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Black C Diaries

The Black Case Diaries is a movie discussion-based podcast hosted by three friends in Central Ohio. Marci, Adam, and Robin are three recent college grads and movie enthusiasts, using this podcast to distract themselves from the crushing weight of ear...Show More
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1:24:22 | Sep 12th

Welcome back, Cassettes! Jump in the Tardis with us once again for part two of our Doctor Who series! This week we're discussing the making of the reboot, the rest of the doctors and their companions, and some of our favorite villains! You can find o...Show More

1:05:24 | Sep 6th

Hey Cassettes! This week we're taking you on an adventure in time and space. First, we'll take you to London in the 1960s, when the BBC started production of an all-new adventure series about a doctor from another world! Then, we'll travel through th...Show More
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1:00:58 | Aug 29th

In 1985, the Canadian network CBC aired a two part mini series about a feisty red-headed orphan with an over active imagination. Her name was Anne (spelled with an E) and she lived in the fictional town of Avonlea, in a house with green gables.  The ...Show More

1:02:16 | Aug 22nd

Happy Thursday, Cassettes! Ever since the first movie based on a video game premiered in 1993, video game movies have been notoriously awful. If we asked you to come up with a "good" video game movie, what comes to mind? This week we invited Robin's ...Show More

1:28:50 | Aug 15th

Hey there, Cassettes! This week on The Black Case Diaries, we decided to discuss cinematography. Even though we couldn't cover everything, this is still our longest episode to date! We took a look at the history of the art, what it entails, and some ...Show More

1:05:37 | Aug 8th

Welcome to Camp Black Case Diaries! Here, we talk about movies and TV. This week, we re-visit our friends at Camp Anawanna and talk about the history of Salute Your Shorts! Show notes will be available on our blog and our website! As always, you can ...Show More

57:33 | Aug 1st

Although we were missing one of our hosts this week, we decided to record a bonus episode! This one is not as research-heavy, but instead we talk about the movie myths we heard as children and whether or not we have found them to be true. We will pro...Show More

1:06:35 | Jul 18th

Hey there, Marshmallows! This week, we decided to do something new for our episode. Because we're talking about our favorite teen private investigator, we thought we might try our hand at recording an audio drama! Spoilers: it did not go well. So ins...Show More

1:06:22 | Jul 11th

Fresh out the box. Stop, look and watch. Are you ready yet? Get set, it's ALL THAT! Happy Thursday, Cassettes! For this week's episode, we traveled back to the mid-90s to talk about our favorite children's sketch comedy show. Premiering in 1994, All ...Show More

1:08:40 | Jul 4th

It's officially summer! It's the season of cook-outs, family reunions, patriotic holidays, and childhood nostalgia. This week, we each chose a movie we watch every summer and talked about why it's a quintessential summer movie. Remember to visit our ...Show More

1:09:36 | Jun 27th

It's the final episode of June Tunes and we decided to focus on dance movies of the 1980s! You'll notice, however, that we also included Saturday Night Fever in this episode even though it came out in 1977. We felt like we couldn't talk about dance f...Show More

1:27:33 | Jun 20th

Happy Thursday, Cassettes! Last week we discussed the first 50 years of movie musicals. This week, we took a look at the NEXT 50 years! We covered some of our favorite musical films from the late 1970s through 2018. If you are interested in hearing a...Show More

1:13:41 | Jun 13th

Happy Thursday, Cassettes! In 1927, the first movie musical wowed audiences and brought an end to the silent film era. Now, 92 years later, Hollywood is still making musical films. Join us this week as we talk about the first 50 years (1927-1978) of ...Show More

1:26:03 | Jun 6th

Hey Cassettes! This June, all of our episodes will be about Music! We're calling it June Tunes! For our first episode of the month, we have the third installment of our series on film scores! This week we are focusing on the scores and songs of the D...Show More

