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Biographics: History One Life at a Time

Biographics: History One Life at a Time

For better of for worse these are the people who changed our world.

22:41 | Aug 16th

George Washington, Simon Bolivar, even Pancho Villa; the names of the great North and South American revolutionaries remain globally famous centuries on. But there’s one great New World rebel many have forgotten. He was a nobody who became a somebody...Show More

17:06 | Jun 19th

For eleven years he hosted one of the most popular art shows on television -- transforming a blank canvas to a finished painting in a remarkably short, 30 minutes. He captivated audiences with his mesmerizing voice and relaxed demeanor, and of course...Show More
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16:55 | Sep 3rd

It’s no secret that is dominating multiple aspects of our daily lives. We can find just about everything we could possibly need on their site, and if you have Amazon Prime, you only wait two days for free delivery. For our digital media, w...Show More

16:14 | Aug 28th

In the collective memory of the people, Diana, Princess of Wales was everything a royal should be. She was beautiful, composed, and full of compassion for those in need. And when she died in 1997, it was a horrific tragedy that shook the world. She h...Show More

19:33 | Jul 29th

To some he was the very embodiment of evil – the psychopathic incarnation of the Devil himself. To others, he was a god-fearing defender of the faith, courageously standing up to the feared Ottoman Empire. In his time, he was known as Vlad the Impale...Show More

24:51 | Jul 25th

 Maximilien Robespierre promised to usher a fairer, more representative form of government to the French people. What they got was a reign of terror that saw thousands facing the horror of the guillotine.  

22:56 | Jul 23rd

 Christopher Columbus (c. 1451 to May 20, 1506) was an Italian explorer and navigator. In 1492, he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain in the Santa Maria, with the Pinta and the Niña ships alongside, hoping to find a new route to India.  

19:10 | Jul 1st

Cleopatra VII is one of the most famous women who has ever lived. Her story has inspired poets, dramatists, and artists for more than 2,000 years. Through cunning and guile, she survived to rule Egypt as all of her siblings perished by the wayside.  ...Show More

19:26 | Jun 20th

Christopher Lee is most familiar to the world as a consummate actor with a deep, rich voice and a towering presence. In ten hammer Studios films he became the embodiment of evil, inhabiting the character of Count von Dracula with a sinister charm.   ...Show More

19:48 | May 10th

 During his early years the future macho man’s mother dressed and treated him as a girl and his own son Gregory, would become a transvestite. He was known as Papa Hemingway and yet he had a distant relationship with his three sons. In the midst of th...Show More

18:54 | Sep 20th

He was the child from hell – born into royalty with a deformity that put a lifelong chip on his shoulder, he quickly alienated everyone around him. By the time he became ruler of Germany, this grandson of Queen Victoria had grown to hate the British,...Show More

16:10 | Sep 19th

When you think of Nazi Germany, you mostly think about the human rights abuses, and the concentration camps like Auschwitz. But have you ever wondered what happened to the black people living under the Third Reich? It turns out that even though there...Show More

16:22 | Sep 18th

Bill Cosby is a stand-up comedian and actor. He became an American icon, and someone who millions of people looked to as a father figure, and a moral compass. He would disappoint the entire world when they began to learn that he was not at all the wo...Show More

17:46 | Sep 17th

Theodor Seuss Geisel was born in 1904 to German immigrants. His father owned a very successful brewery in Springfield, Massachusetts. As a child, his favorite pastime was to go to the zoo with his family every Sunday. He was so good at drawing animal...Show More

18:36 | Sep 16th

Grigori Rasputin was a Russian peasant who claimed to have mystic healing powers, and he even went so far as to say he was the second coming of Christ. He formed his own cult, and even manipulated the members of the royal Romanov family into believin...Show More

23:59 | Sep 13th

On March 20, 1995, five members of Japan’s Aum Shinrikyo cult boarded the Tokyo subway in the middle of rush hour. At 8am they punctured bags of sarin, releasing a deadly cloud of nerve gas into the crowded trains. Commuters were blinded, wracked wit...Show More

16:34 | Sep 12th

In the 1970’s, one 6-foot, 9-inch tall man named Edmund Kemper towered over his peers, and most considered him to be a gentle giant. No one in his life could have imagined that he murdered six teenage girls hitchhiking through Santa Cruz, California,...Show More

