 737 Air Max fleet, and the U.S. belatedly followed suit. This week, Congress held hearing...Show More
Is the Court Ready to Curb Gerrymandering?

18:13 | Mar 28th

This week, the Supreme Court returned to the subject of partisan gerrymandering. After kicking the can down the road last time, will the court finally decide on the constitutionality of drawing election maps to rig elections? And who’s the most inter...Show More
Trump is Trying to Kill Obamacare, Again

21:15 | Mar 27th

The president’s week was off to a great start. The Attorney General’s letter regarding Mueller’s Russia investigation largely exonerated him of any crimes. So why did Trump start talking about health care again? It’s anybody’s guess, but Democrats ar...Show More
New York City’s School Segregation Problem

20:29 | Mar 26th

New York City’s top public high school has a diversity problem. How did the crown jewel of the city’s public education system come to look so unlike the public?Guest: Mara Gay, writer for the New York Times Editorial Board.Podcast production by Mary ...Show More
About That Mueller Report

28:27 | Mar 25th

What we know about the Mueller report. Spoiler: not a whole lot.Guest: Dahlia Lithwick, Slate’s legal correspondent and host of the Amicus podcast.  Podcast production by Mary Wilson, Jayson De Leon, and Anna Martin.This episode is brought to you by ...Show More
How Long Will It Take the Death Penalty To Die?

24:08 | Mar 22nd

California has a new moratorium on executions, despite the fact that voters upheld capital punishment twice in recent statewide elections. Could this mark the beginning of a lasting policy change? Guest: Jordan Steiker, director of the Capital Punish...Show More
When Are We Going to Start Planning For Floods?

19:58 | Mar 21st

This week, we’re following the enormous flooding in the Midwest. Climate change is magnifying the shortcomings of our river policies. We build in the flood plains, and we bracket our rivers with dams and reservoirs. But is it folly to think that we c...Show More
Court Packing Is Not That Extreme

19:39 | Mar 20th

Some of your favorite presidents have tried to pack the Supreme Court. So why does it sound like such an extreme tactic? And why are top Democrats finally embracing it as a way out of the wilderness?Guest: Mark Joseph Stern, Slate’s legal corresponde...Show More
How the Internet Makes Murderers

24:33 | Mar 19th

The Christchurch shooter lurked in corners of the internet that most people don’t understand. But there are ways to fight extremists who are radicalized online -- and the U.S. has done it quite recently.Guest: Robert Evans, writer for Bellingcat and ...Show More
Why is Beto Running?

16:26 | Mar 18th

After weeks and weeks of mulling a decision, Beto O’Rourke finally entered the 2020 presidential race. What is he bringing to the table? Anything?Guest: Josh Voorhees, Senior Writer at Slate.Tell us what you think by leaving a review on Apple Podcast...Show More
How to Dodge a Presidential Pardon

17:52 | Mar 15th

This week, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sentenced to a total of 7½ years in prison. Here’s how his case is one of the best examples of a special counsel making sure that those who did wrong serve the time.Guest: Jed Shugerman, a p...Show More
The Side Door Into College

22:50 | Mar 14th

The FBI submitted indictments this week into the largest college admissions scam they’ve ever prosecuted. Celebrities, millionaire parents, and college sports coaches are among the dozens charged in a scheme that sought to get wealthy kids through a ...Show More
Big Banks Say “No” to Private Prisons

17:42 | Mar 13th

If you made your way up to 1185 Park Ave. on the Upper East Side of New York, you’d find an apartment building that looks like a castle. It’s the apartment of Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase. Back in February protesters stood on the sidewalk and ...Show More
Joe Biden's Laundered History

20:36 | Mar 12th

There's really never been a national political conversation about Joe Biden's record. Partly because much of the focus today is about the time he spent as Vice President under Barack Obama. If he decides to run, what other ugly skeletons will the pub...Show More
Is Mark Zuckerberg Gaslighting You?

