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Whiskey Ginger w/ Andrew Santino

Andrew Santino

Comedian Andrew Santino interviews friends in and out of the entertainment industry as they reflect on deviant stories of their past; while sipping whiskey.

1:41:31 | Sep 20th

Santino sits down with Fleccas, host of the popular YouTube show Fleccas Talks to chat about global warming, censorship, cancel culture and Fleccas explains his views on Trump TICKETS AT STAND UP DATES NOV 8-9 NASHVIL...Show More

1:05:31 | Sep 13th

Santino sits down with the oldest living comedian today Bryan Callen TICKETS AT FOLLOW ME ON INSTA FOLLOW WHISKEY GINGER PODCAST ON INSTA More
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1:13:10 | Sep 6th

Santino sits down with Josh Potter who is a cameo foot fetish sex worker and comedian from Buffalo featured on Your Mom's House podcast. He's blind in one eye but that doesn't stop him from seeing the truth in the world. TICKETS AT http://www.andrew...Show More

1:15:09 | Aug 30th

Santino sits down with Josh Wolf and makes fun of his age incessantly and chats about micro-dosing mushrooms on Mondays, their mutual belief of ghosts and big foot and we call a college buddy to prove that Santino used to able to dunk. TICKETS AT ht...Show More

1:43:54 | Aug 23rd

Santino sits down with Whitney Cummings to talk about trending on PornHub, her tits getting recalled and how she jumped the shark on her nude instagram leak. TICKETS AT FOLLOW ME ON INSTA More

1:21:56 | Aug 16th

Santino sits down with Harland Williams. He might have the most fun brain to chat shit with. He a quick, fun, smart man and we chat about doing standup during an orgy party, his wish for being the first to taxidermy a human and his first film role as...Show More

1:13:22 | Aug 9th

Santino sits down Jamie Kennedy to talk about getting clean from booze (don't worry, we still drankin') the everlasting GUN debate here in the states and about what the fuck is going on in the world. KUSHY CBD (use promo code WH...Show More

1:01:38 | Aug 2nd

Santino sits down with Black Thought of the mighty Roots Crew and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Bobby Lee to bridge the worlds of hip hop and comedy and bombing and creating and loving the process. Bobby gets racist and gets shown up by an L...Show More

1:09:56 | Jul 26th

Santino sits down with Melissa Villasenor to chat about the power going out at her most recent show, rewriting Disney songs, SNL and her cool ass brother Andrew. SEE ME LIVE!!! ST. LOUIS, MO AUG 1-3 TICKETS AT FOLLOW ...Show More

1:40:15 | Jul 19th

Santino sits down with Jon Lajoie to chat about transitioning from comedy sketches to making music, why the queen is bullshit and growing up in an arcade with Mortal Kombat being the Mecca of all games. Oh, and he pronounces Super Mario Brothers (Mar...Show More

1:02:54 | Jul 12th

Santino sits down with standup comic Ian Edwards to talk about his new Comedy Central special airing JULY 12TH at MIDNIGHT and also about Miracle Fruit and the new class of decedents of hipsters and learning to no longer pay attention to other people...Show More

1:08:36 | Jul 5th

Santino sits down with NFL superstar Travis Kelce to talk breaking the rules of the game, growing up in Ohio with a brother who also became an NFL star and Trav unveils the secret to the universe. SEE ME LIVE!!! LEXINGTON, KY JUL 11-13 SACRAMENTO, ...Show More

1:08:54 | Jun 28th

Santino sits down with Jessimae Peluso to chat about panic attacks while getting a massage, USO tours and how the rich are going to get zapped to a planet where they will all die. SEE ME LIVE!!! LEXINGTON, KY JUL 11-13 SACRAMENTO, CA JUL 18-20 MONT...Show More

1:25:52 | Jun 21st

Santino sits down with Andrew Schulz to talk about what the fuck is happening in the Dominican Republic, elevating the comedy game and how much he HATES Ticketmaster SEE ME LIVE!!! SAN DIEGO JUNE 21-23 LEXINGTON, KY JUL 11-13 SACRAMENTO, CA JUL 18-...Show More

1:23:14 | Jun 14th

Santino sits down with Tim Dillon to talk about the vapidness of LA and the lizard people that inhabit it as well as moving to LA and Tim seeing through the political climate and also how much he loves ice cream. SEE ME LIVE!!! BRIDGEPORT, CT JUN 13...Show More

1:15:28 | Jun 7th

Santino sits down with Steve Byrne to talk about his new documentary Always Amazing featuring the fucked up incredible life of comic and magician Amazing Jonathan. We also drink Jameson and chat about life on the road and days spent with Vince Vaughn...Show More

1:30:11 | May 31st

Santino sits down with Neal Brennan to chat about Neal diving into his DM’s, being the whitest whites in the game and OUR BEEF that made us hate each other until very recently. SEE ME LIVE!!! RALEIGH MAY 30- JUN 1 BRIDGEPORT, CT JUN 13-15 SAN DIEGO...Show More

1:16:41 | May 24th

Santino sits down with Danny Trejo to chat about his days in and out of prison, the unwritten rules of the streets, boxing and his film career and the moment Danny knew he was going to live and change his life around for the better. SEE ME LIVE!!!...Show More

1:11:01 | May 17th

Santino sits down with Michael Rapaport to chat about getting blocked on twitter by Lebron, the best era of hip hop and Rap gives his votes about the Whiskey Ginger Hot 16 Hot 16 features JARV JOEL FRAME CHASE MOORE SEE ME LIVE!!! RALEIGH MAY 30- ...Show More

