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Critical Onions

Critical Onions

It's in the name, "Critical".....Conversational podcast with no scripts or edits.. just discussions, opinions mostly adverse, reviews and criticism on all true crime topics. Roughly 2 episodes a month. Contact email for feedback, comments on our web...Show More

1:32:47 | Aug 4th

Deorr Kunz Jr. (aka "little man") disappeared on July 10, 2015 at the age of 2.5 while he was on his first camping trip at Timber Creek in Idaho. He was camping with his mother, father, great-grandfather and his friend. According to his parents, they...Show More

54:15 | Jul 27th

A very popular case from 2013, Elisa Lam who was found in a water tank on top of the Cecil Hotel she was staying at as she was on her "West Coast Tour". This 21 year old college student decided to take a solo trip from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, CA....Show More
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1:33:53 | Jul 22nd

Can you imagine your 6 year old just disappearing on a family traditional camping trip? You are enjoying the Smoky Mountains with family and friends while your sons are playing hide and seek, your son goes behind a bush and is never seen again? Weeks...Show More

1:25:49 | Jun 17th

With the recent 8th anniversary on June 3, 2019, we decided to cover Lauren Spierer's disappearance. This case received a good amount of media coverage and still no answers for Rob and Charlene Spierer.  The police have not released much to the publi...Show More

57:23 | Jun 10th

We are back from a little break and we are talking more about the Boston Vanishing Men. In this episode we cover 5 cases from 2013-2015. Dennis Njoroge - 11/2015 Josue Quispe - 10/2015 Shiloh Morgado - 8/2015 Eric Munsell 2/2014 Joe Gage - 1/2013 All...Show More
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