The Female Leads

Eva Hartling


On each episode of The Female Leads, Eva Hartling interviews inspiring women about their journey to unlocking their own potential. Canadian author Margaret Atwoods famously said "we still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful woman ...Show More

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Mélanie Joly | Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie of Canada

29:03 | Jan 22nd

Melanie Joly was 34 when she ran for mayor in Montreal's municipal elections (she came in close second at the polls) and was 36 when she was elected to the House of Commons and named Minister of Heritage Canada by Justin Trudeau. She is a born leader...Show More

Erica Wark | Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Expert and TV Personality

54:09 | Feb 15th

Our guest on this 6th episode of The Female Leads is Canadian style powerhouse Erica Wark, Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Expert and TV Personality. Erica spoke to Eva Hartling about carving her own path in the highly competitive world of fashion and s...Show More

Sophie Boulanger | Founder and CEO of BonLook

35:04 | Feb 6th

Our guest on this 5th episode of The Female Leads is fierce female entrepreneur Sophie Boulanger, CEO and founder of BonLook, the Canadian answer to Warby Parker launched in 2010 with a disruptive direct-to-consumer business model for prescription ey...Show More

Janet Zuccarini | Global Restaurateur and Resident Judge, Top Chef Canada

37:12 | Jan 29th

Our fourth episode of The Female Leads features global (and self-made) restaurateur Janet Zuccarini, who started with one restaurant in Toronto and grew her business to include 8 companies today. Janet owns the Gusto 54 Global Restaurant Group and ...Show More

BONUS EPISODE | An Interview in French with Mélanie Joly | Une entrevue avec Mélanie Joly

30:25 | Jan 27th

Our second episode of the first season featured the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Canada’s Minister of Official Languages, Tourism and La Francophonie. Given the Minister’s responsibilities, we decided to feature a bonus episode which would consist of an ...Show More

Caitlin Cronenberg | Celebrity Photographer and Director

37:43 | Jan 16th

In this first episode of The Female Leads, celebrity photographer and director Caitlin Cronenberg talks about her career, how becoming a mom has shaped who she is today, what keeps her motivated and grounded, and what's next for her after having rele...Show More