21:36 | Mar 11th

Facebook is reshuffling its priorities and making moves that could help it evade antitrust regulators. Will it affect users that much? No. Is it solving a problem users have been talking about? Not really. So what is Mark Zuckerberg’s latest blog pos...Show More
The Scandal Catching Up to Justin Trudeau

19:05 | Mar 8th

A scandal involving Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is putting Canada’s warts on display.Guest: Jesse Brown, publisher of the Canadaland news site and podcast network.Tell us what you think by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or sending an email to whatne...Show More
Listening to Ilhan Omar

20:01 | Mar 7th

House Democrats have scuttled a plan to chide Rep. Ilhan Omar over remarks she made about the U.S.-Israel relationship. Why were her words so triggering? Is she making a fair point? And what should she do now?Guest: Slate economics and policy writer ...Show More
Things That Should Scare You More Than Momo

14:00 | Mar 6th

The Momo challenge doesn’t appear to be much of a threat, but the fact that parents are worried about it reveals a real anxiety about the videos that YouTube pushes toward kids.  Guest: Taylor Lorenz, writer for the Atlantic.Tell us what you think by...Show More
The National Emergency Isn’t Really Trump’s Fault

21:30 | Mar 5th

President Trump’s national emergency declaration is headed for a showdown. More and more Senate Republicans are peeling away from their caucus to reject it. Sen. Rand Paul says his “political soul” hangs in the balance. But Sen. Mitch McConnell is ke...Show More
Reconsidering Michael Jackson

26:08 | Mar 4th

If you’re watching the Leaving Neverland documentary about Michael Jackson’s alleged child sexual abuse, you probably want to talk to someone about it: What it left out, what it wants to accomplish, and how it complicates our view of victimhood. Gues...Show More
Sins of the Fathers

18:57 | Mar 1st

For years now, survivors of Catholic clergy sexual abuse have sought accountability at the local level, taking claims to their parish or bishop. But the Roman Catholic Church is a global institution, and experts say its cover-up of child abuse reache...Show More
The Gun-Owning Doctors Changing the Gun Debate

21:36 | Feb 28th

Last fall, doctors from all over America took to social media with the hashtag #ThisIsMyLane (or #ThisIsOurLane). They sent pictures of themselves in blood-drenched scrubs and shared stories of treating victims of shootings. They were responding to a...Show More
Civil Rights Cold Cases Find Teenage Allies

24:57 | Feb 27th

It started as a simple lesson in civil rights and ended as a bill President Trump signed into law. How did a class of New Jersey high school students create a piece of legislation to help solve civil rights crimes?Guests: Oslene Johnson, former stude...Show More
Venezuela’s Crisis Deepens

19:50 | Feb 26th

As violence erupts on the Venezuelan border, Vice President Mike Pence makes his way to Colombia to reaffirm American support for the opposition leader, Juan Guaido. How far is the U.S. willing to go? And will this be remembered as the weekend everyt...Show More
The Laquan McDonald Case Isn’t Over

16:48 | Feb 25th

Chicago’s mayoral election is Tuesday. The race has been crowded, contentious, and very much shaped by the Laquan McDonald case.Guest: Jamie Kalven, a journalist with the Invisible Institute. Tell us what you think by leaving a review on Apple Podcas...Show More
Who Wants to Be a (Heavily Taxed) Millionaire?

24:32 | Feb 22nd

As Democrats try to find an economic message that can win in 2020, a group of like-minded millionaires is making the rounds, telling any politicians who will listen, “We want to pay more in taxes.” Why now?Guest: Morris Pearl, chair of Patriotic Mill...Show More
Meet the EPA’s Ghost-Writer

21:42 | Feb 21st

A scientist on the outer fringes of his field has been patiently making the case that the U.S. government applies far too conservative controls on toxins in the environment. Now, he’s trying to implement his ideas at the EPA -- by writing a sweeping ...Show More
The Fight to Change Frat Culture

