Heston's Pod & Chips

Heston's Pod & Chips

The world's first multi-sensory podcast. A journey into the magical mind of Heston Blumenthal


25:17 | Jan 29th, 2019

Heston shows you how to control your mind to eat like never before and explains the booziest way to stay cool

32:59 | Jan 22nd, 2019

Heston rubs brooms, forks and fur on his head to discover the power of touch to change taste!
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24:25 | Jan 14th, 2019

Eating fungi out of a caterpillar's bottom and change the flavour of milk with your nose

36:10 | Jan 8th, 2019

Heston eats whale scabs, shows a multi-sensory wine experiment and takes us back 700 years for lunch

27:29 | Jan 1st, 2019

Sweets glorious sweets, Heston shares his amazing Willy Wonka style creations and shows us how to make chocolate sweeter using salt!
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