24:50 | Sep 11th

He’s the dentist’s son who grew up to become the world’s youngest billionaire. In the mid-2000s, Mark Zuckerberg created a website that defined a generation, a website you almost certainly use yourself. The behemoth that is Facebook today dominates t...Show More

14:52 | Sep 10th

“He sees when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad, or good. So be good, for goodness sake…” If you live in the western world, you already know this line from “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Harry Connick Jr....Show More

25:03 | Sep 9th

What would you think of a man who supported the greatest mass-murder machine in human history? A man who was proud to stand by a genocidal dictator who nearly destroyed Europe; a man proud to call himself a Nazi? Would you find him sickening, evil? M...Show More

19:50 | Sep 6th

He is one of the most popular and enduring icons of the American West; the gentleman bandit who charmed his way through life, always keeping one step ahead of the law. With his fabled Wild Bunch, he terrorized the banks and railways companies during ...Show More

15:39 | Sep 5th

As the founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner was one of the icons of the sexual revolution in the 1960’s. Opinions about Hefner are very polarized- you either love and admire the man, or completely disapprove of the multi-million dollar empire he ...Show More

21:36 | Sep 4th

By the age of twenty-four Hermann Goering was a famous combat pilot ,a national hero, and leader of Germany’s most celebrated fighter squadron. By the time of his death, less than thirty years later, he was reviled as a monster with the blood of mill...Show More

16:39 | Sep 2nd

The Mongolian empire is remembered for their barbaric conquests, and the power of their great leaders that managed to spread the empire across several continents. But one of the most fascinating people who has been forgotten from the empire is the wa...Show More

17:55 | Aug 30th

When it comes to serial child killer Albert Fish, the adjectives to describe his inhumanity hardy seem strong enough - depraved, perverted, deviant, degenerate - he was all that and more. The crimes he committed fill the heart with rage, while the ta...Show More

16:59 | Aug 29th

Stan Lee spend most of his career as the writer, director, editor, and producer of Marvel Comics. He created some of the world’s most popular comic book characters, like Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, and the rest of The Avengers. What started out a...Show More

16:21 | Aug 27th

During the Holocaust, Ilse Koch lived in the Buchenwald concentration camp with her husband. She would order the deaths of prisoners at-will, and even enjoyed watching people being tortured and killed. Her home was filled with momentos made from huma...Show More

19:01 | Aug 26th

Tomas De Torquemada was the controlling force of the Spanish Inquisition. He presided over the systematic purging of so-called heretic Jews that has gone down in history as one of the worst religious persecutions of all time. But was he the monster t...Show More

16:52 | Aug 23rd

During the Bolshevik revolution, the Romanov dynasty was killed after over a hundred-year reign in Russia. The bodies of the parents and all five children were laid on the ground. But when the corpses were later moved and given a proper burial, the b...Show More

24:10 | Aug 22nd

Long before Kim Jong-Un became the go-to tyrant for five star absurdity, there was another dictator on the block. Muammar al-Gaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years with an iron fist wrapped in a sequined glove so garish it would’ve put Liberace to shame. H...Show More

23:39 | Aug 21st

He’s the man who killed a king. Oliver Cromwell, the English Puritan turned military dictator, is today most famous for signing the death warrant that led to Charles I’s bloody execution in 1649. Over a hundred years before the American and French Re...Show More

18:07 | Aug 20th

She is one of the earliest serial killers in recorded history – the original sado-masochistic femme fatal. She stands out as a shocking lesson in just how dangerous a sadistic, demented powerful woman can be. The passing of the centuries has left us ...Show More

18:53 | Aug 15th

On August 4th, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were brutally murdered in their home in Fall River, Massachusetts. Their heads had been split open in a fit of rage from nearly a dozen blows from a hatchet. There was no theft, and no sign of a break-in. T...Show More

19:04 | Aug 14th

Georgy Zhukov was born in 1896 to an incredibly poor peasant family in the Kaluga Province, roughly 80 miles from Moscow. His family had a small house in the relatively poor town of Strelkovka, which Zhukov was quoted once as saying “looked the worst...Show More

19:43 | Aug 9th

 He was the self-proclaimed messiah who looked like a rock star. A mesmerizing personality and passionate Bible knowledge combined to allow him to gain ascendancy over a small group of followers, to manipulate them, use them for his sexual desires an...Show More

