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Finding Drago

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The discovery of a bizarre book about the ROCKY film franchise is the first thread of a mystery about Ivan Drago, the underground world of fan fiction and fake identities.

38:59 | Dec 6th, 2018

A cryptic line on Rocky IV’s Wikipedia page mentions a “final masterpiece” from Todd Noy about Ivan Drago, the movie’s bad guy. Comedian Alexei Toliopoulos asks why the hell would anyone write an entire novel about the bad guy from Rocky IV? His ...Show More

26:45 | Feb 21st

Alexei Toliopoulos & Cameron James have been blown away by all the feedback for the series. To say thanks they've decided to release the music from the series created by the very talented Lucca Barone-Peters, as well as a newly discovered gem from t...Show More
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43:00 | Jan 24th

The final bell rings. Alexei Toliopoulos & Cameron James are back in the ring with David, fighting for a confession in their struggle to uncover the truth of Todd Noy. Will they be triumphant like Rocky in Rocky IV? Or will they be defeated like Ro...Show More

46:49 | Jan 17th

Cameron James & Alexei Toliopoulos go full detective when all the evidence leads to one man. They confront their primary suspect in their investigation into Todd Noy, the mysterious author behind Drago: On Mountains We Stand and Swarmer.   Can t...Show More

27:23 | Jan 10th

When the book 'Swarmer', an autobiographical epic poem by Todd Noy, arrives by mail, Alexei and Cameron begin to question everything they ever suspected in their investigation. A familiar name re-emerges but not the one you would expect. If you k...Show More
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