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True Crime

Mysterious Midwest


Just two bizarre babes learning about the strange and unusual happenings of the Midwest and beyond. While drinking. And eating snacks.
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35:02 | Aug 19th

We can have a slumber party Monday, right?! In honor of the new Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark adaptation (directed by AndrÊ Øvredal, and screenplay by Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, and of course, Guillermo del Toro), this week we are reading you so...Show More

47:32 | Aug 5th

You made it! Thank you for sticking out the first bi-weekly release! This week we have something super fun coming at you. We're chatting about the Midwest's favorite lasagna-eating feline Garfield, and the man behind the cat, Jim Davis. Grab a cup of...Show More
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48:37 | Jul 22nd

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are going to be switching to releasing episode bi-weekly for the rest of the summer. This is just to play a little bit of catch up, and ensure that we continue putting out quality content. But never fear, we're not going anyw...Show More

1:08:59 | Jul 15th

This week we're sans Sara due to a gross summer sickness - so Danielle's husband Jacen stands in as she recounts a northern Michigan cold case from the late 60's: The Good Hart (or Robison Family) Murders.  For images and notes related to this episod...Show More

1:11:09 | Jul 8th

Mary Meyer, aka Hobo Shojo, is a bisexual, biracial, and bilingual artist located in north central Ohio. She's also a witch, a wife, and mother of two gorgeous cats. Oh, and she also wants to fuck monsters.  This week we are bringing you one helluva ...Show More

57:43 | Jul 1st

We've been light and fluffy for a few weeks around here, so it's about time to bring it down a few notches. In this weeks episode Sara talks about the 1973 Gitchie Manitou Murders, and the 13 year old girl who survived it all - Sandra Chesky. Resourc...Show More

49:10 | Jun 24th

This week we chat about a popular mysterious occurence in the Midwest - Spooklights. What are these strange orbs that appear in the same place over and over again? We learn the lore behind the Paulding Light, Brewery Hill Ghost Light, The Hornet Spoo...Show More

37:52 | Jun 17th

Today we talk about the Midwest's most well known tall (literally) tale - Paul Bunyan. Danielle recounts the history of this most exaggerated gent, while we debate his birthplace, and his relationship with his life-long pal, Babe the Blue Ox. For ima...Show More

1:04:59 | Jun 10th

We're back with another PAWsitively awesome Guestisode this week! If you've ever listened to a single episode of Mysterious Midwest before, you know that we both have a huge soft spot for animals. Join us for a chat with Patience, who is the Foster C...Show More

52:32 | Jun 3rd

This week we kick things off with a local story about a man from Perry, Michigan, who re-created the MK-1 Integrated Moon Suit just for funsies. Then we bring it back to the mysterious by diving into the origin story of the infamous Rhinelander Hodag...Show More

1:22:23 | May 27th

We're back for Part II on Insane Clown Posse! This week we kick things off with the ultimate Faygo taste test, learn about all the albums on Deck 1, and do a deep dive on Juggalo culture. For images and notes related to this episode please visit myst...Show More

56:06 | May 20th

Woop Woop! This week we have Part 1 of our very first two-part episode! Danielle takes a deep dive into the most hated band in America - Detroits own Insane Clown Posse. Part 1 covers the childhood history of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, and the crim...Show More

50:02 | May 13th

This week we do something a little bit different! Strap in while we go for a ride and tell you little bit of background on 4 of our favorite Michigan day trip haunts. These (mostly) abandoned spots make for an interesting visit for any respectful urb...Show More

51:12 | May 6th

Things take a turn for the darker today as Sara tells the case of Don Miller, a serial killer from East Lansing, MI who was active in the late 70’s, and ultimately will be up for parole in August 2021. For images and notes related to this episode ple...Show More

1:26:45 | Apr 29th

You asked for it, we're doing it! This week Danielle covers the story of aninfamous sturdy Norwegian woman named Belle Gunness, who butchered an outrageous number of men in the early 1900's. For images and notes related to this episode please visit m...Show More

1:04:44 | Apr 22nd

This week we're ready to get down and spooky! Sara tells the story of The Sallie House Haunting from Atchison Kansas - one of the most well documented hauntings in the history of the US. For images and notes related to this episode please visit myste...Show More

1:15:04 | Apr 15th

This week we recap our experience at Motor City Furry Con before Danielle tells us about the MASSIVE conspiracy theory that roughly 12 million Americans believe in - freaking Reptilians. For images and notes related to this episode please visit myste...Show More