18:03 | Aug 8th

 In the 1970’s and 80’s, over one hundred families in California had their homes ransacked by the same man. Many of them woke up in the middle of the night to a flashlight blinding their eyes. A man was standing over their bed, wearing a black ski ma...Show More

20:45 | Aug 7th

For 146 years, the Barnum and Bailey Circus was known for being the greatest show on earth. None of it would have been possible if it were not for an ambitious entrepreneur named PT Barnum. While his life and career were sometimes the source of contr...Show More

23:18 | Aug 6th

 His nickname is still known across the globe. Simon Bolivar, El Libertador (The Liberator), the man who almost single-handedly wrested South America from Spanish control. Without a doubt, he was one of the most important men who ever lived: a Latino...Show More

20:01 | Aug 5th

He is the worldwide symbol of rebellion and revolutionary struggle. His silhouette is familiar to billions, representing the epitome of cool anti-establishmentism. Yet, few people know the real story behind the legend of Che Guevara. In this week’s B...Show More

19:22 | Aug 2nd

He is the world’s most famous cyclist, dominating his sport like no one before or since. Yet his reputation has been forever tarnished by a scandal that tore at the very fabric of professional cycling, pitting the sports elite against each other.  

20:26 | Jul 31st

 Two thousand years after his assassination he is still revered as one of the greatest rulers in all history. Yet, his story reverberates as a tale of the dangers of power unbounded. His military genius and political skill saw him rise to the positio...Show More

21:10 | Jul 30th

Hirohito was the longest reigning monarch in Japan’s history, serving as Emperor for 63 years. Vested with supreme power and viewed as a deity by his people, he presided over a nation that unleashed a war savagery that shocked the world. His unpreced...Show More

19:09 | Jul 24th

Adolf Eichmann was a thin little man with bow legs and a hook nose. In the civilian world he had been viewed as of no account, a socially awkward loser with little to redeem himself. Having joined the Nazi party, however, his unquestioning commitment...Show More

17:33 | Jul 22nd

Italian diplomat Niccolò Machiavelli lived over five centuries ago but his influence among unscrupulous politicians reaches into the modern age. He is mostly known for writing The Prince -- the handbook that established him as the "father of modern p...Show More

20:38 | Jul 19th

He was the father of Fascism, the iron fisted dictator who ruled Italy for more than two decades. During that time, he plunged his country to disaster, forming an alliance with Adolf Hitler and bringing the wrath of the world – and his own people – u...Show More

16:07 | Jul 18th

Undoubtedly one of modern history’s most notorious and abhorrent killers -- his crimes are the stuff of nightmares. Over the course of 13 years, he prowled for men and lured them back to his house before drugging and strangling them.  

23:09 | Jul 17th

He was the personification of the evil dictator - clad in his familiar khaki uniform and cap and chomping on his cigar, he ruled with an iron fist over his island nation.  

19:31 | Jul 16th

He was one of the world’s most notorious and ruthless leaders. Since coming to power in 1979, Saddam used any means necessary to hold onto Iraq including killing anyone who stood in his way. At a young age he was brutalized at home, ran away to his u...Show More

20:57 | Jul 12th

He is the epitome of pure, unadulterated evil; the mastermind guru with the swastika on his forehead and the wild, crazed look in his eyes. He was responsible for the one of the most heinous crimes of our time, controlling his minions like a puppetee...Show More

15:31 | Jul 11th

Twenty-five hundred years ago one’s man’s spiritual journey was the beginning of one of the world’s seven religions -- boasting 376 million followers today. He is simply called “The Buddha,” and he grew up the son of a king…sheltered from the realiti...Show More

20:48 | Jul 10th

Just the mention of his name can still send a chill up the spine. In a place full of horror, he was the most feared monster of them all – the angel of death, Josef Mengele. Although trained as a doctor to preserve life, he brought a sadistic cruelty ...Show More

21:48 | Jul 9th

He was the quiet, efficient and oh so ruthless architect of the Holocaust; Hitler’s most loyal sycophant. He ruthlessly dispatched those who stood in his way as he rose to a position of power that was second only to the Fuhrer. In the end he spectacu...Show More

20:10 | Jul 5th

In 1996, the FBI apprehended a man that alluded capture for nearly two decades. His homemade letter bombs struck fear across the country — mostly targeting airlines and universities — earning him the nickname, “Unabomber.” All told, he killed three p...Show More