37:19 | May 26th

It's Memorial Day weekend, which means it's the unofficial beginning of summer! Pools everywhere are opening, families are firing up the grill, and friends are gathering around fire rings. In honor of summer, we traveled into the woods and recorded a...Show More

50:38 | May 23rd

Hey Cassettes! So far this May, we have covered Pokemon, Godzilla, and now, DRAGONS. Unfortunately we weren't able to use the studio this week (we were traveling) so instead we recorded on location! We made a list of our top 10 movie dragons! Based o...Show More

1:00:30 | May 16th

Hey Cassettes! Last week, we talked about monsters that fit in your pocket. This week, we discussed the biggest monster of all: Godzilla! Since his film debut in 1954, this massive reptile has gone through many changes. Join us with special guest Jac...Show More

1:07:09 | May 9th

Happy Thursday, Cassettes! With Detective Pikachu heading to theaters, we decided to revisit the global sensation that won over the hearts of children (and adults) everywhere: Pokémon! Created in the late 1990s, the Pokémon games took the world by st...Show More

1:02:05 | May 1st

Happy Anniversary, Spongebob! On May 1st, 1999 an sea sponge applied to work at The Krusty Krab as a fry cook. Showing off his unrelenting optimism and cooking skills, he won the hearts of Mr. Krabs (his future boss) and children everywhere. Now 20 y...Show More

1:07:45 | Apr 25th

Hey Sandy! This week we took a trip back in time to Wellsville, USA and visited with our favorite red-headed brothers! If you get a minute, sit with us a while and listen as we chat about Pete Wrigley, his brother Pete, Ellen, Artie (the strongest ma...Show More

1:01:27 | Apr 18th

Hey Cassettes! We're back with another episode of The Black Case Diaries! After our five-week long discussion about the Disney Princesses, we switched gears to talk about PBS Children's shows! This channel as taught, comforted, and amused us for so m...Show More

1:06:17 | Apr 11th

Well Cassettes, it's finally here! Welcome to week 5 of the Disney (or Pixar) March Match-Up! This week we invited our friend Kelly Tyree to help us decide the WINNER In the Final Four we have: Elsa v Tiana Rapunzel v Eilonwy For more info on this ep...Show More

59:59 | Apr 5th

Hey there, Cassettes! March may be over, but our Disney/Pixar Princess Match-Up rolls on! Join us this week as our guest judge Rebecca Hecker narrows down our elite eight. Belle v Elsa Snow White v Tiana Ariel v Eilonwy Atta v Rapunzel You can check ...Show More

25:30 | Apr 1st

Hey folks, On this first day of April, welcome to the inaugural episode of Podcast Wives! This week your hosts Jacob and Ariel discuss what it's like to be in a relationship with a podcaster. Stick around for an appearance from The Black Case Diaries...Show More

1:17:15 | Mar 29th

Welcome Back, Cassettes! This week we're following up with our third episode of our Disney Pixar Princess March Match-Up! This week we have: Eilonwy v Anna Atta v Nala Elsa v Venellope Cinderella v Snow White Special thanks to Anthony Forrest for bei...Show More

1:24:16 | Mar 22nd

Welcome Back, Cassettes! This week we're following up with our second episode of our Disney Pixar Princess March Match-Up! This week we have: Ariel v Moana Jasmine v Rapunzel Belle v Pocahontas Tiana v Merida Special thanks to Haley Osburn for being ...Show More

27:39 | Mar 17th

Every year on St. Patrick's Day, we eat Colcannon and watch an Irish-related film. In honor of St. Paddy's Day, we recorded a brief episode about this year's pick, the 2009 animated film "The Secret of Kells." Here is a link to Cartoon Saloon's websi...Show More

1:02:13 | Mar 15th

Here at the Black Case Diaries, we don't really follow basketball. So when it became time to fill out that March bracket, we filled it with Disney/Pixar Princesses instead! Each week, a guest judge will help us decide which princess will move one ste...Show More