53:57 | Apr 10th

It's time for a Spring BONUS EPISODE! We are so stoked to release our first guestisode featuring two amazing local makers, Colleen Conrad of WaxxWitch and Briana Holmes of DickWicks! Join us for a conversation about the ups and downs of working with ...Show More

57:03 | Apr 8th

This week we discuss an upcoming Field Trip to a particularly cuddly convention, then Sara recounts the story of the infamous Bloody Benders, America's first mass-murdering family. For images and notes related to this episode, please visit mysterious...Show More

51:30 | Apr 1st

We start out this week recapping our March du Nain Rouge experience and a recent field trip to Cleveland. Get ready for some cacklin’ as Danielle then graces us with the magnificent legend of the infamous Beast of Busco, the a gigantic turtle that ma...Show More

1:07:09 | Mar 25th

Our episode this week starts out with whale dicks and energy healing before we dive into one more meat connection. Sara tells us about the case of Chris Regan, who went missing in Iron River, MI in 2014, and how his manipulative co-worker Kelly Cochr...Show More

1:24:04 | Mar 18th

This week we recap Leaving Neverland, and Danielle does a deep dive on the mysterious Cleveland Torso Murders – a string of murders in the 1930’s that left a trail of dismembered victims, leaving police and main investigator Eliot Ness baffled. For i...Show More

1:07:56 | Mar 11th

Things get a lil heavy this week once again as Sara tells us the tragic story of Laurie Dann. We enjoy Lansing’s finest paczkis while discussing the rollercoaster that is mental illness.  Some of the mental health resources we discuss in this episode...Show More

53:09 | Mar 4th

She’s in the mountains, and she’s on the prowl. This week Danielle tells us all about the musky scented Wampus Cat! Kick back with a Key-Lime LaCroix and join us for the full story on this spooky Appalachian legend. For images and notes related to th...Show More

34:52 | Feb 25th

Val Johnson is the ultimate chill – unlike us. This week Sara tells the story of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy and the events that occurred in the wee hours of the morning on August 27, 1979 that ended up completely rocking the midwest. For im...Show More

1:00:33 | Feb 18th

It’s big, it’s sad, and it’s real screwed up. This week Danielle tells the story of the 1927 historic Bath Massacre, America’s first and deadliest school bombing, which resulted in the deaths of 44 individuals, and injured approximately 58 more. For ...Show More

42:15 | Feb 11th

This week we bring it back to the spookie and the ookie as Sara tells us about the legend of the Wendigo (or windigo), a Native American spirit creature with cannibalistic tendencies. For images and notes related to this episode please visit mysterio...Show More

34:55 | Feb 4th

Things get serious for a moment as Danielle tells the story of one of Michigan’s longest running cold cases, the disappearance of Okemos resident Paige Renkoski. Over 2,000 people go missing in the United States every day. If you or anyone you know h...Show More

45:29 | Jan 28th

This week, Sara delves deep into Nordic history, and we learn about the Viking Land of Vinland. Also, a rock. A really big, really heavy, potentially important rock, and what it means for the people in the town of Kensington, Minnesota. For images an...Show More

31:50 | Jan 21st

Let’s get juicy! Danielle tells us about the legend of the Melon Heads of Michigan, Ohio, and Connecticut – including some first-hand encounters. We also discover the sad truth about these so-called Melon Heads, and heavily shame people for being fea...Show More

47:15 | Jan 14th

This week things get metal. We experience our first (lady) murder boners while Sara tells the story of the 1912 axe murders of Villisca, Iowa. This creep factory of a case remains unsolved to this day. For images and notes related to this episode ple...Show More

35:34 | Jan 7th

In Episode 4, Sara & Danielle get way too hyped over the Beast of Bray Road, and our beautiful cryptid queen, Linda Godfrey. Danielle gives Sara the surprise of a weirdo’s lifetime on-air, and cackling/sweating/hilarity ensues. Episode artwork by Lin...Show More

54:56 | Jan 4th

As a special launch week bonus, we’re dropping an extra episode this week! In Episode 3, we eat a lot of nachos and Sara tells the story of the nationally recognized “Demon House” in Gary, Indiana. Get ready for some serious spook factor! For images ...Show More

28:31 | Jan 1st

Do us a solid, and bear with our audio as we figure this whole podcast thing out. In this episode, Danielle shares the legend of Detroit’s Nain Rouge – a Midwest Mothman if you will, just smaller, and redder. For images and notes related to this epis...Show More

31:38 | Jan 1st

Let's get to know each other! Join us for a drink while we share a little bit about our interests in the spooky ooky. For the first episode, Sara & Danielle discuss the urban legends behind Blood Cemetery, a small graveyard in our hometown of Laingsb...Show More