14:51 | Feb 20th

People who believe the fraternity system is broken have been trying every which way to force changes -- something, anything, to stop the parade of injuries, sexual assaults, and deaths that have happened at frat houses. Last week, we saw yet another ...Show More
Utah’s Medicaid Battle

20:01 | Feb 19th

Voters during the 2018 midterms favored the expansion of Medicaid, but it’s being met with some pushback by conservative legislators. What can Utah’s Medicaid episode teach us about how health care fights may roll out over the coming years?Guests: Ut...Show More
A Cautionary Green New Deal Tale

13:59 | Feb 15th

The Green New Deal brought attention back to the idea of high-speed rail in America. This week California squandered it. What lessons should Americans be taking from the failed high-speed rail project in California?Guest: Henry Grabar, staff writer a...Show More
The Democratic Divide Over Israel

16:32 | Feb 13th

President Donald Trump called on Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign after her anti-Semitic remarks this past weekend. She has since apologized, but the episode revealed a bigger problem that is bound to keep rearing its head for the Democratic Party: its stan...Show More
How to Get Away With Highway Robbery

20:04 | Feb 11th

Reporters in South Carolina schlepped to all 46 courthouses in the state to document every civil asset forfeiture case in a three-year period. What they found was an impossibly flawed law that rewards bad police-work.Guests: Anna Lee, reporter for th...Show More
How an Abortion Bill Started the Mess in Virginia

15:26 | Feb 8th

Virginia is in chaos as racist stunts and allegations of sexual assault threaten to upend the political careers of four top state officials. How did we get here? It all started with a debate over an abortion bill. Guest: Anna North, senior reporter f...Show More
How Trump’s Inaugural Committee Got Into Trouble

15:20 | Feb 7th

Inaugurations are ethically dubious in the best of times. So why is the Trump inaugural committee under investigation? Consider the scale of the swindle.Guest: Ilya Marritz, co-host of Trump Inc., a podcast produced by WNYC and ProPublica. Tell us wh...Show More
Which State of the Union? Which Medicare for All?

24:16 | Feb 6th

It was a long speech that often meandered from pleas for bipartisanship to accusations of “ridiculous partisan investigations.” What do we make of this state of the union?Plus, it’s anyone’s guess what 'Medicare for All' really means on the 2020 camp...Show More
Larry Krasner and the System That Fought Back

18:36 | Feb 5th

Larry Krasner promised a sea change when he was elected to serve as Philadelphia’s district attorney. It should surprise no one that his policies are making waves.Guest: Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Chris Palmer. Read his story about Krasner’s firs...Show More
The Ferguson Effect

15:17 | Feb 4th

There's a new prosecutor in St. Louis County taking on decades of racial injustice. How will Wesley Bell, buoyed by the political movement after the death of Michael Brown, deliver on his progressive promises?Tell us what you think by leaving a revie...Show More
Anti-Vaxxers Brought Back the Measles

16:22 | Feb 1st

The latest measles outbreak in the Pacific-Northwest is a self-inflicted wound. One that Texans, and Americans alike, should all pay attention to.Guest: Dr. Peter J. Hotez, co-director of the Texas Children's Hospital Center for Vaccine Development.T...Show More
Don't Call Him El Chapo

13:14 | Jan 31st

Joaquín Guzmán operated in Mexico’s shadows for decades. His trial is shining a spotlight on who the man is and the chaos he sowed on a country . How are Mexicans dealing with the explosive allegations made against former presidents? And what are we ...Show More
Howard Schultz and the Ghost of Ross Perot

17:05 | Jan 30th

Howard Schultz's potential independent presidential candidacy has gotten off to a rough start. Why are Democrats and Republicans alike upset about the Starbucks CEO entering the 2020 fray? And will it even matter?Guest: Steve Kornacki, National Polit...Show More
How Big Tech Is Bleeding American Journalism

19:25 | Jan 29th

More than 1,000 journalists lost their jobs last week. The reason is pretty simple: Big tech is beating digital media to the money. To save journalism, what rules should the public be fighting for?Guest: Will Oremus, Slate’s Senior Technology Writer....Show More
The Gun Rights Case Headed to the Supreme Court