19:11 | Jul 4th

 Jim Jones, leader of the People’s Temple, has come to symbolize the ultimate in sleazy, evil cult figures. Through a forceful personality, charm and genuine good works, he managed to draw a massive following and lead them, like a modern-day pied pip...Show More

19:24 | Jul 3rd

 Born in July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut, George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States. He narrowly won the Electoral College vote in 2000, in one of the closest and most controversial elections in American history. Bush led the...Show More

22:36 | Jul 2nd

Pablo Escobar was the world’s most successful drug trafficker. He was also its most deadly. During his 17- year reign at the top of the Colombian cocaine empire, he ordered the killings of thousands of people, including judges, ministers of parliamen...Show More

21:08 | Jun 28th

He is revered as one of the greatest artists of all time. For centuries he has typified the perfect artistic genius. His greatest legacy is the surviving works that we can see today - The Sistene Chapel, the Statue of david, the Pieta. Yet, behind th...Show More

21:34 | Jun 27th

In 1937 Amelia Earhart was one of the most famous women on the planet. For the last decade she had been upending stereotypes, smashing records and establishing herself as an international role model. As she set off for her greatest adventure, a round...Show More

19:38 | Jun 26th

The real life exploits of Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 warriors at Thermoplyae have given rise to the myth of the Spartan superhero – the supremely disciplined man of few words who had a body of steel, could endure any hardship and would fight to h...Show More

19:00 | Jun 25th

Charles Darwin, the mild mannered son of a physician, was once described as the most dangerous man in England. In fact many people considered him to be the agent of the Devil himself, come to sow seeds of corruption among the faithful.  

20:43 | Jun 24th

Known as ‘the father of modern fantasy’ his epic tales of legend and lore have been enjoyed by millions of people all over the world — devoured in popular books and adapted for Hollywood blockbuster films. Unbelievably bright, he was a distinguished ...Show More

20:26 | Jun 21st

Ada Lovelace was born Augusta Ada Byron in London on December 10, 1815 to the philandering Romantic poet Lord Byron and strictly religious Annabella Milbanke. Ada was Lord Byron’s only legitimate child.     

18:12 | Jun 18th

Fred Rogers was a legitimate American national treasure. Over 31 seasons he proved to be the reliable, compassionate and all-wise friendly neighbor who guided millions of youngsters through their childhood. Fred single handedly introduced children’s ...Show More

18:31 | Jun 17th

He is the most bankable star in Hollywood – an action hero with a massive, ripped physique who has impeccable comedic timing and a never ending supply of charm. He is also one of the greatest wrestling superstars to ever emerge from the stables of th...Show More

17:59 | Jun 14th

It’s the group at the center of major conspiracy theories. They’ve been accused of pulling the strings of major governments around the world, for inserting secret symbols in such prominent places as the U.S dollar bill. And conspiracy theorists have ...Show More

20:57 | Jun 13th

In 1951, doctors took a tissue sample from a poor, dying black woman that was given to researchers without her knowledge or permission. The HeLa cells, named for the patient’s first and last name, acted differently than other cells in the lab — they ...Show More

19:21 | Jun 12th

Best known as the young, golden-haired woman living alongside humankind’s closest relatives, this scientist-turned-activist has devoted her life to understanding, and working to save chimpanzees from near extinction. Her unorthodox methods of observa...Show More

17:50 | Jun 11th

He was billed as the 8th wonder of the world - a legitimate giant of a man, 7 foot 4 inches tall and more than 500 pounds. Andre the Giant was the greatest attraction the world of professional wrestling has ever seen. Yet his appeal went far beyond t...Show More

17:32 | Jun 10th

He was a force of nature - the quintessential Aussie outdoorsmen. With his wicked sense of humor and his insatiable passion for wildlife, Steve Irwin - the crocodile hunter - became a worldwide celebrity. He shone a spotlight on man’s mismanagement o...Show More

17:51 | Jun 7th

He was the King of Kung Fu – the deadliest human fighting machine that the world had ever seen. Bringing a new level of excitement to the silver screen, he establishing himself as the first oriental super star. Billed as the fittest man on the planet...Show More

20:30 | Jun 6th

20 million Soviet Citizens died at his hand. For a quarter of  a century, he ruled his huge Empire with a ruthless iron fist. Terror was his modus operandi – while he was alive, no one, not even his closest family members, were safe. Yet, at his pass...Show More

