F Bombs With Priscilla

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Fulfillment, fiesty, feelings, funny & familia! Let's break it the F DOWN!

27:49 | Oct 30th

On This episode I tell you about the permanent decision my husband and I made, MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT EVER, A listener asks for advice on a SH*TTY decision her husband made, we talk about how toxic relationships in the past made it's way into my...Show More

57:21 | Oct 23rd

On today's episode I sit down with my friends Caya and Ralphie from A Damas Guide To Podcast (a lifestyle podcast that navigates the nitty gritty of life with a comedic twist) and we discuss so much! Our social media trolls and the nasty things they'...Show More
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42:22 | Oct 16th

On this episodes of F Bombs with Priscilla I thought it would be fun to hit the record button while my husband and I were hanging out with two of our best friends. We talk about how we met, Michael calls me out on how I fart (jerk LOL), we share what...Show More

22:35 | Oct 9th

Whoop! It's my birthday! Today I turn 33. And I am so BLAH about it. The last few months I've decided to make a significant shift in how I live my life. I am done being a people pleaser and I AM DONE FITTING IN A BOX! Are You?

23:39 | Sep 25th

On this episode we talk about dumb fights you have with your spouses, The blow out on KUWTK about spanking someone else's child, the person that moved into my neighborhood that I'm FREAKING OUT ABOUT, AND... Breastfeeding is leading to mental health ...Show More
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