17:36 | Jan 28th

Why it matters that the Supreme Court is taking on a gun rights case now, after keeping its powder dry for years.Guest: Mark Joseph Stern, who covers courts & the law for Slate.Tell us what you think by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or sending a...Show More
The Opposition Comes for Venezuela’s Maduro

20:49 | Jan 25th

How Venezuelans reached a breaking point, and how a team of savvy politicians orchestrated the break. No one expected the greatest threat of a proxy war to come out of South America -- right?Guests: Ana Vanessa Herrero, reporter for the New York Time...Show More
Congress Does Something

19:30 | Jan 24th

The Senate is readying a vote on two bills to fund the government. The measures aren’t expected to pass, but they might signal the beginning of the end of the shutdown.Guest: Jim Newell, who covers Congress for Slate. Tell us what you think by leavin...Show More
Kamala Harris & the Rise of Progressive Prosecutors

23:00 | Jan 23rd

More and more reform-minded district attorneys are taking office as self-avowed progressive prosecutors. Why don’t some advocates think Kamala Harris deserves the label?Guest: Lara Bazelon, associate professor at the University of San Francisco Schoo...Show More
The Women Fleeing Saudi Arabia

20:51 | Jan 22nd

What Mohammed bin Salman’s rise to power has meant for women in Saudi Arabia. Guest: Journalist Sarah Aziza. Read her latest reporting in the New Yorker. Tell us what you think by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or sending an email to whatnext@sla...Show More
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Flips the Script

22:21 | Jan 18th

Why aren’t conservatives’ usual tricks working on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Guest: Slate writer Lili Loofbourow. Read her piece here. Tell us what you think by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or sending an email to whatnext@slate.com. Follow us on...Show More
The L.A. Teachers' Strike

26:10 | Jan 17th

What makes the Los Angeles teachers’ strike different from the strikes that swept the country last year? In L.A., a robust charter school sector competes with the traditional public schools for funds. Guest: Dana Goldstein, education reporter for the...Show More
The Gymnast Who Went Megaviral

20:47 | Jan 16th

UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi wowed the internet this week with a viral video of her college gymnastics floor routine. As Ohashi’s star rises, the U.S. women’s gymnastics program is imploding. Fans of the sport wonder: What is the price of being world-class?...Show More
Pardons, Presidential Power, and Worry About Bill Barr

26:07 | Jan 15th

More than 25 years after serving as Attorney General under George HW Bush, Barr is set to return to the role this week. What should we expect? And what should the senators at the confirmation hearing be asking?Guest: Noah Feldman, professor of consti...Show More
The Three-Headed Beast Leading U.S. Foreign Policy

17:29 | Jan 14th

Slate’s Fred Kaplan explains how two different Trump advisers, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, are trying to carry out U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.Tell us what you think by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or sending an email to whatnext@sl...Show More
The Threat of National Emergency

19:47 | Jan 11th

What would a national emergency look like, and why hasn't Trump declared one yet? Dahlia Lithwick has answers. Plus: Was it weird that Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn't at work this week?Tell us what you think by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or sendin...Show More
How We Became Shutdown Nation

20:06 | Jan 10th

How could congressional leaders end the current government shutdown? Come to think of it, how could they put an end to shutdowns altogether?Guests: Tom Davis, former Republican congressman from Virginia, and Slate’s Jim Newell.Tell us what you think ...Show More
Clemency for Cyntoia Brown

17:38 | Jan 9th

Advocate Mariame Kaba explains why the Cyntoia Brown story is compelling, complicated, and deeply frustrating -- why it's wrong to portray Cyntoia Brown as a child, why Brown’s story is deeply familiar to black women in America, and why Kaba consider...Show More
Battling 2020 Fatigue

22:39 | Jan 8th

Jamelle Bouie sees each presidential election like a grand experiment. On today’s show, he shares some of his hypotheses going into the 2020 campaign season. Will the rift grow between President Trump and the establishment GOP? Will Democrat presiden...Show More
The Republican Party Shake-Out in Kansas