1:19:41 | May 10th

Santino sits down with Brooks Wheelan (SNL) to chat about Brooks rainbow puking on my couch, getting kicked out of a bar in front of Roger Waters and his time at SNL. Go to for all things Brooks SEE ME LIVE!!! RALEIGH...Show More

1:05:04 | May 3rd

Santino sits down with Brain Redban to talk about the beginnings of deathsquad, Redban's love for massage parlors, wiping front to back and Norm Macdonald's ear hair

55:25 | Apr 26th

Santino sits down with himself to talk about chipping toenails while riding birds through ASU, performing for 13 thousands humans in San Diego with Joe Rogan and the Whiskey Ginger intro music hot 16 bars competition Link for whiskey ginger instrume...Show More

1:16:28 | Apr 19th

Santino sits down again with the slept king Bobby Lee to talk about the movie submissions, which comic would hide them from the law and his love for holding a grudge.

1:12:42 | Apr 12th

Santino sits down with Jackie Tohn (Netflix’s GLOW) to talk mostly about the love she has for her dog, playing the iconic Gilda Radner and why she is ashamed of success.

1:19:28 | Apr 5th

Santino sits down with comedian Chris Distefano to talk about semi racist dads, how people need to get punched in the face, Jack Johnson's unforgivable blackness and doing the song and dance in the industry that feeds his beautiful little half puerto...Show More

1:15:46 | Mar 29th

Santino sits down with comedian and podcast (Kill Tony) host to talk about traveling the world with Kill Tony Live and getting food poisoning, watching Sully too stoned and the comedy bubble and its looming bust.

1:07:28 | Mar 22nd

Santino sits down with the G.O.A.T. Tony Hawk to chat about going broke at the height of his career, teaching his daughter to drop in and building skateparks across the country. Please visit

1:17:07 | Mar 15th

Santino sits down with comedian Adam Ray to discuss road rage, talking to Winnie the pooh on drugs and his mom's boobs

1:14:19 | Mar 8th

Santino sits down with Todd Glass to chat about mashed potatoes, their new bar and making eating fast food in your car late at night

52:53 | Mar 1st

Santino sits down with himself and talks about his new FX show, Brody Stevens, and struggling with anxiety and depression.

1:25:00 | Feb 22nd

Santino says down with Ari Shaffir to discuss traveling the world and Ari reveals that he's actually not Jewish.

1:03:41 | Feb 15th

Santino sits down with Tom Arnold (Roseanne, True Lies, The Hunt For The Trump Tapes) to talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger, his kids and his divorce.

1:04:07 | Feb 8th

Santino sits down with Bryan Callen (NYPD blue, The West Wing, 7th Heaven) to talk about how Santino is a better athlete and they address the Chris Delano (D'Elia as he claims) rumors

54:33 | Feb 1st

Santino sits down with Gata (rapper and actor) to talk about growing up in south central LA, wiggling and white people shit.

1:07:50 | Jan 25th

Santino sits down with Alexandra Daddario to chat about horse cops, baywatch and a movie that never got made

1:12:15 | Jan 18th

Santino sits with Bobby to talk about eating animals, holding grudges and

1:03:54 | Jan 11th

Santino sits down with Nikki Glaser to chat about hot Russians, butt stuff and Dana Point Horror stories.

1:00:06 | Jan 4th

Santino sits down with Ben Harper to chat about shitty gigs, paying dues and Ben performs a song that makes the Slugger get emotional.

1:02:28 | Dec 28th, 2018

Santino sits down with Jak Knight (Big Mouth, Netflix) to talk about black Twitter, late night TV and The Comedy Store vs the world.

1:05:52 | Dec 21st, 2018

Santino sits down with Fahim Anwar (Goatface on Comedy Central, Dance Hour Podcast) to chat about Nintendo vs. Sega and the Poop challenge.

1:05:06 | Dec 14th, 2018

Santino sits down with Brent Morin to talk about his cooler, gayer brother, stealing booze in high school and doing whippets in desert motels.

1:05:10 | Dec 7th, 2018

Santino chats with Mike Falzone about kidney stones, prison Bitches and showering with your dad.

1:07:36 | Nov 30th, 2018

Santino talks with his old friend Chris D’Elia about condom breakage, being cool vs thinking your cool and Chris's destiny for action movie stardom.

1:09:18 | Nov 23rd, 2018

Santino sits with skateboarding superstar Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod) and chat about growing up with a famous father and how skating and comedy aren’t so far apart.

1:16:27 | Nov 16th, 2018

Santino chats with Dillon Francis (moonbahton DJ, comedic actor and all around dope artist) about taking a shit at Skrillex’s house, accidental drug ingestion and Ushers birthday with Jermaine Dupri

56:36 | Nov 9th, 2018

Santino sits with Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn 99, Big Mouth) to chat about shitty comedy acting, being too high for too long and how annoying stand up is (also, Chelsea spilled her yogurt on the way home in her lap, check her insta)

44:53 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Santino sits down with Wheeler Walker Jr. to chat about foot dildos, how much Florida Georgia Line sucks ass and his new album WW3.

52:02 | Oct 23rd, 2018

Andrew interview veteran comedian and actor Bobby Lee (Love, MADtv, Tiger Belly, Splitting Up Together). They reminisce what Bobby Lee was willing to do for drugs, as well as stories that introduced Bobby into the dark side of Hollywood.