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The podcast inspired by West Coast urbanist blog Price Tags. Former Vancouver politician and director of the SFU City Program lecture series Gordon Price interviews leading players and emerging voices on issues of urban planning, architecture, housin...Show More
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A Night on the North Shore: A Conversation with Residents

1:19:48 | Jul 9th

The Price Talks team hosted its first public podcast recording, held in front of a live library audience in the District of North Vancouver on July 26, 2019. We’ve lobbed quite a bit of criticism at the North Shore generally over the past eight month...Show More
The Sky’s the Limit for Kevin Desmond, CEO of North America’s Transit Ridership Leader

55:01 | Jul 3rd

There’s no two ways about it — TransLink, Metro Vancouver’s transit authority, is #1 in North America for year-over-year transit ridership growth. Seattle’s King County Transit is #2. And Kevin Desmond has led them both. Desmond, now in his 4th year ...Show More
The Intergenerational Lessons of Outsiderdom, with Paul Lee & Nathan Pachal

42:41 | Jun 25th

More bus routes with greater capacity. Ground level retail in proximity to low-rise residential buildings. Communities designed with walking, cycling, and integrated multi-modal mobility in mind. And yes, rapid transit. Surrey and Langley are two obv...Show More
Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver: 3-Year Progress Report

43:45 | Jun 14th

In 2015, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) undertook a strategic planning process that might have invited a bit of cynicism — give a fancy name and lengthy timeline to a stock-in-trade exercise, and call it transformativ...Show More
Mike Brown on the Role of Private Capital in Tackling the Climate Emergency

52:51 | Jun 7th

“A lot of people thought we were wildly pessimistic as to the speed with which we were facing this crisis. Turned out we were wildly optimistic. This is happening faster than those of us who started getting interested in it 30 years ago could possibl...Show More
A Night with Jeff Speck: Cars Moving Slowly, Deep Walkability & Recreating the Traditional American Town

1:01:42 | May 31st

“There are places we love, and places we hate…at a certain point, we made it illegal to make the places we love anymore, and we were only allowed to make the places we hate.” So says Jeff Speck, one of North America’s top urban designers, and a leade...Show More
Bringing (More) Process Back to Politics, with VanGreens Councillor Michael Wiebe

41:08 | May 28th

You might be a fan of Vancouver Councillor Michael Wiebe’s previous work with the Park Board, including the Jericho Lands Agreement, the Biodiversity Strategy, and warming shelters. Or maybe you prefer his first big hit, as co-owner of eight 1/2, the...Show More
Houssam Elokda on the Heliopolis Effect, Happy Cities, and Doing Nothing Together

41:06 | May 21st

It’s not Vancouver, but it sounds like the Vancouver we want to be: multi-family residential buildings located close to the urban centre. Generously spaced laneways and semi-private lots for kids to play. Sufficient access to high storefronts, servic...Show More
Mark Busse, On the Underlying Confidence That We Can Design for Community

58:47 | May 14th

Can we create community out of diversity? If so, will it require changing the scale and character of urban forms within our communities…the very change some Lower Mainlanders have recently become notorious for rejecting? It’s one of many thorny quest...Show More
A Little Institutionalized Rant from George Affleck on Red Meat, the Mushy Middle & the NPA

29:45 | May 7th

In George Affleck’s world, the only thing worse than the politician who tries to please everyone is the politician who only focuses on the base. So you can understand why the only thing to possibly vex him more than last council — in which he withsto...Show More
Designing Loveability: Chris Fair of Resonance, on Placemaking & Superstar Cities

45:48 | May 3rd

Chris Fair helps places — communities, cities, regions — think about the future. That thinking drives the design of everything from the branding of a destination, to the design of streets, buildings and other public spaces, and what is put in them in...Show More
The Notorious MDG: Melissa De Genova on Political Pedigree, Plot Twists & New Priorities

32:41 | Apr 29th

If you follow Vancouver politics, you don’t need an intro to Melissa De Genova. In just her second term as Vancouver councillor, De Genova suddenly has the second-longest tenure of anyone in council chambers, and has also become (surprisingly, to som...Show More