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You've Got Brunch with Allie and Kerri

Brunch Comedy

A podcast brought to you by two women who were raised on Mary-Kate & Ashley movies and Celine Dion’s greatest hits. Allie Entwistle and Kerri Donaldson are Brunch, a comedy duo from Vancouver, Canada. Join us as we unpack our love/hate relationship w...Show More
Only Brunch with David Borja

1:15:04 | Aug 1st

This week improviser, comic artist and all-around great person, David Borja brings us our first animated movie, Only Yesterday. We dive into this truly beautiful film and then ask suitable questions such as: Is Sonic the hedgehog, hot, or not? Will w...Show More
What's Your Brunch? With Charlotte Labelle

1:14:51 | Jun 15th

Can you truly be from Montreal if you’ve never been on Just For Laughs Gags?? Charlotte Labelle is this weeks guest, and she’s here to tell you that you can! Charlotte brings us a slut-shaming slam dunk of a movie, What’s Your Number. Does having sex...Show More
Return to Brunch with Geoff Walter

1:19:30 | May 23rd

Can a woman live with a Gorilla's heart? Can a Gorilla live with a woman's heart? Is someone going to fall in love with this Gorilla? Our wonderful friend & sound WIZARD, Geoff Walter brings us a CLASSIC Gorilla-heavy Rom-Com, Return to Me. We get RE...Show More
Get Over Brunch! With Cari Leslie

1:31:02 | May 9th

In the market for menthol cigarettes? Need to know more about doing improv on a cruise ship? Thirsting for footage of Martin Short saying “front bum”? this weeks guest, Cari Leslie, has you covered! Join us as we simply can’t stop talking to this co...Show More
The Wedding Brunch with Gina Harms

0:00 | Apr 25th

What could make a woman happier than watching Matthew McConaughey emotionally cheat on his fiancée with their Wedding Planner?????? According to Hollywood Execs, not much! Stand up Comedian Gina Harms brings us the blessed train wreck that is, the We...Show More
The Truth About Cats & Brunch with Rae Lynn Carson

1:13:12 | Apr 5th

Can a “crazy cat lady” have it all? Does having one cat, a successful career, and some bangin’ PJ outfits make you a “crazy” cat lady? & In that case is being a CRAZY CAT LADY actually the pinnacle of society?? We ask the hard questions with resident...Show More
Brunchnelope with Carla Mah

1:20:47 | Mar 21st

Put an adorable pig nose on Christina Ricci and call it a fable- it’s PENELOPE! Comedian Carla Mah brings us a forgotten treasure from the recesses of 2008. This week we ask the hard questions like, is Kerri the town with of Alberta? and if you take ...Show More
Leap Brunch with Devon Henderson

1:13:57 | Mar 1st

Are there any women in Ireland? Is the leading man in this film one of the men in Mumford & Sons? Or did all the men from Mumford & Sons just take turns playing the part like Mary Kate & Ashley in Full House? These Questions & MORE on Devon Henderson...Show More
Ten Things I Hate About Brunch with Marta Wesselhoff

1:01:02 | Feb 21st

Do Heath Ledger & Julia Stiles have the same hair and dewy skin in this 1999 classic? Yes, yes they do - and honestly, it only adds. Listen as comedian & American High School expert, Marta Wesselhoff, tells us tales of lip wax malfunctions , tossing ...Show More
Pretty Brunch with Pamela Rounis

1:08:57 | Feb 14th

What’s that? We haven’t done a Julia Roberts movie yet? BIG MISTAKE. BIG .HUGE. Thank god Pamela Rounis brought us Rom Com CLASSIC, Pretty Woman. Join us as Kerri warns us not to drink a Big Gulp on an empty stomach, Pamela recommends enhanced CD-Ro...Show More
Raise Your Brunch with Kelli Ogmundson

1:06:16 | Feb 7th

Bow down to Lizzie McGuire QUEEN & Duff Puff originator, Hilary Duff. Comedian and actor & angel Kelli Ogmundson brings the heat and also sparkly nail polish in this bangin’ ep! Join us as we talk all things 2003: Le Chateau, LaSenza Girl, off-brand...Show More
Brunchless with Jenny Rubé

1:09:46 | Feb 1st

Is Phil from Modern Family a Zaddy? Comedian Jenny Rubé brings us Clueless, and with Clueless comes PAUL RUDD. In this ep, we talk non-stop Rudd while contemplating whether Mamma Mia ought to have been called WHO’S YOUR ZADDY. Are we young and hip e...Show More
The Goodbye Brunch with Jordy Matheson

1:22:02 | Jan 24th

Is a woman basically dead after the age of 30? Rom Coms say YES! This week Jordy Matheson brings us 1977’s The Goodby Girl, our oldest Rom Com yet. In this episode we ask ourselves questions like, why couldn’t Black Swan just have been a fun ballerin...Show More
I'm a Cyborg, But That's Brunch with Ronald Dario

