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F Bombs With Priscilla

Fulfillment, fiesty, feelings, funny & familia! Let's break it the F DOWN!


13:55 | Apr 15th

I read something that felt like a golden nugget that I needed to share, how are you resolving conflict during this, because I haven’t figured it out, and TIME BLOCKING is the new quarantine trend

12:19 | Apr 13th

I warned you... haha This episode is about how the easter bunny almost didn’t come to our house and when he did, it didn’t go well... Our Easter was not the best. But I saw a lot of people did have a ...Show More
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15:55 | Apr 7th

My daughter hates me right now and said I am trying to embarrass her in front of her friends. How are you connecting with your spouse right now? Cause in my house, we’ve been on the back burner. FINA...Show More

14:13 | Apr 6th

Just read a statistic that women are more likely to suffer from mental health exhaustion than men. SHOCKER. Lol! PLUS, how will you go back into public after all of this....

14:29 | Apr 2nd

Today I share with you the advice I received yesterday that changed my life. The PSA I have for everyone enjoying the outdoors right now and 7 AMAZING tips to not only improve your relationship during...Show More
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