19:06 | Jan 7th

The rightward shift of the Republican Party is kind of like global warming: Each political ecosystem is feeling it differently. In Kansas, lifelong Republicans are finding themselves without a habitat.  Guests: Barbara Bollier Kansas state senator, a...Show More
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We're in the New York Times

01:27 | Dec 9th, 2018

No big deal. Did you see What Next mentioned in the New York Times? We'll be back with more shows in January. Until then, these are some of our favorite episodes:The Gun-Owning Doctors Changing the Gun Debate, Nov. 15thSins of the Fathers, Nov. 14thT...Show More
Jeff Flake Takes Another Stand

21:49 | Nov 17th, 2018

Sen. Jeff Flake is demanding legislation to protect the Mueller probe. High-profile conservatives are peeling off from the Federalist Society to stand up to the Trump administration. Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick explains why she thinks this is a pivotal m...Show More
The Gun Owning Doctors Changing the Gun Debate

29:07 | Nov 16th, 2018

This week doctors from all over America took to social media with the hashtag #ThisIsMyLane (or #ThisIsOurLane). They sent pictures of themselves in blood-drenched scrubs and shared stories of treating victims of gun violence. Much of this was in res...Show More
Sins of the Fathers

19:35 | Nov 14th, 2018

Survivors of Catholic clergy sexual abuse have gone after the church in a piecemeal fashion. But the Roman Catholic Church’s cover-up of child sexual abuse goes back decades, and experts say it reaches the upper echelons of church leadership. What wo...Show More
The Wildfires to Come

18:15 | Nov 14th, 2018

Stephen Pyne has made fire his life’s work. He put them out for 15 summers and has thought about them ever since. Today on the show – the conversation we’re not having about wildfires and why despite the devastation in California this week, he remain...Show More
The Legacy of the Last Florida Recount

20:52 | Nov 12th, 2018

Rick Hasen, founder of the Election Law Blog, explains how we got here: Shrinking away from the hard election reforms, ignoring the easy reforms, and enacting short-sighted remedies. Hasen is a professor at UC Irvine and a Slate contributor. 
Sessions’ Last Act Deals Blow to Police Reform

20:30 | Nov 10th, 2018

Just as he was getting kicked out the door, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted to do one last thing: strongly limit the strength and use of consent decrees moving forward. It’s a move that deals a significant blow to the Department of Justi...Show More
What to Watch After Sessions’ Ouster

20:35 | Nov 9th, 2018

Ben Wittes of Lawfare and the Brookings Institution tells us four things to watch for in the wake of the ouster of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. For more from Wittes on this, check out the latest episode of The Lawfare Podcast. Plus, Mary McCord, w...Show More
What Won for the Democrats?

22:01 | Nov 7th, 2018

Democrats ran all sorts of different campaigns and won (or lost) in all sorts of different ways. Is there a lesson they could take from the midterms and carry into the next election? Plus, how did racism figure into the Florida and Georgia governor’s...Show More
Happy Election Day?

27:52 | Nov 6th, 2018

Alfredo Corchado calls in from the border to talk about voter enthusiasm in his area. Amy Walter from the Cook Political Report shares her tips for watching election night returns. Slate’s Molly Olmstead explains why she’ll be eyeing the teacher cand...Show More
What Story Will This Election Tell Us?