58:13 | Mar 8th

Well Cassettes, here's another nice case we've gotten ourselves into! This week, we had our very first guest stop by the studio and tell us about his favorite comedy team (well, one of his favorites). Special thanks to Mr. Bob Hecker (Robin's Dad) fo...Show More

1:15:44 | Mar 1st

Happy Friday, Cassettes! Everybody loves a sequel, right? Well, this time Robin takes us back to the golden age of film to talk about the composers that set the stage for film music today. Then, we jump ahead to talk briefly about the composers nomin...Show More

33:36 | Feb 25th

Hey there, Cassettes! Right after the biggest night in Hollywood, we hopped on the mics and recorded our thoughts on the 2019 Academy Awards. Come hang out with us as we discuss our predictions, the biggest upsets, and of course that Lion King (2019)...Show More

54:02 | Feb 22nd

Hey there, Cassettes! If we were to ask you, "Who is the hero of Die Hard?" You would have to say John McClane. What about The Princess Bride? Why, Westley and Princess Buttercup of course. Well sure, they're the OBVIOUS heroes. But what about the pe...Show More

23:37 | Feb 19th

We're back for another "briefcase!" This time, we jumped into the studio to quickly discuss the newest trailer for Disney's live-action Aladdin.  What do you think of the trailer? Are you nervous? Excited? Horrified? Let us know! We're on twitter @bl...Show More

1:10:51 | Feb 15th

When we think of a Disney Animated Classic, the same movies tend to come to mind (for example, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Aladdin.) With as many as 57 movies that fit this category, it's only natural that some films will fall to the wayside....Show More

58:44 | Feb 8th

Premiering in Canada on October 31st 1990, "Are You Afraid of the Dark" was a horror anthology series for children created by DJ MacHale. It aired on Nickelodeon until 1996 (before a soft reboot in 1999) and followed a group of kids that gathered onc...Show More

32:19 | Feb 5th

The Super Bowl is the biggest night in American sports. People all over the country gather to watch and eat junk food as two teams battle for the recognition of being the year's best team in American Football. This year, we didn't tune in so much to ...Show More

1:04:48 | Feb 1st

We've all heard the phrase, "The book is better." Whether you've said it yourself or heard it from a friend, it's a popular commentary on book to movie adaptations.  In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite and least favorite book-inspired fi...Show More

1:00:49 | Jan 25th

From radio broadcasts to the first cartoons, voice acting has been a part of popular culture for over a hundred years. Listen in as Adam, Marci, and Robin discuss the history of this art form, popular voices of today, and the pros and cons of celebri...Show More

1:08:12 | Jan 18th

Join us this week as we discuss movie music! In preparation for this episode, Robin created a playlist of film music for Adam and Marci to listen to. You can find the list (along with some other examples) Here: We covered a lot...Show More

1:00:42 | Jan 11th

You know what they say, "If it ain't broke, remake it!" At least, that's how we think the saying goes. From Fuller House to Kim Possible, remakes are the biggest thing around. Studios have learned that just because nostalgia is priceless, it doesn't ...Show More

21:57 | Jan 11th

Welcome Back! We're excited to share with you our first mini episode or "brief case" if you will (yeah we think we're clever.) Listen in as we discuss the Golden Globe winner Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse!   Other Movies mentioned:  Ralph Brea...Show More

18:57 | Jan 11th

Welcome to our website! Here we like to clear up some points made during the podcast as well as outline some people we spoke about in case anyone wanted to know more. We are a movie-centered podcast from the exotic land of Ohio. We're made up of thr...Show More

58:32 | Jan 10th

Today's episode is about movies that deserve a second chance. We've all seen movies that we don't enjoy and will likely never watch again. But, sometimes we get a second chance to see a movie, and for whatever reason, it was better this time around....Show More

33:39 | Jan 10th

On the 175th anniversary of "A Christmas Carol," Adam, Marci, and Robin discuss the many film versions of this Christmas classic. What makes this old tale of redemption so compelling? In our special Christmas episode, we discuss one of the most icon...Show More