19:14 | Jun 4th

We imagine Winston Churchill with his signature cane, drinking scotch whiskey, and puffing on a Cuban cigar. His mouth is downturned, and his voice is gruff and his words pointed. This is the image Hollywood portrays but it is a mere caricature of th...Show More

17:13 | Jun 3rd

Born in Germany in 1891, Erwin Rommel didn’t have the military in his DNA…his father was a teacher, and he was the only member of his family to enter the military as a career. Of his three siblings that lived to adulthood, one brother became a dentis...Show More

17:34 | Jun 2nd

Robert E. Lee  - today, the mere mention of his name is enough to arouse passionate debate. In his time, he was loved and respected by both the Confederate Army and the Southern people. Curiously, following the Civil War, this high admiration carried...Show More

17:15 | Jun 1st

Her hair was piled atop her head, often ornamented with jewels or trinkets. Her face was always made up, and she wore the finest gowns and jewelry. At only 19 years old, she was a Queen, and in the tumultuous times in which she lived,  she soon becam...Show More

16:42 | May 31st

Viktor Frankl was put through some of the most horrific struggles a human being could imagine. But he never lost hope, and used his experiences to continue his work helping other people find meaning in their lives. Frankl’s story is one of strength, ...Show More

16:46 | May 30th

 The world outside of central Maine almost never got to know Stephen King. If not for his wife’s diligence and her confidence in her husband, the book that launched a million pages might never have come into being. When his wife Tabitha rescued the s...Show More

18:04 | May 28th

He is the 21st Century Howard Hughes, John D. Rockefeller and Steve Jobs - all rolled into one dynamic package. His hunger for global change mirrors the sense of adventure of the great explorers of the past. His ideas, considered crazy by everyone ar...Show More

20:55 | May 27th

Even though it’s been going on two centuries since Robert Cornelius took both the first photographic portrait and first selfie in 1839, the practically obsolete art of capturing likenesses through other mediums has not died out. Plenty of people cont...Show More

17:22 | May 25th

 At the age of 9 he knew what he wanted to do with his life, and he never wavered from his goal. Now, he’s one of the world’s most famous scientists. He’s earned the title of “Most Powerful Nerd In The Universe” from National Public Radio and the tit...Show More

19:23 | May 24th

 He was the world’s most wanted international terrorist – the Svengali like leader at the helm of a violent political movement that brought havoc and destruction the world over. His name became instantly familiar – Osama bin Laden. We all recognized ...Show More

18:09 | May 23rd

 Seabiscuit was born (or more accurately ‘foaled’) on May 23rd, 1933 in Lexington, Kentucky. He was the son of a nasty-tempered rogue named Hard Tack, and a gentle mare named Swing On. Seabiscuit’s father had great speed, no doubt owing to his own pe...Show More

18:26 | May 22nd

He was a comic genius who had only one speed - full throttle. From the moment he burst into our lives as an alien on Happy Days, he amazed us with a range of talent that left us breathless. Yet, behind the manic shtick of Robin Williams was a man who...Show More

17:35 | May 20th

 At the age of seventeen he had a master plan for becoming the best known journalist in Britain. He’s been in the midst of media scandals, he’s interviewed some of the most famous celebrities and most powerful politicians in the world, and he’s judge...Show More

20:34 | May 17th

He is recognized as the greatest athlete of modern times. In the boxing ring, he was nothing short of superb, punishing his opponents at will. Yet, it was outside of the ring that he he would have his greatest battles – and show the world what it rea...Show More

18:00 | May 16th

Is there anything Richard Branson doesn’t do? A high school drop-out at 16, he’s started companies, seen the world, and had more adventures than anyone could dream of in a lifetime. He’s a creative personality and a brilliant businessman... an energe...Show More

19:29 | May 15th

 He created a body that was to become the gold standard for muscular development. He would use it achieve one goal after another, rising to the very pinnacle of, not one, but three careers. Yet, from the very start Arnold Schwarzenegger had the odds ...Show More

20:41 | May 14th

In high school, a student interested in taking apart and rebuilding machines approached the CEO of Hewlett-Packard and asked for some parts to help him complete a class project. Duly impressed, the CEO made arrangements for the student to get the par...Show More

22:01 | May 9th

The leading generals of World War Two carried a huge weight on their shoulders. Their decisions could mean the difference between life and death for thousands of men; their actions helped to shape the fate of nations. History has judged some of them ...Show More

