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Toast The Town

Favorite Friends

A podcast about Towns and things worth Toasting. Join all your favorite friends – Stephen Acevedo, Cole Gerthoffer, Hannah Mesches, and Nabeel Muscatwalla – as they discuss the best music, movies, and TV from all your favorite cities. Other topics ma...Show More

41:06 | Jul 25th

PART TWO. Your favorite friends wrap up the capital city. Highlights include Cory in the House, Fugazi, and rapper Wale, who, by some accounts, “fails” and “is butt.”

1:04:34 | Jul 4th

PART ONE. Your favorite friends toast the nation’s capital in their very first, very special double-episode. Highlights include My Date with the President’s Daughter, Burn After Reading, and something called National Trevor.

1:23:30 | Apr 18th

Your favorite friends toast the Mile High City. Highlights include Battlefield Earth, Community, the first cheeseburger, very mediocre music, and a very principled Stephen.

52:53 | Feb 20th

Your favorite friends toast The Valley. Highlights include A Cinderella Story, Barry, far too much nü-metal, and FAR too much horniness.

47:36 | Jan 12th

Toasting the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Highlights include Erykah Badu, Bottle Rocket, Walker Texas Ranger, a lengthy digression about Cara Delevingne (notably NOT from Dallas), and corn dogs.