You've Got Brunch with Allie and Kerri

Brunch Comedy

A podcast brought to you by two women who were raised on Mary-Kate & Ashley movies and Celine Dion’s greatest hits. Allie Entwistle and Kerri Donaldson are Brunch, a comedy duo from Vancouver, Canada. Join us as we unpack our love/hate relationship w...Show More

1:16:12 | Feb 6th

We're BACK IN BIZ BABY! We bring you the joyful sounds of comedian and DREAM human, Amy Shandro! We answer questions like- Can we solve our problems & treat our wounds using only tea tree oil, cayenne...Show More

15:37 | Feb 3rd

Allie and Kerri delve into a BABY EPISODE where they explain where they've been and what's happening now. SPOILERS: They got stuck in Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop lab & they couldn't get out! In this ep All...Show More
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1:14:43 | Aug 15th, 2019

One woman’s struggle with a fresh divorce brings her right into the arms of John Cusack- and maybe there are dogs involved? DREAM of a comedian and improviser, Paul J Blinov joins us all the way from ...Show More

1:15:04 | Aug 1st, 2019

This week improviser, comic artist and all-around great person, David Borja brings us our first animated movie, Only Yesterday. We dive into this truly beautiful film and then ask suitable questions s...Show More

1:14:51 | Jun 15th, 2019

Can you truly be from Montreal if you’ve never been on Just For Laughs Gags?? Charlotte Labelle is this weeks guest, and she’s here to tell you that you can! Charlotte brings us a slut-shaming slam du...Show More
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