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Join us for a weekly dose of video game content and news, and hopefully a few laughs along the way. We will also be your number one audio source of the happenings around Lit Gaming Arena. Buckle your seat belts, it's another video game podcast!
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LGAcast 016 - Open World Poopin'

2:31:10 | May 2nd

Welcome to yet another installment of the LGAcast, where we are still a little behind on releases, and as such, Justin drops the breaking news that Sony still doesn't allow PSN username changes, which we all know has in fact, come to fruition! Justin...Show More
LGAcast 015 - I Feel Like I'm The Kid In The Back Seat

2:45:24 | Apr 21st

Welcome to Episode 15! We're incredibly sorry for getting these out late, we got behind on the work! But this is an extra hilarious episode of the LGAcast! Join us for our wildest F U T U R E  H E A D L I N E S segment to date, as well as Justin conf...Show More
LGAcast 014 - I Threw A Cat At A Deer Once

3:33:26 | Apr 6th

Welcome to Episode 14 of the LGAcast! On This episode we introduce a modified format of the show, so the break in the middle isn't too long, AND we have a NEW segment: ESPORTS CORNER!!!! Esports Corner is presented by our Esports correspondent, Frost...Show More
LGAcast 013 - Apex Legends Ruined My Life

2:25:39 | Mar 23rd

Tensions run high on this episode of the LGAcast as Frost feels she isn't an important and necessary part of the podcast which comes to a peak after Marcus and Justin ramble on about Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, its sound effects, and some how ended ...Show More
LGAcast 012 - Apex Legends is Ruining My Life

3:08:40 | Mar 10th

On this episode we discuss the big news that Reggie Fils-Aimé is retiring from Nintendo, but that's okay because he's getting promoted to the title of Nintendo Fan. Thanks for all the great years Regginator, you will be missed! We also received a spe...Show More
LGAcast 011 - Apex Legends Might Ruin My Life

2:20:31 | Feb 25th

This belated episode we discuss the crazy new game that had just came out, which is of course, Apex: Legends. Justin can't get enough of this game, so much so that after getting his Facebook banned he did nothing but play Apex: Legends to fill the vo...Show More
LGAcast 010 - Repeating History and Games that are Free

2:30:46 | Feb 11th

This week we are down a co-host once again, Frost was sick and instead chose to sleep! So in true form, Marcus and Justin record our longest episode yet! We still managed to get some talk of Kingdom Hearts in, discussing what worlds that should have ...Show More
LGAcast 009 - Kingdom Hearts and Fun Ruining Old Farts

2:18:39 | Feb 4th

After some technical difficulties, Frost is back and she has exciting news to share. What is it you may ask? Well you'll have to tune in and find out! What game is Marcus playing this week? Well let's say it's a VERY good remaster. Justin has stuff t...Show More
LGAcast 008 - A Frosty Mystery

1:28:52 | Jan 28th

This week we lost Frost in a tragic accident before she could even talk about the games she played. But don't worry about that, because she's back next week and with some BIG NEWS so don't miss it! Because of that, our discussion on what we played is...Show More
LGAcast 007 - Fortnite Overload

1:49:15 | Jan 21st

This week we reach critical mass in news related to Fortnite and Epic, and it sucks the literal life out of Marcus because he HATES Fortnite! Justin saved the best part of the news for the last quarter of the podcast and he didn't know if he was goin...Show More
LGAcast 006 - Too Much Hardware!

1:57:59 | Jan 14th

It's CES 2019 this week so for today's episode we have all of that hardware news to cram into your ears! What is "The Wall" you ask? We'll tell you! And some other crazy stuff happened in the gaming section of the news related to Epic and Unity that ...Show More
LGAcast 005 - New Year 2019 Special!

2:08:59 | Jan 7th

It's a new year and that means we have a very special show for you this week! We take a moment to look back on 2018 and talk about what our favorite games were, and what else we're looking forward to this year. And since it's the beginning of the mon...Show More
LGAcast 004 - Please Sponsor Us, Dr Thunder!

1:08:54 | Dec 31st, 2018

This week, we have a special guest all the way from HQ in the studio, what is his take on video games? And in an amazing turn of events, Justin actually plays a video game. Find out what disappointed him. Frost and Marcus unknowingly joined together ...Show More
LGAcast 003 - Team 17 is Put On Notice, But Not Really

1:04:49 | Dec 23rd, 2018

Team 17 comes under fire from Justin who desperately tries to call them out for not responding to his tweets like an entitled child. Marcus wasn't having any of it and clearly on Team 17's side, cuts Justin off. Frost returns with her thoughts on Hea...Show More
LGAcast 002 - The Dark Truth Behind Kirby

2:09:25 | Dec 16th, 2018

How much do you want to hear about Fortnite? In this episode Justin unknowingly sprinkles in a healthy dose of Fortnite in every corner of the recording. And what's the deal with cell phone trends? Why can't we just get what everyone wants, better ba...Show More
LGAcast 001 - The Good, The Bad, And The Dead

1:30:01 | Dec 2nd, 2018

Welcome to our very first episode of the LGA Podcast! It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to finally get to this point, and here we are! Listen in on us discussing what we liked about the Spyro remaster. Marcus has some extensive thoughts about...Show More