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Every season Brittany and Kelly talk about a topic everyone loves. It could be movies, television, books, or anything. Each episode is them discussing one of your favorites from that category.

1:26:46 | Jul 30th

Join us as we visit the doctors of County General and discuss the medical drama that helped pave the way for many to follow. On this episode, we talk about the likelihood of surviving an ER visit, Kelly crying herself to sleep and how having a crush ...Show More

46:55 | Jul 16th

Due to popular demand, we went a little off script this week and covered a show that hasn't yet finished it's run. Proof that we are listening to our fans on social media! Join us as we discuss the antics of everyone's favorite criminal mom gang in t...Show More
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1:34:25 | Jul 3rd

What better way can you think of to celebrate the 4th of July than joining us in discussing the most patriotic fictional character ever to grace modern television?! (We will let you decide if that's Leslie Knope or Ron Swanson).

1:14:50 | Jun 18th

Guys, slick your bleach blond hair back and, ladies, rock that side ponytail because we are taking a trip back to the early 90's to visit Bayside High! Join us as we discuss world peace(?), caffeine pills and why it's important to not be a snotty lit...Show More

1:16:00 | Jun 4th

Did someone order a Full House episode? You got it, dude! Join us as we discuss the complexity of childcare, growing up with siblings and how to sterilize surgical tools after practicing on cold cuts.
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