Murder Is My Sign

Jordy Death

Murder Is My Sign combines true crime with astrology. Come and listen and explore the zodiac and how it impacts your life and the life of serial killers!Connect with me, your host Jordy Death, on Twitter and Instagram @jordydeathmurderismysignpodcast...Show More

25:10 | Jan 17th

In the second installment of Killer Couple Bonnie and Clyde we cover their crimes and their rise of popularity. Were they the criminal masterminds that the local law enforcement thought they were? How...Show More

19:54 | Jan 10th

Part one of Bonnie & Clyde, Killer Couple. What was life like in America 100 years ago? Why did we think it was a good idea to outlaw alcohol? Let's go back in time and talk a little bit about the Uni...Show More
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33:22 | Jan 3rd

In this season two overview of Murder Is My Sign: Killer Couples and Deadly Duos, I go over the list of people I plan on covering this season as well as some general zodiac compatibility among the sig...Show More

1:03:37 | Dec 25th, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. My gift to all of you is this delightful special episode of Murder Is My Sign. In this episode my dear friends Lukas and Lanier come over and we discuss a whole mul...Show More

42:52 | Dec 5th, 2019

What an amazing first year for Murder Is My Sign! In this episode, I am recapping all that has happened over the course of the year, and everyone we covered! Be sure to tune in to hear what will be c...Show More
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