In theory, WhatTheFork?! is about blockchain technology. But *really* it's about life, society, and how we can (hopefully) solve the greatest challenges of our time. Your host, Damo, is doing his damnedest to bring some complicated ideas down to eart...Show More
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Episode 7: The Great Governance Transition, Part 1

1:01:50 | Apr 24th

Damo sits down with Berkeley District 3 City Councilman Ben Bartlett to talk about how he got into politics, how we can decentralize governance and build a better economy, and a lot more.
Episode 6: Decentralized Identity

56:39 | Apr 11th

Talkin Decentralized Identity with Colin Campbell of Federate This.
Episode 5: Okay But How?

52:01 | Mar 27th

Today we’re gonna walk through a use case for crypto.
Episode 4: How to Open Source Uber

41:03 | Mar 13th

Today we explore the idea of decentralizing popular services like Uber with Christopher David, CEO of Arcade City.
Episode 3: A Look at Mutual Aid & Leadership Development

1:10:34 | Jan 17th

Exploring Mutual Aid Societies and Political Leadership Development and a bonus chat w/ Sphereon about blockchain for government aid delivery.
Episode 2: Trust Issues

1:08:42 | Dec 19th, 2018

Today we're chatting about trust issues with Paul Snow, CEO of Factom, Inc and creator of the Factom Blockchain Protocol.