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Alpaca My Bags

Erin Elizabeth Hynes of Pina Travels

Travel enthusiast, Erin, chats with guests about travel controversies, ethical tourism and travel stories with no holds barred! Why are people obsessed with dark tourism? How can we travel ethically? Which destinations should we rethink? Plus we tack...Show More

16:13 | Jul 24th

In part two of our Disney Parks dissection, Erin and return guest, Sennah, dive into the depths of reddit threads from Disney "cast members" past and present! We had to know the dark truth behind the veil of Disney Park happiness, and boy did we find...Show More

49:07 | Jul 24th

We'll come out and say it: Erin is a Disney Parks skeptic - and while friends and travelers all over the world rave about the "magic" of the Disney Parks experience, we had to look at this phenomenon with a critical eye... because of course had to!
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

18:46 | Jul 10th

Erin is joined by global runner, Karolina, in part two of our Sport Tourism episode to discuss everything Olympics, its impact on host cities and plenty of fun facts.

38:23 | Jul 10th

A more light-hearted episode, Erin sits down with runner Karolina to talk about Sport Tourism and her global running! Ever heard of the secret global running group events called "Bridge-the-Gap"? Karolina give us all the insider details, how she got ...Show More

21:40 | Jun 26th

Lauren's got a particular knack for finding Spanish romances, while although Erin ultimately found love while traveling, she's seen some shit while working abroad too. Backpacking's hookup culture is strange territory!

30:44 | Jun 26th

How do you balance work and travel?! We discuss what the internet is saying you should do in order to have the best of both worlds, what the heck a "Digital Nomad" is, and Erin and Lauren are brutally honest about working abroad.

41:59 | Jun 12th

Traveling as a couple must be soooo romantic! Well, not always.

34:55 | Jun 5th

By now you've heard AMB host Erin talk ALOT. It's about time you got to know her a little better! In this bonus episode Kattie asks Erin all about her relationship to travel, day to day life, and more!

1:00:04 | May 29th

Erin is joined by former cruise staffer Jessica to talk all things cruising! From what happens behind the scenes on cruise ships to the impact of cruising on the environment, Erin and Jessica delve deep into the world of floating vacations.

40:58 | May 15th

Erin chats with her producer, Kattie, and guest Carleigh about life with allergies. When you put three allergy kids in the same room, there's lots of shared experiences to laugh about!

43:39 | May 15th

Erin and Carleigh share their experiences of traveling with severe allergies, as well as tips on how to do it yourself.

46:08 | May 8th

In this bonus episode Erin and Kattie head to rural Ontario to meet REAL ALPACAS!

35:36 | May 1st

Immigration is pretty different from travel, and Erin wanted to learn more about the experience.

39:34 | May 1st

Most of us experience homesickness at one point in our lives. Erin chats with Anabelle about the experience of homesickness: what it feels like, when it happens, and how to cope with it.

42:22 | Apr 17th

In this episode, guest, Daniel, recounts the horrific story of being bitten (several times) by a Fer-de-Lance viper while traveling in Belize. This viper is one of the world's deadliest snakes, and Dan lived to tell us the tale of his encounter with ...Show More

16:08 | Apr 17th

Dan and Erin discuss a whole bunch of deadly animals that you might want to avoid while traveling abroad.

22:45 | Apr 3rd

Recent articles floating around the internet claim that women travel solo more than men. Why is this?

22:41 | Apr 3rd

Erin and Laurelle talk about what they do to keep safe while traveling alone, as women, and they share some hilarious stories about their solo adventures.

20:27 | Mar 20th

Erin and Britt unpack self care. They discuss what self care actually is, how to experience is, criticisms against it, and how self care is an element of travel.

21:00 | Mar 20th

Erin chats group travel with Britt Kasco, the founder of an all-women group travel company called Origin Travels.

35:21 | Mar 13th

Erin plans a trip for Kattie LIVE, plus, it's full of heckin' hot tips on how to save on your budget while planning a vacation.

37:52 | Mar 6th

Erin chats with guest Zach about his experiences as a queer traveler: the good, the bad, the unique challenges and how he copes with them.

49:21 | Feb 20th

Erin and guest Shir take on a difficult topic this week: the Holocaust, and Auschwitz. Tune in to hear them discuss and debate this form of dark tourism, everything from whether it is okay to take a selfie in a death camp to whether these sites of tr...Show More

54:38 | Feb 6th

Cuba is famous for being one of the only remaining socialist countries in the world. With this in mind, Erin and Rashid explain Cuba's history, how socialism has shaped Cuba's tourism industry, and share stories of their experiences backpacking there...Show More

46:20 | Jan 23rd

Erin and guest Bella discuss and debate their experiences of sexism in Morocco as women travelers.

40:31 | Jan 9th

Alpaca my bags to go to Cambodia anytime! This South East Asian destination is popular on the backpacker trail. With a dark history of genocide, it is surprising to hear that some tourists opt to go to shooting ranges and fire weapons that would be i...Show More