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Feminists Without Mystique

Feminists Without Mystique


Politics, sex, & foolishness discussed through a feminist lens.

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1:06:24 | Jul 24th, 2019

We discuss everyday sexism, from feeling compelled to carry everything in our purses to being more likely to die in car accidents! We also see a whole bunch of people, and have a special "We see you: ...Show More

1:22:46 | May 6th

We debunk some of the most prevalent COVID-19 myths raging across Facebook, and take a minute to panic about the ongoing Trump/Pence/Kushner incompetent response to the pandemic. They're seriously thi...Show More
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1:20:09 | Apr 29th

We discuss the most recent developments in Tara Reade's allegations against Joe Biden (they corroborate her story) and then dig into the popular Hulu miniseries, Little Fires Everywhere. It passes the...Show More

1:25:15 | Apr 22nd

We're one month into quarantine, and we take stock of where we're ~at~ with everything. We also follow up on a couple of topics from past episodes; Tara Reade and domestic violence increasing.    We s...Show More

1:26:45 | Apr 15th

We kick things off with a conversation on the hypocrisy of religious organizers refusing to shut down in-person services over Easter weekend and then get into the allegations by Tara Reade against pre...Show More
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