17:37 | Nov 5th, 2018

With less than 36 hours to go until the final voting deadline for the midterm elections, it's important to know what's at stake. Amy Walter, a host on The Takeaway and National Editor of the Cook Political Report, knows that each election tells us a ...Show More
They Forecast a Hate Wave in 2008

21:32 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Daryl Johnson tried to warn Homeland Security about the growing momentum behind right-wing extremists. He was not well-received. On Friday’s show, how the actions of the Obama and Trump administrations fueled far-right violence. Plus, there’s electio...Show More
The State of Red State Democrats

22:50 | Nov 1st, 2018

President Trump wanted to make this the election of the caravan. For red state democrats, that’s becoming the case. So with only days to go until midterms how will Trump’s immigration rhetoric shape close races? Slate’s Jim Newell joins us today to d...Show More
Understanding the Crisis in Yemen

20:15 | Oct 31st, 2018

Eric Nagourney, an international desk editor for the New York Times, explains the paper’s decision to publish harrowing photographs of malnourished Yemeni children. And Fatima Alasrar, a Yemeni and a senior analyst for the Arabia Foundation, explains...Show More
"And Subject to the Jurisdiction Thereof..."

13:07 | Oct 30th, 2018

There's a clause in the 14th amendment that people wanting to change it continue to come back to: "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof." Today on the show, Professor Garrett Epps of The Atlantic joins us to explain why its absurd for Trump to thi...Show More
Words Matter

17:57 | Oct 29th, 2018

Slate’s April Glaser explains the futility of expelling bigots from one social media platform, only to see them find safe harbor on another. 
The Blame Game

25:09 | Oct 26th, 2018

While we wait for news on the bomb suspect, a debate between Slate’s Mike Pesca and Mary Harris: Can we blame the potential explosives on provocative political speech? 
Does Corruption Matter?

15:49 | Oct 25th, 2018

When it comes to the people we vote for, how corrupt is too corrupt? With Herb Jackson, Washington correspondent for USA Today and The Record. We take a whirlwind tour of the U.S. politicians hitting the campaign trail with a dark cloud hanging over ...Show More
Midterm Trolls - Online and Off

20:02 | Oct 24th, 2018

US Cyber Command launched its first cyber operation to deter Russian interference in the 2018 midterm elections, but is it too late? Clint Watts, the author of Messing With the Enemy, "Oh yeah." Today on the show, the continued assault on our informa...Show More
Turkey Makes the Most of Its Moment

23:48 | Oct 23rd, 2018

Slate senior editor Josh Keating explains why Turkey has seized on the disappearance of a foreign journalist to stick it to Saudi Arabia. And Slate writer Aymann Ismail reconsiders going on hajj.  We’ll be piloting What Next in public for the next se...Show More
The Health Care Turnabout

19:44 | Oct 23rd, 2018

Andrew Gillum began his candidacy as a "Medicare for All" supporter. His subtle slide from that position to another is a small, but telling one. Today on the show, a look into the health care debate in the lead up to midterms. Plus, Slate's Mark Jose...Show More
Just an Old Sweet Song

23:43 | Oct 19th, 2018

Kai Wright of WNYC and Slate’s Jamelle Bouie on the governor’s race in Georgia. Plus, Deadspin’s Dvora Meyers explains the implosion of USA Gymnastics. We’ll be piloting What Next in public for the next several weeks. Tell us what you think: whatnext...Show More
Now Is a Good Time to Cheat on Your Taxes

18:16 | Oct 18th, 2018

Budget cuts have crippled the IRS allowing tax cheats to run rampant. ProPublica's Jesse Eisinger says the agency's ability to pursue criminal cases is in collapse because of budget cuts and the fact that the agency still has the same number of audit...Show More
From One Caravan to Another

22:30 | Oct 17th, 2018

Mary Harris is joined by Vox’s Dara Lind to discuss how the latest caravan from Honduras is shining a light on the danger and red tape facing asylum seekers. Plus, what else did you miss today?We’ll be piloting What Next in public for the next severa...Show More
Could the Saudi Monarchy Fall Over This?

28:18 | Oct 16th, 2018

Host Mary Harris talks to Dexter Filkins of the New Yorker on the fraught relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Plus, Slate’s Jim Newell explains why you should care about the final debate tonight between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke.  This i...Show More
Trailer: Introducing What Next

02:18 | Oct 1st, 2018

A smart round-up of the biggest stories of the day. When the news feels overwhelming, we’re here to help you answer: What next? Look for the show every weekday afternoon.