1:03:58 | Jan 19th

Comedian Ronald Dario brings us our artsiest film yet, which means you should get ready for Kerri to say the word “auteur” about 50 times! We get REAL about borscht and talk HOT GOSSIP about Ronald’s whirlwind fall wedding in this UNFORGETTABLE episo...Show More
She's the Brunch with Annalise Stuart

1:10:57 | Jan 10th

Teen sketch comedy QUEEN, Amanda Bynes makes her first appearance on You’ve Got Brunch! Comedian Annalise Stuart brings us the 2006 classic teen comedy, She’s the Man. We tackle classic 2006 questions like, where did all the Livestrong bracelets go? ...Show More
Bridget Jones's Brunch with Randee Neumeyer

1:05:03 | Jan 4th

Our only New Years Resolution is to keep watching Colin Firth & Hugh Grant together on screen - AND NO ONE CAN STOP US! We start 2019 off right with Comedian, Randee Neumeyer, and the British Rom Com masterpiece, Bridget Jones’s Diary. In this episo...Show More
Crazy Stupid Brunch with Jill Lockley

1:01:56 | Dec 27th, 2018

Ryan Gosling makes his first appearance as well as KNOWN HUNK Steve Carell. Comedian Jill Lockley joins us for this foray into dad fashion & Ryan Gosling’s perfectly spray tanned torso. In this ep we objectify Conan O’Brien and practice some MRA pick...Show More
The Princess Brunch with Devon Henderson

1:15:31 | Dec 21st, 2018

For this very special Christmas episode we dove right into the depths of a Netflix made Christmas miracle! Welcome to the Princess Switch- a film where Vanessa Hudgens does an adult version of It Takes Two - TWO VANESSA HUDGENS IN ONE MOVIE!?! We bro...Show More
Brunch Actually with Patrick Dodd

1:12:58 | Dec 13th, 2018

Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth & about three thousand other British actors come together to make the Christmas classic/trainwreck we call Love Actually. DREAMBOAT guest Patrick Dodd joins us as we talk Keira Knightly’s impossibly long torso &...Show More
You've Got Brunch with Kim Yip

1:14:07 | Dec 6th, 2018

We take on our titular film, You’ve Got Mail, with baby angel, Kim Yip. Will Meg Ryan ever appear in a scene WITHOUT a turtle neck? What is she hiding? An intricate neck tattoo? We certainly hope so! Come with us to 1999 when everyone was scared of t...Show More
Brunch & Prejudice with Ese Atawo

1:07:50 | Nov 29th, 2018

Guest comedian Ese Atawo brings us the Jane Austen classic, Pride & Prejudice. Listen to us go ape-shit for longing glances across foggy English moors & the best female character we’ve seen in a rom com. We ask questions like "are my hair ribbons sex...Show More
While You Were Brunching with Denea Campbell

1:03:14 | Nov 22nd, 2018

We watch While You Were Sleeping- our first Sandra Bullock Movie! - with Vancouver comedian Denea Campbell! Find out which member of the royal family Denea would put in a Rom Com & how many times a week Allie goes to Shoppers Drug Mart (hint: It's a ...Show More
Fever Brunch with Michelle Hart

59:19 | Nov 15th, 2018

Join us as we attempt to take on Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore and accidentally watch the British version with Colin Firth! Very special guest Michelle Hart joins us as we talk about Stan Lee AND celebrity deaths in a podcast that we...Show More
Episode 3: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Brunches with Racquel Belmonte

01:06 | Nov 8th, 2018

We get into the premise heavy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with guest Racquel Belmonte (Netflix’s The Dragon Prince, Carmelahhh, Nasty Women Comedy). Join us as we chat all thing McConaughey and ask the hard questions, like “will Leo ever reach his C...Show More
Episode 2: 27 Brunches with Stacey McLachlan

1:05:54 | Nov 1st, 2018

This week we take on, 27 Dresses, the beacon of Katherine Heigl’s rom com career. Join us with super guest, Stacey McLachlan (Nasty Women Comedy, After Chef Junior, Garbage Sisters) as we ask the question, “are we ready to admit we hate Katherine Hei...Show More
Welcome to our Podcast - You've Got Brunch!

0:00 | Oct 21st, 2018

“You’ve Got Brunch” is a rom com podcast brought to you by two women raised on Julia Roberts and bumbling Hugh Grant characters. Each episode we dig into a different rom com with an amazing guest comedian!
Episode 1: When Kerri Met Allie

52:02 | Oct 20th, 2018

Our first ever episode of You've Got Brunch: A love/hate love letter to Rom Coms. Listen as Allie and Kerri delve into the classic When Harry Met Sally. Get on your oversized sweaters, grab a bottle of red, and lean in to this autumnal treasure.