17:20 | May 8th

He had a boyish smile, a rebellious hairstyle, and a lilting Liverpudlian accent. His genius extended beyond music, to wordplay and visual arts. While he excited and inspired teens, he frightened parents and pastors, and was a target of the Nixon-era...Show More

18:09 | May 7th

 He was the first of a new breed of American celebrity – the handsome, debonair and super intelligent mass murderer. His legend, fueled by his own insatiable appetite for exaggeration, would turn him into a monster, ‘the arch-fiend of the age’ and th...Show More

22:32 | May 6th

 He was the richest man in America, the world at his fingertips, and yet he was a prisoner to his own dark fears. His achievements were astounding – he created the fastest plane on the planet, was the driving force behind the largest aircraft ever bu...Show More

20:18 | May 5th

 He was a man who was impossible to ignore – a huge flamboyant character with a cigar and a $50,000 pinkie ring. Although he weighed over 250 pounds, he could, when the occasion demanded it, move with lethal speed and force. His jowly smile contraste...Show More

22:33 | May 4th

Imagine traveling in a foreign country when you learn the news of your father’s death. Now, imagine that death means you are now at the helm of the British Empire. That is how Queen Elizabeth II discovered she would no longer be a Princess, but inste...Show More

22:56 | May 3rd

Known for being photographed shirtless and alongside wild animals (perhaps at the same time), Vladimir Putin has cultivated an image as an intimidating and fearless figure on the world stage. He’s a martial arts expert, a fearless political actor, an...Show More

25:33 | May 2nd

 What comes to mind when you hear the words “Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France”? We’re guessing it’s a certain petit corporal in a bicorne hat, rearing up majestically on a horse as he conquers half of Europe. But what if we told you there was an...Show More

19:41 | Apr 24th

 John F. Kennedy served as the 35th President of the United States, before he was killed in 1963. While we all know about JFK, chances are that you probably know more about the conspiracy theories surrounding his assassination that the actual details...Show More

44:21 | Feb 21st

Grigori Rasputin was a Russian peasant who claimed to have mystic healing powers, and he even went so far as to say he was the second coming of Christ. He formed his own cult, and even manipulated the members of the royal Romanov family into believin...Show More

32:39 | Feb 12th

In modern times, we look back at the Nazi’s Third Reich and wonder how on earth anyone could have followed Adolf Hitler when he was so clearly an evil dictator. This was all thanks to Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda. He knew exactly how t...Show More

35:57 | Feb 8th

John Wayne Gacy was a businessman and politician. To everyone around him, he was a sweet, charming man. No one in his life could have guessed that he dressed up like “Pogo the Clown”, and murdered teenage boys after dark. The Chicago police departmen...Show More

33:51 | Jan 23rd

He is the only person whose baby picture was flown into space, and whose body has been preserved for decades after his death. He pushed his version of Communism so far, and for so long, that he was able to overthrow the government of the largest coun...Show More

30:51 | Jan 23rd

Pancho Villa was one of the most divisive figures in history. To millions he was the Mexican Robin Hood, to others a ruthless terrorist who killed without conscience. What is without doubt is that he rose from humble beginnings to become one of the m...Show More

32:54 | Jan 23rd

09:02am, April 19, 1995. That’s the moment when 27-year old Timothy McVeigh exploded his way into the US history books, blowing up a gigantic truck bomb outside the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The blast annihilated the building...Show More

36:59 | Jan 23rd

He’s the dentist’s son who grew up to become the world’s youngest billionaire. In the mid-2000s, Mark Zuckerberg created a website that defined a generation, a website you almost certainly use yourself. The behemoth that is Facebook today dominates t...Show More

27:49 | Jan 23rd

If the name McAfee sounds familiar, that’s because the McAfee anti-virus software has been installed in nearly every computer in the past 20 years. But few people know much about the company’s founder, John McAfee, or the fact that his millions have ...Show More

48:35 | Jan 23rd

There have been a lot of crazed leaders throughout history, but few have been as depraved as the man who brutalized Uganda throughout the 1970’s. With his penchant for torture, severed heads and, by his own admission, cannibalism, he thoroughly deser...Show More

34:25 | Jan 23rd

By the age of twenty-four Hermann Goering was a famous combat pilot, a national hero, and leader of Germany’s most celebrated fighter squadron. By the time of his death, less than thirty years later, he was reviled as a monster with the blood of mill...Show More