Biographics: History One Life at a Time

Biographics: History One Life at a Time

For better of for worse these are the people who changed our world.

17:06 | Jun 19th, 2019

For eleven years he hosted one of the most popular art shows on television -- transforming a blank canvas to a finished painting in a remarkably short, 30 minutes. He captivated audiences with his mes...Show More

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Bob Ross! @danny

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17:25 | Dec 3rd, 2019

Martha Gellhorn was present during every single war and conflict around the world for 60 years. She was the only woman to land on the shores of Normandy during D-Day. Throughout the course of her life...Show More

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So much admiration for this inspiring journalist.

17:48 | Oct 22nd, 2019

She was an exotic dancer in Paris at the height of the Belle époque. She was the object of sexual desire for wealthy men, ambassadors and high ranking officers. She was Mata Hari: the dancer, the spy,...Show More

16:55 | Sep 3rd, 2019

It’s no secret that is dominating multiple aspects of our daily lives. We can find just about everything we could possibly need on their site, and if you have Amazon Prime, you only wait tw...Show More
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