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Erin Elizabeth Hynes of Pina Travels

Travel enthusiast, Erin, chats with guests about travel controversies, ethical tourism and travel stories with no holds barred! Why are people obsessed with dark tourism? How can we travel ethically? Which destinations should we rethink? Plus we tack...Show More

56:26 | Feb 19th

Chris and Bri from TravelingMitch join us in discussing #travelcouples and disecting what travel instagrammers are really selling. We also discuss culture shock and what it means to experience it and ...Show More

53:30 | Feb 5th

How many travelers do you see posting “poverty porn” to their social accounts, and, is this okay? Erin chats with Wendy and Olivia from @NoWhiteSaviors about voluntourism, the white savior complex, an...Show More
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48:38 | Jan 22nd

Around the world, from Nicaragua to Morocco, women’s surf camps are popping up. It seems clear that in countries with traditional views of gender, surfing has emerged as hobby for women. But it’s also...Show More

48:47 | Jan 8th

Erin is joined by Valika who tells the story of how she boarded her first transatlantic flight in the early 60s at age 13 - completely alone. She shares her experiences from traveling by car through S...Show More

44:34 | Dec 25th, 2019

Erin is joined by AMB producer Kattie to end the year off on a more personal note. You've heard Erin talk A LOT all year, and heard Kattie chuckling in the background, but we've never really shared wh...Show More
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